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Two Dreams (VKook)


While it is VKook you can see Jungkook as someone else. This was a dream I had.

Other / Romance
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Dream One

Taehyung was wandering around the forest, he was surrounded by trees and brown leaves, most of them on the ground.

He wanders around for a bit until a dog suddenly runs around him, the dog being white, with only a few brown spots. Taehyung bends down to pet the dog but not long after the dog runs from Taehyung.

Taehyung lost the dog and lost where he was not that he knew where he was but not long after he found a house, he saw a man holding two bird cages with two birds in each. Taehyung was about to say something but the same dog he saw earlier came running behind hi and into the house, Taehyung almost fell if it wasn't for the man, who no longer was holding the cages.

The man was holding Taehyung by the waist, the man let go and asked Taehyung if he was lost to which he said yes. They spent their time walking around the forest, laughing, talking, and playing with the dog that belongs to the man.

They soon stop walking and the man is the first to say something.

The Man:"I know we just met but um.." he suddenly gets on one knee and pulls out a box, opens it to see a ring in it.

The Man:"will you marry me?" he says to Taehyung, slightly nervous and scared that he will say no, since they just met.

Taehyung:"yes" The Man gets up and hugs him after he put the ring on Taehyung's finger.

Taehyung:"but I should get going" they pull away a bit.

The Man:"right" he pulls away already turning around ready to leave when Taehyung says something.

Taehyung:"wait can I have a kiss before you go?" The Man only smiles, walks up to him and kisses him a small but loving kiss before he walks away from Taehyung.

When Taehyung can't see him anymore he turns around ready to walk away.

Taehyung wakes up wandering about three things.

1 if he was the same age as the man in his dreams

2 why he dreamed of a 25 year old when he is only 15

3 who was the man. He knows one thing, he likes the man.
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