Speak No Evil

Chapter 13: The Lady Of Light

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The footsteps of the fellowship sounded like drums compared to the feather-light ones of their elven companion and escorts. The group was led by Haldir—several soldiers at his side—followed by Legolas and Aragorn, with the rest of the fellowship in a grouping towards the back with the rest of the elves. They had been traveling for a good twenty minutes, with their intended location being Caras Galadhon, where they could meet with the Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel.

All were nervous, for if the Lord and Lady judged them to be unfit to continue, they would have to turn back and find another way around the Golden Wood. The time it would require was time that they didn't have, and it could potentially be catastrophic for the overall mission. With so much resting on this one meeting, putting one foot in front of the other was becoming difficult for much of the fellowship.

Soon the flat land of the forest morphed into a more hilly area, where the towering trees became sparse and the ground was dotted with small brush-like plants. When the group came to a particularly large downhill slope, Sam found his footing to be unstable, and the poor hobbit felt his feet slip out from under him. A yelp left his mouth, but before he could slide down, and most likely wipe out the rest of the group in front of him, the back of his jacket was grabbed and his fall halted. He turned to find a strange elf holding him up. The hobbit smiled and thanked the elf, but became confused when the soldier gave him an odd look and tilted his head to the side. The two shared a moment of awkward silence before another elf stepped in and saved them.

The new elf smiled at his fellow soldier and spoke briefly to him. Once he was done, the elf turned to the rather confused Sam and explained.

"Forgive my companion. He does not understand the common tongue. He is reasonably young, by our standards, and is yet to learn your language."

The gardener smiled and nodded before righting himself and continuing on. Although, he only got several feet before the entire group was stopped by the baritone voice of the marchwarden.

"Caras Galadhon…the heart of elvendom on earth. Realm of the Lord Celeborn and Galadriel, lady of light."

Everyone within the fellowship gasped and their jaws dropped as they looked upon the heart of Lothlorien from their perch atop the overpass. The grouping of trees sparkled with the light from the elven city, and gave it an ethereal feel.

"Come, we must get you to see the Lord and Lady."

The group turned to see Haldir walking away once again. They were honesty disappointed that they weren't able to continue watching the area, but then again, they knew that where they were headed would allow them to gaze upon the beauty of the elven realm for as long as they wanted to.

"Eight there are, yet nine there were set out from Rivendell. Tell me, where is Gandalf, for I much desire to speak with him."

The calming voice of Celeborn floated over the group. None were able to respond immediately, for it was as if they were in a daze. They watched the two high elves with wide eyes as they took everything in. Things seemed slower within the elven realm, less rushed, and smoother. No one really knew why, but some had a decent guess. The feeling of ease came over the fellowship as soon the Lady of Light took her first steps around the corner. Once the fellowship realized that they had been asked a question, Aragorn opened his mouth to speak, yet Galadriel beat him to it.

"….he has fallen into shadow."

The fellowship bowed their heads for a moment, confirming the lady's thoughts. Sadness fell over the faces of all present, and accompanying it was a bout of awkward silence. However, not all was as still as it seemed while the fellowship and Lorien elves silently grieved. There was a conversation going on, just not in the public space.

Legolas currently had his brows furrowed together as Galadriel invaded his mind.

There is much you are hiding from us young one. There is much you haven't told us about what happened all those years ago. Why do you close yourself off from me? I do not intend you any harm. Thranduilion. Let me in…please Greenleaf, you do not need to worry.

The Mirkwood prince glanced up and looked directly into Galadriel's piercing eyes. He was captured by them instantly, and giving a small breath, he nodded slowly. Although, he regretted it soon after, for a sharp pain smashed into the front of his skull. It was so strong that the elf could barely keep himself upright. He tightly clenched his eyes shut as the three years of his capture flashed wildly before his eyes.

Blood splattered bodies and walls

Dead, lifeless eyes of his kin, slayed before him

Cold stone walls

Clanking chains

Hacking coughs and wheezing breaths.

The dull sound of whips against skin

Screams of agony

The laughter of orcs piercing the air

Soon it was too much and the elf collapsed to the ground. He could hear the voices of Aragon, Haldir, and the hobbits calling to him, but they seemed so far away. It was as if Legolas was in a dream.

He wanted to call out for her to stop, for Galadriel to leave him be, but without his voice he couldn't do it vocally, and his mind was so overwhelmed that he couldn't call out to her through the link. Suddenly the images changed, and his body jerked forward.

The familiar voices calling out to him

Creaking hinges as the cell swung open

The overwhelming pain as he was jostled on the ride back to Mirkwood

Bedroom doors slamming shut in utter anger and helplessness

Hands shaking as he pressed the blade to his skin, desperate for release

That was when Legolas' panic took over, and he shook Galadriel from his mind. When the haze cleared, the prince found himself lying half-conscious on his back, flat on the ground. As he opened his eyes, he could see the blurred shapes of several beings above him, and immediately he began to fight back. All he could think about was the horror he had just seen, and the rational thought that these were his friends, fled him completely.

