Speak No Evil

Chapter 25: Archery and Satisfied Smiles

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"Starting without us? You have wounded me princeling!"

To accentuate the already over-dramatic statement, the youngest of the three brothers—Rumil—feigned receiving a mortal wound and a subsequent death as he approached the training field. In response to the show, Legolas merely raised an eyebrow as he released the arrow—which he had been aiming before he had been interrupted—and rolled his eyes as the projectile hit the center of the target. He sheathed his bow and dipped his head in a more formal greeting to Haldir and Orophin as they walked past their brother, who was sprawled out on the ground in fake death. When Rumil made no move to get up, Haldir sighed in frustration and played along with an obvious lack of enthusiasm.

"Heavens Legolas, it appears that you have killed my littlest brother. Whatever shall Orophin and I do now?"

The middle brother responded to the rhetorical question in a deadpan manner.

"Finally get some peace and quiet?"

At the remark Rumil jumped up from the ground and stalked over to his brothers with a pout.

"I am glad to see that you would miss me so, gwadors." (brothers)

Both Haldir and Orophin shrugged nonchalantly before turning back to the prince, who had been watching the brothers' antics with a gentle and amused grin. There was a brief second of silence before Haldir took the lead and closed both the physical, and language gap between his brothers and the prince. He smiled and placed his hand on Legolas' shoulder.

"I taught them what you taught me, and they are eager to learn more. If you go slowly, they should be able to understand simple phrases, but I also thought ahead and brought some parchment with me."

The prince felt a smile tug at the corners of his lips. Yes, this wasn't the first time that Legolas had been with the other two brothers since the fellowship arrived in Lothlorien, but after the initial explanation of why he couldn't speak, the prince hadn't discussed the language barrier between himself and the brothers. In fact, Haldir was the only one of the three that the woodland prince had discussed his past with at all. So, to hear that Rumil and Orophin were willing to continue this relationship he had with them, and learn his language almost made tears come to his blue eyes. Legolas nodded, before he swallowed a little stiffly, trying to keep a hold on his emotions, and signed the simplest phrase he could.

Thank you.

The marchwarden nodded with a gentle smile before turning back to his brothers, who were regarding the archer with smiles tinted with sadness. The four blondes regarded each other for another moment or so, before Legolas lowered himself to the ground. He crossed his legs over one another and looked expectantly up at the three brothers. All three of them chuckled a little, before joining Legolas down on the grass. Almost immediately Rumil began to fidget awkwardly as he searched Legolas' gaze. When he spoke, the Galadhrim opened and closed his mouth a few times before he decided on what to say.

"Legolas, I…please, you don't have to answer, but you looked surprised when Haldir said we were willing to learn your language, relieved even…why?"

The elf released a silent sigh, and much like Rumil, he began to fiddle with the blades of grass underneath his fingertips. The brothers watched his nervous behavior curiously, but none said a word, fearing that they would only upset the elven prince. It took many moments before Legolas looked up from his fingers, tilting his head to the right. He then pulled out a piece of charcoal in a silent question for Haldir to bring out the piece of parchment he had mentioned earlier. Getting the message, the marchwarden produced the paper and Legolas scrawled something out for the brothers to read.

It is a long story, and I would tell you, but it would take much effort to write it all down. Seeing as you three are not fluent in my form of speaking, I am not entirely sure what would be the best way of explaining it to you.

The three brothers nodded thoughtfully, silence stretching over them, for none knew of a good way to solve the problem. Not a sound was made as the group made eye contact with each other. Finally Legolas reached forward and tapped Haldir on the shoulder. When the marchwarden looked up curiously, Legolas signed something very cautiously and slowly.

If I spell out important phrases, that outline the past, do you think you could help Rumil and Orophin understand?

It took the marchwarden a moment to process what had been said, but once he was sure he understood, Haldir smiled and nodded. Legolas returned the smile and pointed towards Haldir's brothers with a raised eyebrow. It took the Galadhrim a moment to comprehend what the elf was getting at, before recognition dawned on him. He turned to his brothers and relayed Legolas' message.

"Legolas is going to sign simple phrases to me to lay out-""what happened to him in the past, in an outline of sorts."

Haldir smiled as Orophin interrupted him, and finished his sentence for him. The marchwarden reached out and swatted his middle brother on the shoulder, but Orophin merely rolled his eyes and swatted back.

"Gwador, do remember that you taught us the basics. We understood what he said. However, I do think that we might need your help along the way. I mean, your teaching skills could use some work."

