Speak No Evil

Chapter 10: Brothers of the Heart

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The ranger mechanically lurched forward to grab the elf before he hit the unforgiving ground. It was as if his body moved on its own out of reflex, for the man himself could not remember giving the command to move afterwards. Thankfully Aragorn was fast enough to slow the elf's decent and keep him from causing any more damage to himself. Once the archer was within his arms, the ranger placed him gently on the ground, and started a frantic search for any sort of injury marring the flawless complexion of the elf. First he ran his hands over the prince's chest, checking for broken ribs or lacerations. Finding nothing that would've caused the collapse, the man continued his search over Legolas' arms and legs, only to once again find nothing. Finally Aragorn checked the elf's neck, face, and head, but ended up with the same result. Besides the superficial cuts and bruises they were all wearing, there was nothing wrong with the elf in question.

"Is he alright Mister Strider?"

The ranger turned around to look at the still teary eyed Sam. He sighed and nodded, before turning back to look at the elf.

"I think so Sam. As you know, Legolas was reluctant to go into the mines in the first place, and it took a large emotional toll on him."

The man paused and pushed a few strands of golden hair behind the elf's ear in an act of tenderness.

"Then he said something about demons from his past returning in the mines, and I think that adding on the grief of Gandalf may have tipped him over the edge. His injuries are superficial, so I believe that he may have just been so overwhelmed that he passed out. Hopefully he will be okay in an hour, maybe two. The fact that he didn't tell me he was in such a spot worries me, but that is something to discuss at a different time."

The ranger pushed his hands underneath Legolas' back, directly in-between his shoulder blades, and under the crook of the elf's knees in order to pick up the prince. Aragorn hefted Legolas safely up into his arms and stood to face the rest of the fellowship, who by now had gathered behind him. He jerked his head towards the forest behind him in a gesture for the group to continue forward.

"Come, we need to leave this place before more danger falls upon us. We head for the woods of Lothlorien, and hopefully we can reach them within two days."

The fellowship watched him—grief still clouding their eyes—for another moment before they began to follow.

Aragorn led them over the rocky cliffs with reasonable speed, while he still remained mindful of the unconscious elf in his arms. Occasionally he would check in with the rest of the fellowship behind him, and he could tell that they were sluggish, grieving, and in desperate need of a rest. However, he kept pushing them forward, and he would continue to do so until he deemed that they were a safe distance away. The ranger could also feel the other six pairs of eyes watching his back with scrutiny. He could feel the judgment they were giving him, and parts of him knew that it was well deserved, but others felt deeply hurt by it. What none of them knew is that while on the outside he looked calm and cold regarding the death they had just been faced with, on the inside he was a ticking time bomb. He was worrying about the fellowship's success, the emotional stability of those in the fellowship, the unconscious elf in his arms, how he was going to lead them, the fate of middle earth, the ring falling into Sauron's grasp, basically he was worrying about everything.

The ranger's thoughts were frantic and jumbled, but he could never let his façade drop in front of the others. They were all still too vulnerable to see their new leader crumble. So that was his mentality as he continued to push the group forward, and past their breaking points. That was until he heard a yelp from behind him. Aragorn's brow furrowed in confusion and he turned around to see Boromir kneeling in front of Sam with his hands holding up the hobbit's left foot.

Worry began to settle in the man's mind, so he quickly shuffled over to where the remainder of the fellowship was standing. He carefully set Legolas down so he was leaning against a nearby tree, and moved to take Boromir's place. Once the ranger was in front of the hobbit, he could clearly see that in his haste to push the group forward, he had remained ignorant to the fact that the gardener had impaled his foot with a shard of wood lying along the ground. Blood was streaming down the sole of Sam's foot, but from what the ranger could tell, the wound was benign.

Aragorn looked up to see that the hobbit's face was screwed up in a grimace, so he gently lowered the foot, and asked Sam to keep it raised off the ground.

"I need to stitch that Sam, but after that you should be completely fine. However, today you are no longer going to be traveling, so we should find shelter for the night."

The hobbit shook his head and tried to decline through his gasps of pain.

"Nay, we need to keep moving, we need to get to safety."

Aragorn smiled softly, with a non-genuine air about it, and without warning picked up the hobbit. Sam yelped again, this time out of shock, and gripped the ranger's tunic for support.

"I appreciate the bravery Sam, but everything will be alright if we rest."

He then gestured for Boromir to pick up the unconscious elf in his place. The larger man nodded and hefted the elf into his arms. Unfortunately, the soldier from Gondor drastically underestimated how light the archer would be. The result being, when he pulled up, the amount of force he put behind lifting upwards was too great and therefore the man accidentally jostled the elf's body severely. Legolas moaned through his state and shifted around. The group watched the prince for a moment or two to see if he would wake, but all of them sighed when instead the elf remained still and went limp in the soldiers grasp once again.

With that, the fellowship moved forward for about twenty or thirty minutes, before they found a large oak with wide spread branches. Their shade covered the ground around the base of the trunk, creating a perfect place for rest. Once they reached the tree, Sam was set down and the ranger got to work, while the others made a fire and began cooking dinner. Legolas was laid down to rest on top of his bed roll, with Merry, Pippin, and Frodo watching over him.

Finally Aragorn finished with the hobbit's foot, gave him a very small dose of pain killing herbs, and settled in beside the elf on the ground. He placed a hand on the elf's forehead just to check on his temperature, even though the man knew that Legolas wouldn't have a fever. Then, when he found the conclusion he knew he would find, Aragorn grabbed the archer's hand firmly in his own. Occasionally he rubbed the top of the pale hand with his thumb in a loving gesture. His friend had suffered too much already, he didn't need this much pain in his life.

