Speak No Evil

Chapter 15: Finally Free

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The gentle wind played with the light curtains of the fellowship's pavilion, as the calming realm of sleep claimed each and every one of the nine travelers. The peaceful environment of the elven safe-house aided in lulling them all into a deep slumber. That is, all except one.

Legolas had his brow furrowed, and his sleep was troubled. His glazed eyes held an exasperated look that was tinged with fear as his mind raced within the dream state common to the elves. His limbs twitched slightly as a particularly loud noise from his reverie reverberated against the walls of his memories.


The grating sound of rusted metal sliding against metal made Legolas flinch, due to the horror it inflicted on his overly sensitive ears. However, he didn't even bother raising his chin from his bloody and boney chest, knowing that he would be beaten if he looked at his captors or not. Besides, he didn't know if he even had the strength to hold his head up anymore. The past few months had been excruciatingly disastrous for the prince, since the evil holding him captive decided that his only use was to be a pet for when the orcs were bored, which unfortunately was a lot.

"Ed i Valar! Ro ta sinome!" (by the Valar! He is here)

That caught the prince's wavering attention. The voice which echoed throughout the small room was kind, melodic, and speaking his own tongue. Legolas' barely functioning mind couldn't quite pick out what was so strange about this new voice. It definitely wasn't his normal captors, so who was it?

"Caun-nin, sad lle lathron-nin?" (My prince, can you hear me?)

There was another new voice, and this one was definitely familiar.

"Legolas, mellon-nin…saes, dambeth-nin." (Legolas, my friend…please, answer me.)

His name! Valar it had been so long since he had been called by his name. Then suddenly Legolas felt a warm hand rest upon his cheek. He involuntarily flinched at the contact, expecting a beating to follow, but when nothing came, the prince leaned into the touch, savoring the small amount of kindness. Next another spot of warmth bloomed over his skin when two fingers pressed against the side of his neck.

"Lye baur a kelaya ro ten an si. Ro gur ni lova, ar ro harnas sad quanta. Ro tuluva brona-antolle anann ars i nestedrin. (We need to get him out of here. His heart is weak, and his wounds are infected. He won't survive much longer without the healers.)

Finally he remembered! A spark ignited within the prince's brain and he felt a maelstrom of emotions flood his mind. The one who stood before him, the one who spoke was Elerossë. How could he have forgotten his ever loyal friend and second in command? And now he was going home. His people found him, and they were getting him out of this hellhole…he was going to live. Once again Legolas felt hands on his face, but this time the archery-calloused hands were cupping both sides of his face.

That was when the prince finally found enough strength to look directly at his savior. He raised his head, which was exceedingly strenuous, until he was eye to eye with Elerossë. His ivory eyelids slowly slid open to reveal his clouded blue eyes. His vision was blurry at first, and the darkness of the cell didn't help either, but soon enough he was able to make out the elven soldier's face, his long light-brown hair, and friendly smile.

"Mae govannan caun-nin." (well met my prince.)

Legolas tried to smile, but instead he started to cry. The tears dripped from his eyes and cascaded down his dirty and bloodied cheeks, leaving clean trails in the grime. The prince attempted to stop the salty water, but he simply could not. The overwhelming feeling he had racing through his veins made it impossible.

The prince wanted to say something, but it ended up coming out as nothing more than a choked gargle. Then he remembered the serum and his heart broke even more. His tears poured down his face with new vigor, but they were soon wiped away by the comforting fingers of the soldier.

"Al-nalla Legolas, al-nalla. Lle sad dol bar. Al-annan innas lle baur an brenia naega (Do not cry Legolas, do not cry. You are going home. No longer will you need to endure such pain.)

Elerossë offered up another comforting smile as he waved the two elves, who were standing behind him, over to help. They quickly rushed forward and turned their attention to the chains holding Legolas above the ground. Two swords were quickly unsheathed, but before the well-forged blades could slice through the rusted metal, Elerossë paused them.

The elf gently wrapped his arms around Legolas' emaciated waist and pushed upwards, relieving a little bit of pressure from the captive elf's body. The prince winced as pain flared up in his body from the movement, but at the same time, relief flooded him due to the lack of strain.

The prince's forehead dropped to rest against the soldier's shoulder in exhaustion, as Elerossë whispered in his ear.

"Tanta an dol a awra Legolas, amin hireatha." (This is going to hurt Legolas, I'm sorry)

Legolas made a miniscule nodding motion with his head in acknowledgement, but he was barely aware of what was going on around him anymore. Even the minor interactions with the other elves was exhausting to him.

Elerossë sighed as Legolas slumped against him, but knowing that the best way to help him was to get him out of here, so the second in command nodded to the other soldiers. The two raised their swords and with two swift swipes, the chains shattered and fell to the ground. However, as Legolas' arms were released, they fell as dead weight down to his sides, and the pain was excruciating.

The fiery white-hot agony licked at his limbs, and Legolas was jostled out of his daze for a brief second. The prince then threw his head back and his mouth fell open in a tortured and silent scream. His back arched in Elerossë's hold for a moment, before he slumped, completely limp, in the soldier's arms.

He could feel his consciousness slipping, and for a moment the prince lost all feeling in his body. Once he regained it, he found himself being laid down on the ground, Elerossë's fuzzy form hovering above him, speaking frantically.

"Legolas! You need to stay awake, alright?!"

Legolas simply stared blankly into the soldiers face as his vision grew more and more blurry as the seconds passed. As his conscious thought finally left him, and his eyes rolled back into his head, Legolas could hear the voice of his trusted friend above him.

"Dammit! He is going into shock from the pain. We need to get him out of here right now!"

The soldier's tone was frantic and worried as he fussed over the prince, yet the elf could barely hear him anymore. Elerossë's words were slowly being drowned out by the roaring sound of his blood rushing through his veins.

Legolas…Legolas can you hear me? Mellon-nin….Legol….las….stay….Legolas…" (my friend)

And then Legolas Thranduilion* knew no more.

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*adding ion to the end of the father's name translates to son of_. So in this case Thranduilion mean "son of Thranduil".

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