He lashed out suddenly, but his worries were quelled when he heard the voice of Aragorn.

"Legolas! Mellon-nin, clam down! Everything is going to be alright Legolas, but you need to calm down." (my friend)

The elf finally stilled, and squinted his eyes to focus on what was going on around him. He turned his head slightly, to find the ranger watching him carefully. The prince blinked a few times before he felt his throat clog, and water gather along his eyes. His chest heaved and convulsed as the first of his silent sobs left his throat. Ivory dropped over glassy ice-blue as the elf closed his eyes once more. He then felt arms wrap around his form as the man held him close.

"Hush now gwador-nin. Hush…." (my brother)

Legolas continued to cry as he gripped the man tightly, searching for comfort. After many moments of careful silence, the elf pulled away, and hastily wiped at his tears. He was horribly embarrassed that he had collapsed to the ground, and then dissolved into a sobbing fit in the middle of Lothlorien. The prince then scrambled away from Aragorn, and moved to his feet. He swayed a little, but he denied the help his friends offered as he turned to look upon the high elves.

The archer's eyes widened when he saw that Galadriel was leaning heavily against Celeborn, and many other elves were gathered around her, trying to help. Many minutes later, the Lady brushed off her many handlers and gracefully walked forward until he was standing in front of Legolas. She stared intently at prince for a while before she laid a loving hand on his forehead.

"My dear Legolas…oh my dear Greenleaf…you…."

Galadriel trailed off as she gave the elf a small smile before backing away a few steps.

"Please use this time to rest and recover. I will have someone escort you all to a place where you can stay. All of you except for you tithen-caun, I would like to speak with you." As an afterthought, she added in, "and Aragorn as well, for obvious reasons." (young prince)

Legolas nodded, but his face visibly fell at the thought.

The rest of the fellowship watched as the ranger stepped forward to place a hand on the elf's shoulder. They were about to turn away to leave the three to talk privately, but a sudden shout from the man made them whip their heads around in worry. The six pairs of eyes watched with sadness as the prince sprinted away into the woods.

Aragorn looked as though he were about to take chase, but Galadriel stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"Let me go Aragorn, I need to speak with him. I understand that you wish to help him, and I am well aware that you are normally called to talk for him, but right now he needs to speak for himself."

The ranger looked at her with confusion, but the longer he gazed into her eyes, the more he became sure that her path was the right way to walk. He nodded in consent, and turned towards the fellowship, ushering them towards the Lorien elf who was to show them where to go.

"Come, we need to leave him be for now. Legolas will be in good hands with Lady Galadriel."

"Never have I seen one so young carrying this many scars."

The archer whipped around to find the lady standing behind him. He blushed when he realized that he hadn't heard her approach from his perch. Legolas was currently sitting upon a stack of boulders by the bank of one of the Golden's Wood many small lakes. He bowed his head in greeting before turning back to look out over the water.

"I apologize for what happened earlier. Please know that I held no intention of causing you such harm."

Legolas nodded and turned to look at her. How he wished that he could speak to her! As if sensing his plight, Galadriel came to sit next to him. She then pulled a folded piece of parchment, quill, and bottle of ink from one of the large pockets in her robe.

"I brought these, I felt that you needed to speak for yourself."

The elf nodded, and quickly wrote down hannon lle (thank you). Galadriel dipped her head, and turned her gaze to the water.

"You most likely know this question is going to come. Why?"

Legolas' eyes widened, and he slowly moved to write. I felt the world I knew was gone. I had lost so much that I couldn't see the sun rising the next morning. I couldn't see that the next time I drew breath was going to be a moment in which I wanted to. Everything was changing, not just me, but the ones closest to me as well. No longer could I laugh with my father, or tell him what had happened during the day. The ones I called friends could barely stand to be around me, for all they could see were the scars that marred my skin and heart. But the worst of it all, was that I could no longer look at myself in the mirror without feeling that I was worthless. My pride was shattered, along with my spirit. Everything was growing darker no matter how I looked at the world, and that terrified me. I tried to fight, I honestly did but one day something snapped, and from that angle, the blade looked to be the best option.

The last few words were smeared with the tears dripping from his eyes. His hands began to shake, and that was when he felt the soft skin of Galadriel's own wrapped around them. Legolas looked up to find a bright smile staring at him.

"There is always a tomorrow penneth. You would do well to never forget that. Darkness always lingers, there is no way to avoid it, yet there is a way to live around it. Never should you seek to end a life as pure as your own. The light and life you are given by the Valar is not something to throw away, especially when it feels like there is no other option, for that is when we are able to see everything that is worth living for through the aid of the ones we love." (little one)

Legolas sniffed, and smiled towards the Lady. He gently pulled one hand from Galadriel's grip to write once again. Hannon lle (thank you). He then paused and looked up at the elleth, worrying his lip a little. I know that this is much to ask, but would you be willing to talk for a little while longer. Your company is greatly enjoyed.

Galadriel smiled and nodded.

"I would be honored Greenleaf."

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