Speak No Evil

Chapter 17: Take Me Home

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The three rescuers had been traveling as quickly as possible since they had rescued Legolas four days ago, and they were still at least a day's travel away. They were without horses, so the trip had been much more strenuous than they had wished for, for both Legolas, and themselves. Amroth, Tathar, and Elerossë were desperate to get the prince to the larger supply of healers and medicines residing within the palace after they had been exposed to Legolas' wounds while Amroth tended to them.

Legolas' body was a truly grisly sight, and it had caused even the battle-worn Tathar to excuse himself and empty his stomach. It hadn't been as bad when Legolas' body was covered, even by his horribly torn clothing, but once the healer had removed them, they were all frankly amazed that their prince was alive.

His face was pale, dark—nearly black—circles ran under his eyes, and his blue orbs themselves were clouded and hopeless…it broke his friend's hearts. Heavy bruising ran along Legolas' cheek bones and neck, all in various stages of healing. The elf also had curling burns wrapping around his neck, before stopping behind his ear on the left side. The wounds were blistered, and it looked as though previous burns had been re-scorched to prevent them from healing. Lacerations—many of them rather deep, long, and still sluggishly bleeding—ran along Legolas' scalp, over his cheeks, and under his jaw line. The hearts of Amroth, Tathar, and Elerossë all wept when they were exposed to the prince's pointed ears. They were extremely sensitive parts of elven anatomy, and if they are handled wrong, the pain sent through the body could be agonizing. Whether the orcs had been aware of this or not didn't matter, for they had certainly taken advantage of it. Legolas' ears had been burned as well, and the tips had been cut into by a knife. Blood dripped from the wounds and ran along the outer shells. Amroth had stitched up the prince's ears the best he could, and wrapped small bandages around them. He used some of their water to clean the burns and cuts as best as possible, before rubbing a cream mixed with numbing herbs over them. Finally he bandaged them up as well.

The healer then moved down to Legolas' chest, and he bit back a sob. The once well-muscled stomach covered in silky pale skin was now nothing more than bones covered by blood red flesh. Amroth could count each one of Legolas' ribs, and see the entirety of his skeleton. It was obvious that the elf had barely been given any sort of nutrition during his capture. Yet, the starvation was not nearly the worst part of it all, the most gruesome part by a large margin, was the mass of bloody welts and lacerations. It was clear that a whip had been used, and it had ripped flesh from bone, along with leaving unhealed welts in a crisscrossed pattern across the prince's chest. The wounds were mostly infected, and it seemed that dirt and other grime had crusted along the outsides of whatever remaining flesh there was. Not only this, but the healer could now see that the burns wrapped around the prince's chest as well, going all the way around his ribcage and down to his waist. Sighing at the new developments, Amroth followed similar procedures to what he had done for Legolas' face—cleansing the wounds, stitching the deeper, and more dangerous lacerations closed, rubbing the same herb-laden cream over the various wounds, before finally bandaging them up tightly—to his chest. The healer also found several broken and cracked ribs, along with a dislocated shoulder and sprained wrist.

Finally the elf's legs and back were dealt with. The prince's back, which was a creamy expanse of skin before Legolas' capture, now looked almost exactly the same as the elf's front, and his legs were covered in smaller scratches, burns, and bruises. His left knee had been dislocated, and never reset, so it had been even more difficult and painful for both Amroth and Legolas. Once everything had been dealt with—to the best of Amroth's abilities considering they were out in the middle of nowhere—Legolas was re-dressed in clean clothes, and his hair had been thoroughly clean of dirt and blood. The golden mane had been so tangled and matted, that Tathar had needed to take a knife to it, and cut out several of the uncompromising tangles. Legolas' hair went from resting half-way down his back, to hanging evenly at about his shoulder blades. It was odd, but all three of the rescuers couldn't help but acknowledge the fact that Legolas still looked exceedingly fair, despite his pallid skin, and gaunt physique.

However, the worst part of the past few days, wasn't necessarily the injuries, but traveling with the knowledge that they were making the elvish prince's injuries worse, and exponentially increased his pain, in their haste. Unfortunately there wasn't much they could do, because Legolas had needed to be carried by Elerossë. However, Amroth had thought ahead, and he had been giving the prince various pain killing drugs for the majority of the time.

So now, as the group packed up their camp to set off again—now that sun had risen—the healer moved to have a final check over on the prince, who was resting in Elerossë's arms Amroth pressed a pale hand to the prince's forehead, and his frown deepened. The fever that Legolas had developed two days ago—due to the overwhelming number of infected wounds—had skyrocketed once again, so the prince was now swimming in dangerous waters. As the healer withdrew his hand, he felt a slight tremble travel through Legolas' body, and a whimper passed his cracked lips. Sighing, Amroth placed both hands on the side of the elf's face and pressed his much colder, forehead to its burning counterpart of Legolas'. He then whispered reassuringly to the prince.

"I know that you are hurting as of now caun-nin, but we will return home after another day's travel, and the healing halls will be able to offer you much more aid than I can out here. Your wounds are some of the most severe I have ever seen, and in all honesty you should have passed to Mandos Halls long ago, but you haven't. That proves that you are strong Legolas, so very strong. You are fighting your injuries and I know that you can win." (my prince)

The healer pressed a kiss to Legolas' forehead, and motioned for Elerossë to rise and continue on. The soldier nodded and moved his grasp on the prince, so he was cradling him against his chest. Elerossë then stood and when Legolas groaned in pain again, he leaned down and murmured to the prince.

"It is alright Legolas, you do not need to worry. I have you…I have you and I am not going to let you go. Everything is going to be fine, and while I know that the pain you're in is unimaginable, I know that my friend…my hero is strong. I have looked up to you since the day you came to my rescue. You mean more to me than you know, and without you my heart weeps. You are so brave, but you are also so very kind. Your heart is large, and open to any who need it. You never hesitate to heal another, even a complete stranger, and even when they might not deserve it."

At this the elf sighed. He paused for a moment and looked down into the pained and drawn expression of the prince in his arms.

"I personally was horrible to you when I was younger. I have yelled at you, I have insulted you, yet every time you have pushed it aside. You have held me when I could do nothing but cry, you would spar with me and be my punching bag when I couldn't handle my anger, and you have healed my wounds when I was too brash and did something stupid on patrol. Your only criticism being that I needed to meet you on the practice field as soon as I was healed. This is why I know that you are going to be fine, and you are going to survive this."

Legolas shifted in the elf's grasp, leaning closer into the warm chest. The movement brought forward another pained gasp, because the most recent dose of the sedative mixed with pain killers was beginning to wear off. Unfortunately, the healer couldn't give Legolas anymore for a while if he didn't want to elf to overdose, or fall into a sleep his body would be too weak to come out of. It was then that the prince popped open his eyes, turning the fever clouded blues to Elerossë.

He reached up a fragile hand and rested it weakly upon the soldier's cheek. Although words weren't exchanged, the gesture's meaning was clear. There was nothing but forgiveness in his eyes, and it made the soldier's heart melt. Legolas then mouthed several words, and they set a fire beneath the three elves, 'take me home my friends, take me home.'

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