Soon dinner had been consumed, and the group decided to settle down and sleep. There was a brief argument over who would take the first watch, but eventually Aragorn won and smiled triumphantly as one by one the others fell into the peaceful lull of sleep. Once he was sure that everyone was asleep, he began to hum quietly to himself, and the elf.

Minutes turned to hours when the ranger noticed movement to his left. He turned to see Legolas moving his facial muscles and attempting to get up. This caused him to smile a little and rub his thumbs over Legolas' temples while he began to murmur quietly.

"Creoso ad-mellon-nin. Sut naa lle umien?" (Welcome back my friend. How are you feeling?)

The elf turned his head and looked up at the man with a slightly blurry gaze. Once he realized how he was talking to, the prince smiled. I am fine Estel. Honestly you worry way too much. At this Aragorn chuckled lightly and moved his hands down to grab Legolas'.

"With you, there is no way for me not to worry. Why didn't you tell me you were hurting so much?"

Legolas closed his eyes as he signed. I am sorry Estel. I just did not want to burden you. It was just too much with Gandalf, the orc from Dol Guldur, the nightmares, and the memories were just too much. Just too much…I still can't believe he is gone, Mithrandir is gone.

Aragorn sighed and wiped away the tears now falling upon Legolas' cheeks.

"You are never, and never will be a burden Legolas. I am just glad that you are okay…you are okay right? No hidden injuries this time?"

The prince smiled sadly and shook his head. No Estel, I truly am fine. Besides, I am not the one who looks like he needs to be worried over. Legolas raised a blonde eyebrow at the ranger. Are you alright mellon-nin? I mean you no offense when I say this Estel, but you look positively horrible. (my friend)

The man chuckled with a choked quality and shook his head.

"I am fine Legolas, I just need…some…..time…."

The ranger trailed off as his eyes gained a certain far off look. When the man remained silent for several moments, the prince became concerned and furrowed his brow. He then raised himself up until he was sitting with his back against the trunk of the tree. The elf grimaced slightly when his head began to protest, but he pushed the pain to the back of his mind. Legolas then looked into the face of the man and tenderly grabbed the ranger's battle worn hand, using his other to speak. Estel, you know you can talk to me. Everything is going to be okay Estel, everything is going to be okay.

Aragorn turned to look at his friend while he opened and closed his mouth several times, for he was at a loss of what to say. Finally he settled for closing his eyes as tears escaped him and sobs racked his body. The noise was broken and defeated, which made the elf's heart shatter. He began rubbing small circles along Aragorn's back as he squeezed the man's hand.

"I-I can't lead e-everyone Legolas! I am not Gandalf! I j-just can't do this!"

The man's tears were drowning out his words and making it hard to understand his speech, but Legolas had been around the man enough times when he was distraught to understand him perfectly. As the ranger continue to sob, the prince slowly lifted the man's chin so he was looking him directly in the eye. Legolas released the man's hand in order to sign. Oh Estel, you do not have to be Gandalf, you just have to be you. You are a wonderful leader, and you have all of us supporting you. We trust in you Aragorn, we believe in you, I believe in you Estel. Yes, we are on the most dangerous quest ever conceived, but we are together through and through, never to leave the other's side. Do you remember that hunting trip we went on in the middle of July, the one where it got so hot we decided to abandon the trip and camp near the river for a week and a half?

Aragorn sniffed and nodded. And do you remember what I told you? Once again the man nodded and responded with a crackling voice.

"You said that you promised to always look after me and never lead me astray. You promised to always be my brother in arms, never to leave my side. How could I forget, you pushed me in the lake five minutes later."

The man finished with a rueful smile which made the elf smirk and nod. Indeed I did, but that isn't the point. What I said to you that day I meant with all my heart, and I intend to keep that promise until the end of my days, and this moment, right here and now, is certainly no exception. Finally Aragorn's shaking and tears subsided and he wrapped the archer in a hug.

"Hannon lle gwador-cormamin. Manke Irma amin nauva yassen-ten lle?" (Thank you my brother of heart*. Where would I be without you?)

Walking around in circles Estel. The elf replied with a grin before his expression become sober once more. I am glad that I was able to comfort someone else for a change. Sometimes I feel like an unstable maiden with my constant need for comforting from others.

The elf held a rueful expression on his face which the man sighed heavily at.

"You need to stop thinking of yourself so Legolas. You have had a past that most people would not have been able to survive, yet you are here, alive and well. Do not forsake that."

Legolas nodded and moved so the ranger could lean against his side. I know Estel. Now try and get some sleep. You are exhausted, and we have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow. As if to prove the elf's point, Aragorn yawned and slumped against the elf's shoulder. His eyes fluttering closed. As sleep finally overcame him, the ranger murmured a few words to the prince.

"Yeah, yeah…quell undome Legolas…hannon lle au." (Goodnight Legolas…thank you again.)

The prince slung an arm around the ranger's shoulder, happy that his friend could finally get some time to put his mind at ease. However, the elf couldn't help the bout of jealousy that came upon him at the sight, for he longed for nothing more than to be able to rid himself of the nightmares and horrors which had been re-awakened in the mines.

Oh my goodness…that chapter was really hard to type for some reason. It took me about twelve hours—spread over two days—to finish. I hope you all enjoyed, please review!

*The term 'my brother of heart' was apparently a commonly used term among elves for beings they considered kin, without any blood relation. I learned something new today, very exciting.

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