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The Alphas Power Ranger Mate


In a world where humans and werewolves coexist, and live peacefully together. They live by the laws that are set in place, and one law you cannot break, and that's don't get in the way of a werewolves mate if they are wolf or human. If your human the wolf can take you away and nobody can do anything about it. This book is about five siblings who have just graduated high school and are a week away from going to firefighter school. That's until an Alpha wolf that come home from his time in the Marines, and finds his mate. Come along when the siblings find five power coins, and become the Power Rangers

Adventure / Action
Jesse Streeter
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Chapter 1


My name is Jes Biggs I have black hair, dark brown eyes, with a black ring around the iris, and I have curves in all the right places. I have four adopted brothers who all have black hair. My brothers names are Tyler, Taylor who are twins, Ben, and Jacob. And my dad is name Jeff Biggs and he is a former Navy Seal, and current firefighter paramedic. Now that you know who we are on to the story.

My brothers and I were sitting in our favorite restaurant, called Gold Star in our town Angel Grove. We just got done eating and were getting ready to leave when I notice a few Marines come in and sit down. As I paid for our food I asked the waitress to do me a favor." And whatever they get it's on me." I said handing the waitress some more money.

But I didn't know that the three Marines were werewolves that just came back from overseas, and they could hear everything I said, and I didn't notice one sniffing the air because I was to busy walking out of the door. As I was walking to my truck I felt someone grabbed my arm. " Thank you for paying, you didn't have to do that." He said not letting me go. " Your welcome, my dad is a former Navy Seal, and I have some friends who just enlisted." I said noticing how handsome he was. The tall, dark, and handsome kind.

As I started to get into my truck he grabbed my arm. " Um sorry but your going to have to come with me." He said starting to pull me out of the truck. " Why?" Was all I said while I started to get a real bad feeling. " Because beautiful you are my mate." " Oh hell no!" I screamed before kicking him where the sun didn't shine before I jumped into the truck along with my brothers, and sped all the way home.

Now you may be wondering why did you kick a good looking werewolf marine in the balls. Well when the wolf finds his mate whether it's a werewolf or human, they can take them away without question, and I want to be a firefighter paramedic. "Why did I have to have a werewolf mate." I thought to myself, as I pulled up to my house, and ran in and started packing. " Why are you packing?" My dad asked when he came into my room.

" Because I'm a werewolves mate, so if I just pack, an leave then I can start school next week that would be great." I said still packing. " You do know you can get in trouble by running from your mate." My brother Ben said trying not to sound worried. " I can't do it I've always wanted to be a firefighter/paramedic, what's wrong with wanting to help people, and I don't believe in love anyway. look where it got dad." I said still packing.

As I continued to pack there was a knock on the door. " Shit, dad since your a former Seal, and he's a Marine maybe you can talk him out of taking me away." I said trying not to cry. " Jes I'll try but there really is nothing I can do." He said as there was another knock, a more demanding knock this time. I heard him walk down the stairs, and open the door.

" What can I help you with sir." My dad said sounding friendly. " My mate ran from me, and I tracked her here, can I please come in, and take my mate home with me." My mate said with a lot of authority, god I hope he's not an Alpha that would be just what I don't need. " Well I'm her father a former Navy Seal at that, and even though I see that your a Marine I still want to make sure you won't hurt her, or take away her dreams." " Well from Marine to Seal when I get back to my pack I will be taking my fathers position over which is the Alpha position, and she can tell me her dreams, and we can go from their." He said as I heard foot steps coming up the stairs.

An Alpha is what I don't need, they are the worst ones to get as a mate because of how possessive they are. I had to get away but how. As I was thinking of how I'm going to get out of this situation, my very good looking mate walked in. Hey I may not want a mate, but I'm not blind. Anyway he walked in, and came right to where I was standing, which was by my bed where I was packing.

He just starred at me like I was the most precise thing in the world. " I've seen some terrible things from my time overseas, but I didn't think I would find you when I came home today." He said caressing my cheek. I couldn't take my eyes off of him, and where he was touching me left sparks. I didn't realize I was leaning towards where he was touching me until he broke me out of my trance. " Why did you run from me?" He asked with sadness. " I'm sorry I'm afraid of all this mate stuff." I said trying not to hurt him anymore than I already did.

" Well there is nothing to be afraid, you are mine, like I am yours." Ok him saying that made me start thinking that he might not be the kind of guy to take my dreams away. " What's your name beautiful?" Jesse Biggs, but you can call me Jes, what's yours?" " Knox Barnes recently former Marine, and soon to be Alpha of The Blood Crescent Moon Pack." He said grabbing my bag, and my hand, and leading me out of my room.

Oh crap he's going to be the Alpha of one of the most powerful packs in country, maybe the world. " Is it ok if we come to make sure she settles in ok." My dad asked while my brothers looked on with hopeful expressions. " Sure it's not like your never going to see her again." He said leading me to his truck which is just as awesome as mine. " Nice truck, but mines better." I said pointing to my truck. " Looks like we have the same taste." Knox said opening the door for me to get in.

As I got into the truck, I saw the other two Marines that were with him, and when they saw me they smiled. " Our soon to be Luna is here, nice kick to the groin." One of them said. " Thanks my dad taught my brothers and I how to fight, and I'm guessing your werewolves to?" I said getting myself settle in. " Indeed we are."

My mate put my bag in the back and got in and looked at me with smile. " Ready beautiful." I didn't say anything as I shook my head as he drove towards his home, and my new life.

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