Speak No Evil

Chapter 14: A Lesson in Happiness

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The hobbits and Aragorn stood watching the darkened sky through the thick branches of the trees. The light of the stars were pushing through and casting a light throughout the area. Normally the stars would have been comforting, but with Gandalf's death weighing down their mood, the otherworldly glow seemed to make the fellowship more melancholy. The five members of the nine walkers were a decent distance apart from Gimli, who was sleeping, and the Gondorian, who was wandering around on his own. Neither of the two were comfortable in the elven realm, and they were trying to stay hidden for as long as possible. The final member of their company was still missing, although the fellowship wasn't too worried about it, for the lady of light was still with the prince and she wouldn't let harm befall him.

As the ranger and halflings continued to observe the world around them, they became more aware of the soft words of elvish, which floated through the air surrounding the fellowship's pavilion. The flowing verses held a morbid beauty and a solemn melody, which settled into the hearts of the fellowship. The ranger knew most tongues of elvish, but these words were of a more ancient tongue, and he was only able to translate about every other word. The hobbits meanwhile, could only guess what the words meant: the elves of the Golden Wood were singing about the loss of Gandalf. However, to confirm their suspicions, they turned to Haldir—who had returned with the fellowship after Galadriel had left with Legolas.

Seeing their expressions of question, the marchwarden sighed.

"They sing a lament for Gandalf. His loss is strong for all."

Pippin nodded solemnly in response, turning his gaze back to the heavens above him.

"What do they mean? Their words."

"I am sorry master hobbit," the elf responded with a sad smile, "but for me the grief is still too near."

The hobbit looked somewhat sheepish as he ducked his head.

"Right, sorry. I wasn't really thinking. Forgive my curiosity."

Haldir chuckled and approached the hobbit. He kneeled before Pippin and used two fingers to gently raise the short being's chin.

"Never apologize for curiosity penneth. Asking questions is what enables us to learn about the world around us and ourselves. As for this particular question, I am in no way upset that you asked. I merely do not wish to answer such a question at this moment. This is something that you are going to run into during your life, an individual's reluctance, but instead of letting it discourage you, learn from it, and allow it to improve your decisions in the future." (young one)

Pippin smiled and nodded, before quickly thanking the elder elf. The two shared a brief moment before Haldir's brow furrowed and he turned around to face the tree line, which lay before him. Almost immediately his face changed to a smile, and he called to the second golden-haired elf in front of him.

"Mellon-nin. It is good to see you again. Are you feeling alright? I mean you left rather suddenly, and the lady seemed upset." (my friend)

The prince smiled and continued his trek forward. He walked up to the marchwarden and nodded, before pulling out a small quill and piece if parchment from his jerkin. Haldir could see that the paper was covered in the neat scrawl of Legolas, yet he wasn't able to actually read what it said, for Legolas immediately began writing a new phrase on a free section of paper. Once the blonde was done, he held out the paper to the marchwarden, who began to read. Yes I am alright. I had a wonderful discussion with the Lady Galadriel, and she has managed to put my mind at ease for the moment.

Haldir smiled as he reached the end and slung an arm around the prince's shoulders, leading him towards the area where Aragorn and the hobbits were standing.

"I am glad Legolas. The Lady truly does have a way of knowing exactly what to say in order to help one in need. She has helped me with many problems over the years. Now why don't you come sit with us? I have been enjoying the company of your companions very much."

The archer nodded, and allowed himself to be herded over to where the others were resting.

The man and hobbits had now formed somewhat of a circle on the grass. Once Legolas and Haldir reached them, the prince purposely chose the spot next to the man, while the marchwarden placed himself in a gap between Sam and Pippin. As soon as Legolas settled himself on the ground, Aragorn dragged him closer and pulled his longtime friend into a loose hug from the side. Legolas leaned into the touch and moved into his favorite position when it came to resting with the mortal: resting his head on the juncture of the man's neck and shoulder, while leaning into Aragorn's side. The man smiled and rested his cheek against the crown of the elf's head in return.

To most the position seemed much too intimate for the two men, but any who knew the pair wouldn't think twice about it. The elf and the man were practically bound at the hip through a bond of brotherhood, and touching each other was not a foreign act what so ever. It brought each of them comfort to have the other so close, especially in a time filled with so much sadness.*

The seven beings sat in silence for many moments before Legolas smiled and his somewhat dulled eyes sparked. Seeing the change, Haldir questioned him.

