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High School Philophobia//Vkook


When a newbie has a Philophobia because of particular reason and dislikes to fall in love ... will he meet the one he that he is fated with and cab believe the person won't hurt.....to find out more stay tuned and read the book

Other / Drama
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Chapter 1 The first day

Taehyung POV:

Me blessing myself everything is going to be alright on my first day of school. But the moment I took a step inside the school, my heart started to beat damn fast as if I was falling in love with someone but sadly it wasn't about that. The sight of the entrance of the school scares me a lot. I WAS SCARED!!!! I didn't expect this to happen at all. I rushed to the nearest boy's toilet and vomited out my food which I ate today morning. When I walked in the hallway, I can hear loud murmurings and the people there keep staring at me. After like literally 5 seconds later, I knew it was about me.

When I being really scared not to even ask people where is the direction to go to my class and that's when my SAVIOUR came to rescue and his name is Mr Bogum, and he is my class's Form Teacher. He walked me the way to my class.

Narrating begins:

" Class, class, CLASS!!! , SHUT UP and listen to me right now, there will be a new student in our class, let's pleasantly welcome him". Taehyung was being shy and nervous and not wanting to even enter the classroom. Mr Bogum started to lose his patience and "KIM TAEHYUNG PLS ENTER THE GOD DAMN CLASSROOM" Taehyung literally jumped in the class in fright and started to introduce himself. "Mmmmm, Hi my name Kkkkim TTtaehyung and I came from ********** school and I am really happy that I have ccccame to Bbbig Hhhit High School, and please take care of me, thankie" and he rushed to the toilet to vomit again.

Hey guys, this is the first book I have written. I am just a student so I don't have many ideas to write this book. I will try my very best to finish this book in June.

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