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Fortnite - The First Legendary Chapter


There is yes the earth, normal, with the 7 billion people. A 14-year old girl named Ramirez stepped into a machine that their parents built, when it didn’t quite work. She accidentally pressed a button and everything just changed. There is only 1 island remaining and 98.6% of the people are dead. Everyone has slept for a total of 9 years. She is 23 now. Will she be able to make some new friends and gather her journey to survive and still live a happy life, or will she fall alone where she will grovel?

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1

Ramirez decided to go into the basement after many months of not going in after school. She has been bullied and beaten up a lot when she was at school. But unexpectedly, she saw her parents build this strange machine. What is this designed for? She asked. Her mom said, it’s supposed to be used to traverse into other dimensions. The experiment is ready. Her dad said. Time for the real test. So he connected every single wire. Everyone, get on your helmets! You all wanna explode? Ramirez decided to just escape the basement. But, there was really no use. It didn’t even work. All it did was just make a few sparks. What the hell kinda machine works like that? So they just quit. What clumsy people. So you know what? I’m looking inside of it! She walked in and she just wondered why it smelled like mustard in there. But she just heard a loud creek after touching something extremely dark and got jumpscared.

There was a great big flash! It’s going all over the world now! Except for one island. What’s going on? Everything’s gonna explo-. And boom. Everything and everyone just perished. Except for the island. It’s not called Battle Royale yet. So many people have just died! When she first woke up after 9 years, she realized she’s an adult now. Huh? What happened? Some guy with blonde hair grabbed her hand and picked her up. Who are you? Ramirez asked? Don’t tell me you’re some mean person, i’ve been beaten up by mean and big girls at school many years ago! No, no! Ha ha. Don’t be foolish! I’m Jonesy, and I’m a pretty nice guy. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too, Ramirez greeted with absolute exciteness. What is this, what happened to the world? Oh, as you see, this is the only island left on the world. There is some named locations you can go to. They have many ways to get you right back to happy.

