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The Alphas Power Ranger Mate

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


As we were driving to his house or his Pack I was starting to get nervous. " So tell me about what your dreams are." Knox asked me grabbing my hand to hold which started to calm me down. " Well I really want to be a firefighter/paramedic, and I know it's dangerous but it's been a dream of mine since I was little, and if you get really good training, it makes the chance of anything happening to me slim." I said waiting for a reply. " Well I don't see why you shouldn't be able to become one." That shocked me, and he knew it shocked me to. " What your thinking that since I'm a soon to be Alpha I wouldn't let you be happy, and let you have your dream. Can't believe all the stories about Alphas." Knox said smiling at me. " When do you start school." " Next week." Noticing he didn't like that answer.

"Do you have to live at the school?" "No the department that I have been a cadet for is putting my brothers and I through school." " Ok that's fine but until next week can we spend time getting to know each other." " Yeah sure I would love that." I said feeling a blush coming, and trying to hide it. " Awww" I heard one of the other werewolves in the back. " What are your guys name?" I asked the guys in the back seat. "I'm Jackson Wilson the soon to be Beta." "And I'm Rider Smith the soon to be Gamma." "Well nice to meet you both." I said smiling back at them.

(The Pack)

We finally pulled up to a very tall mansion 6 stories to be exact. Even though it is tall and big. It still looked warm and cozy, and welcoming. As we pulled up to the house I saw four women and some other people standing on the porch with happy faces.To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I was freaking out until Knox started to rub soothing circles on my hand that he was holding, and it did start to help me calm down.When we came to a stop, he got out and pulled me out of the same side with him.

" Honey your home what took you so long." A woman who I'm assuming is his mother pulled him into a hug. " Well I would have been here sooner if I hadn't found my mate."

After he said mate his mother screamed with happiness, and pulled me into a bone crushing hug. " Oh I'm so happy he's been looking for his mate for awhile." She said still hugging me. " My name is Natasha Barnes the soon to be former Luna, and this is my husband Dean Barnes the soon to be former Alpha." She said pointing to her husband. But before I could say anything I heard four growls, and the word mine. I turned around to see what was going on. What I saw had me shocked.

All my brothers were being hugged by werewolf women, and they were saying mine. " Well it would seem that your brothers are the mates of four of my best warriors." Knox said smiling at the scene in front of him. That got me thinking, and I didn't like the thought. " Knox I don't want my dad to live without us we are all he has." I said looking over at my dad trying not to cry, because I didn't want him to live alone without us. " Beautiful he can come live here if he would like." Knox said hugging me so I wouldn't be sad. " Thank you." I said kissing him on the cheek, and earning a growl for that. A good growl not a bad one. " Anything for you." Knox said with the most amazing smile ever. " We'll send over movers to bring everything over from your old house ok." Knox said leading me towards the entrance of his house.

I looked over to see how my brothers were taking everything, and they seem to be taking a shine to the girls who I still don't know the names of but I'll find out. Before we walk into the house Knox pick me up bridal style, and walk into the house, and up the stairs, and towards his room. When we got to his room, he walked me towards his bed, and sat me down gently on it. (I'm not going to describe a room just imagine one you think will fit.)

His room was very nice, cozy warm, and I like that we got a fire place in it to. " Nice room how long since you've seen it." I asked while still looking around. " A year, and boy have I've missed it." He said starting to take his Marine uniform off. ( The camo ones not the dress blues.)

After he got into something comfortable and also me starring at his chest when the shirt came off. Anyway he came and sat down next to where I was sitting on the bed. " Your so beautiful, and I'm so lucky to have found you, so tell me about yourself beautiful." Knox said caressing my cheek again. " Well I like to read books, and comic books, I love Doctor Who it's an amazing show, I like to learn about wars, like WW2, my favorite plane from that era is the B-17, People call me a Redneck Nerd, because of my love my comics, and I'm a country girl since our town is small, and in the country." I said while getting lost in his eyes. " So tell me about yourself."

" Well I like a lot of the stuff you just said, but I also love guns." " Me to I have some packed somewhere." I interrupted. " Well we should go shooting sometime, I'm guessing your dad taught you and your brothers to shoot." " He did and if I do say so myself I can snipe from four miles away." I said with a coy smile. " Impressive, I'm glad my mate is girly, but not wimpy, and I'm glad he taught you how to fight, but I would like to teach you how to fight werewolves, in case rouges want to press their luck with us." " That's fine, so what do you want to do now." " Well I would like to see the show Doctor Who I've heard of it and I've always wanted to see it, but never had the time."

And that's how the first night went with me in his arms, and us watching Doctor Who. To think I was afraid of having a mate.

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