"What is it meldir?" (dear friend)

By now the others had turned their attention to Legolas as well, and could see his genuine smile. Once the prince realized that he had everyone's attention, he turned to the man and signed, what would you say to a little lesson Estel? The man grinned.

"I think that is a wonderful idea Legolas." The man then turned to the others. "Legolas was wondering if you all would like to learn some of his signs. I know that you had brought it up earlier Haldir."

The marchwarden's face brightened, "I would love to Legolas, and I believe I speak for everyone when I say that you have all of our attention."

The hobbits nodded in response, and Legolas detached himself from the man, so his movements could be better seen.

Now the prince sat, a thoughtful expression on his face. Where to start was rather important, because things could get somewhat complicated if a proper base structure wasn't set up. Finally, the elf straightened and turned to the man. Let's start with the alphabet. I think that it would probably be best for them to know that before moving onto words.

Aragorn nodded. "Alright, so to start Legolas is going to teach you the alphabet, so you can understand when he spells things out. He is going to show you a sign, and then why don't you all try and copy it."

When the others responded with affirmation, Legolas created the first shape with his right hand. The other's studied it for a moment before trying to create it themselves. Haldir, Frodo, and Pippin managed to get it down pretty quickly, but the Brandybuck and Gamgee had some trouble. Seeing their struggle, Legolas got up and walked over to Merry and Sam. He placed his larger hands over their smaller counterparts and made small changes until they had it correct. He smiled at them when they thanked him, and moved back to his spot beside Aragorn. And so this continued for the next hour or so.

After they had finished going through the motions for the alphabet, the prince started to quiz them by signing simple sentences, and the hobbits and the marchwarden would try and translate. In the beginning it was rather entertaining to hear the fumbled sentences that they would put forth, but eventually they were translating correctly about ninety-five percent of the time.

By now, Legolas was certain that the others would want to stop, but when he made a move to get up, the hobbits and the marchwarden begged him to stay and continue teaching them. For if they answered honestly, sure it was helpful to be able to understand what Legolas was saying, but the main reason they wanted to continue was that they were having a great time laughing and joking with the prince. Seeing Legolas in such a good mood was a rare occurrence, and each moment needed to be taken full advantage of. So after little coaxing, the archer sat back down, and the group moved onto learning words.

They began with greetings, "hello" for the hobbits, and "mae govannan" for Haldir (well met), then more complicated words, until the five newcomers were able to speak simple sentences on their own with Legolas' language. However, after about three hours spent together, Haldir was called back to the borders by one of his soldiers.

The marchwarden shared a brief goodbye and thank you with the group before heading off into the forest to protect his home. By then, it was getting pretty late and the hobbits dismissed themselves to sleep, with Aragorn and Legolas following. The four halflings were asleep almost immediately, while the man and the elf spent a little more time settling down.

Their bedrolls had been placed next to each other, so the ranger was able to intervene when he realized that Legolas looked as though he planned to stay awake.

"Legolas, you need to rest. No one needs to stay on guard here, we are safe."

The elf smiled and shook his head. I know Estel. I am merely not tired at the moment, but that doesn't mean that you can't-

"Don't you dare try that with me Legolas. It is not going to the work."

Legolas' hands were still frozen mid-motion from when the ranger had interrupted him. A brief tension fluttered over the two as Aragorn continued.

"Don't think that I don't know what is going on. You haven't slipped into reverie since the mines. You have insisted on taking first watch every night since, but then you never wake anyone up to take over. I haven't said anything because of the emotional shock that we have been through, but you cannot do this any longer. You are running your body into the ground, and I will not simply stand by and watch. I understand why you don't want to rest, trust me I do, but you need to at least try. Please mellon-nin, I do not want to watch you kill yourself like this. Please just try to get some rest…saes." (my friend; please)

The elf regarded the ranger with wide eyes before he gave in and prepared his bedroll, which earned a relieved sigh and smile from the man. Once Legolas was lying comfortably—on his back, his arms above his head, with his hands resting underneath his golden hair—He took a deep breath, and allowed himself to slip into the elven realm of dreams.

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*so I just wanted to clear up that the Aragorn Legolas relationship is NOT SLASH, but merely a very close brotherhood. So yes they stick close to each other, and I guess you could say "cuddle", but they are not in love with each other. Well I mean they do love each other, just not in THAT way.

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