Oh, cool. If they’re named, what are there names? Well Ramirez, there is a sign at the exact center of the map. Here I’ll show you. But that’s too far away. But at least I have a picture of it in case anyone gets stuck! Ok, the names are Anarchy Acres, Wailing Woods, Tomato Town, Pleasant Park, Loot Lake, Greasy Grove, Flush Factory, Fatal Fields, Salty Springs, Dusty Depot, Retail Row, Lonely Lodge and Moisty Mire. Oh, ok cool. Ramirez said. Can we have a tour of the whole island? Oh certainly! Jonesy said. In fact, we are on a hill and Retail Row is only about 12 feet away, it’s so simple to see. But wait, Ramirez asked. If Retail Row is right there, the center isn’t too far away, so the sign still could’ve been there. Nah, Jonesy said. I was just lazy, he chuckled. Let’s just go see Retail Row! Good idea and thinking. So they went in. We have a bait shop, a detective office, a few living homes, and so much more in this location, Ramirez!
So Retail Row is supposed to be a detectives and clues place? Ramirez asked. Not really. There’s a street with houses here, so there’s a neighborhood. I’m pretty sure they are on real estate though. Nobody lives in them. Well I’m sorry if I don’t know that much, Ramirez said. I just went from straight 14 to 23. I haven’t gone through my full education yet. Then, they run into 2 detectives. Heya guys! Jonesy and Ramirez greeted. Hello there you busters. The detectives growled. Gosh, you guys seem so mean, are you OK? Jonesy asked. We’re fine. Hmph. So what brings you 2 fellows to come and make all this ruckus? We’re just giving Ramirez this tour around the island. Will you tour with us? Hmmm. Sure, as long as you sign this contract. Okay, no problem! Ramirez said. And then she signed it. Jonesy just pouted and signed it, my hands kinda hurt today he groaned.
Okay, nonsense! The detectives said. Listen, we are not actually detectives, you are just being foolish! Really? Yes, of course! They took off their detective outfits. Hi, nice to meet you. Anyone wanna try to suits on? No, we don’t really have time for that, Ramirez said. Hi, I am the Ariel Assault Trooper. I’m happy to be meeting some new friends. This right here is my girlfriend Renegade Raider. We are both actually professional pilots. So, you all wanna go see Lonely Lodge? Yes of course, Jonesy and Ramirez both said simultaneously. Let us see it. No problem youngsters! Let’s just get movin’. And then... they have gotten there. This place is like a forest, Ramirez said. No no no, actually, this is a part of the woods where kids uses to camp at over the summer seasons, Renegade Raider said. Now, who wants to see my favorite building, The Cabin?
Of course I would, Jonesy said. I love exploring! Then they walked into the cabin. This cabin is like a whole family house! We should move in h- Silence! Ariel Assault Trooper snapped. This is for campers only, no moving in! Oh, sorry sorry, just don’t fight me please, I got beaten up way too much throughout my life! Oh, no worries! But Jonesy accidentally stepped on a hatch in the cabin kitchen. There was a loud creek. What was that? Everyone wondered. Everything just started shaking and trembling and vibrating. And then all of the sudden, poof! Nighttime automatically. How did that happen? Ramirez asked. We don’t know. Umm, it’s me I think. Jonesy admitted. Ok, Ariel Assault Trooper, since you actually admitted it I’m actually not that mad. Ok, I am sorry, Jonesy said. You imbecile, Renegade Raider said in fury. You’ve doomed us all! No, shut up, Ramirez said. You should know it was an accident.
Well, maybe we should get to sleep, Jonesy said to everyone. No, sorry, not yet. Let’s just explore some more, and then we can sleep somewhere more comfortable in another location, that sounds good to everyone, right? Yeah! Everyone shouted at the same time, except for Renegade Raider. Ugh, no. I’ll just sleep here. Good dumb night everyone, I hate my life. Well, if you miss the fun discoveries, this is all on you, and I hope you know that, Ramirez said. So c’mon guys, let explore this island some more. And then they explored every single named location 1 by 1. Wow, this island looks so nice, Ramirez said in surprise. But one question for you Mr. Ariel Assault Trooper, thats your name, correct? Yes it is, Ariel Assault Trooper said. Now tell me what is the question you’d like to ask?
Why is there 2 farms? Anarchy Acres and Fatal Fields? Aren’t we fine with just one? Yes you do have a good point, Jonesy interrupted a millisecond after she finished. Ariel Assault Trooper came in and said, well what if one gets destroyed, or raided? Oh, so we have one more farm to store all of our animals and crops and food. Everyone laughed. Even though the tour was 4 hours long. Fun tour wasn’t it you youngsters? Yes, of course it was! Ramirez said. Well, it was fun to look at everything, even though I already seen everything on this island. So you know what? Let’s all just go to Pleasant Park and just find a house for us, alright you guys? Ok, no problem at all, take us now! Jonesy yelled. Ok, ok, Ariel Assault Trooper hollered in shock. You can ask nicer next time.
Hey look, a car! Who wants to drive. Rock, Paper Scissors is always a fair decision, Ramirez said. Perfect thinking, let’s do it! Ariel Assault Trooper said. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! Aha! I got you both at once, Jonesy bragged! I get to drive. Now now, who said you could brag, I am a genius pro at flying planes and helicopters. And I bet renegade raider is gonna wake up alone and get all scared. That’s her fault anyway. Just hop in the car you two, Jonesy said. To they drive to Pleasant Park. Oh my, I loved soccer, Ramirez said when they got there. Big soccer field, I’m gonna have so much fun here, Ariel Assault Trooper, we should live in this blue house, it looks so fancy! All agree? All agree, everyone chanted. Let’s get in and let’s watch some TV and get to bed when we’re tired and to just skip the night.
Alright with the 1 hour we have left, what do you all feel like doing? I don’t really know, Jonesy said. Ramirez gave an excellent suggestion. We could watch the stars, Jonesy, I hope you know you made it from 2:00 in the afternoon all the way to midnight right? But remember, I will forgive you. I’m not mad. So let’s just watch a few movies and then go to bed alright guys, count on it! Jonesy and Ramirez both shouted. So they just got their popcorn and drinks and snacks, enjoyed their movies. So you know what guys, it’s 3 am, the most creepiest time. We should head to bed now. Yes agreed, Jonesy said politely as he could. Goodnight everbody, goodnight, Ramirez and Ariel Assault Thing. It’s Trooper, don’t be an idiot, Ok? Goodnight. And then they come to find out their has been a skull trooper ajd ghoul trooper up their sleeves the whole time, but they will only find out once they are awake, in the morning.

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