The last part was said with a smirk, which received a half-hearted glare from Haldir. The moment was short lived however, because not more than a moment later, Rumil cleared his throat and spoke up.

"Well, as much as I love hearing you two bicker like an old married couple, I would like to hear what Legolas has to say."

Haldir and Orophin shot their brother a look, but Legolas intervened by waving his hands in an over dramatic gesture. However, there was nothing but a smile on his face. Once everyone calmed down, Legolas made sure he had Haldir's attention, before he started to sign.

I created this language based on the gestures council members used while speaking.

All three nodded, showing that they understood, and Legolas continued.

I started to teach and use it with my father, before introducing it to my friends.

Haldir and Orophin nodded again, but Rumil looked confused. The marchwarden clarified and the youngest smiled. Legolas returned the grin, but it faded into more of a grimace as he continued.

Most of them latched onto the idea, like you three, but others thought it to be too much work.

Legolas hung his head a little and turned his gaze to the ground. His blue eyes darkened with sadness as he started signing again.

I had this one friend that I had known for the majority of my life. We were inseparable, yet it took less than five minutes of my explanation for that to disappear.

The prince paused and brought a hand to his face, and it was only then that the other elves realized that Legolas' eyes had become dangerously glassy. Orophin was about to tell Legolas that he didn't need to continue, but the prince seemed to be pretty caught up in his thoughts, so the brothers let him continue.

I was so excited, and he just looked at me and shook his head. It was as if he thought there was something wrong with me, like I wasn't good enough.

Legolas paused and looked up to make eye contact.

He told me that it would never work, I was adding extra burden to others because they were having to learn a new language, and I was endangering my people because they could get confused on which command I was giving in a dangerous situation. When I asked him what he thought I should do about the language barrier, he told me that I shouldn't push it, and just except what happened to me. What is that even supposed to mean?

At this point, the archer had gotten up off the ground, and he was pacing about. The other elves couldn't understand a word that he was saying, because Legolas' hand movements were going so quickly that it appeared to be a rant of some sort. Rumil was about to speak up and tell Legolas that they had no idea what he was saying, but a hand from Haldir stopped him. The youngest brother turned to look at the marchwarden in confusion, but Haldir merely shook his head.

"He needs this Rumil."

The youngest nodded and turned to look at the elf, who was still pacing about.

He was supposed to be my friend! Someone who would support me when no one else would, yet when the time came, he turned on me. When I brought up what I would do on patrol, he laughed. He laughed at me and asked me if I honestly thought that I would ever use my knives and bow again, let alone go out on patrol. He laughed at me…laughed.

Legolas trailed off and looked to the brothers, who were watching him with pain in their eyes, for they had been able to catch the last sentence or so.

By now, several tears had escaped Legolas' eyes and were sliding down his cheeks. He raised his hands as if he was going to say something else, before dropping them along with his head. One or two moments passed before Legolas straightened and signed again.

We stopped talking after that, and he wasn't the only one. After the first month, I lost fifteen friends to the burden of my new language. I counted them one night, everyone that stopped talking to me.

Hastily the archer wiped the tears from his face and forced a smile.

That was why I was relieved. I didn't want the count to become eighteen.

The three brothers stood and approached Legolas cautiously. Rumil was the first to make contact as he placed both his hands on the prince's upper arms, and gently rubbed them up and down a few times in a comforting gesture, while he shook his head.

"Never Legolas, never. You are our friend, and that will never change."

The prince nodded and forced another smile. Then, when Rumil stepped back, Orophin quickly took his place by giving Legolas a squeeze.

"They were wrong to say such things Legolas, so very wrong."

Legolas sighed and wrapped his arms around the middle brother in a tight embrace. The two stood together in such a manner for a minute or so before Orophin pulled back and offered up a smile. Legolas returned it, somewhat more sincere this time, leaving the four elves where they started, watching each other quietly. Finally, Haldir clapped his hands together and unsheathed his bow, which had remained forgotten on his back since the original trek down to the training grounds.

"I think that we should take out whatever frustrations we have towards the bastards who hurt our friend on the handy targets before us, which Legolas has so kindly broken in for us this morning."

The marchwarden spoke with a smirk that replicated itself on the faces of Rumil, Orophin, and Legolas. The three then nodded and lined up in front of the targets, but before the elves aimed their bows, Rumil posed a question.

"What is his name Legolas? The friend who hurt you so."

Legolas released one hand from his bow, to answer Rumil.

Gwindor, his name is Gwindor.

Rumil smiled with a slightly predatory gleam, and raised his bow once more. He then spoke directly to the target in front of him.

"Well then Gwindor, you picked the wrong prince to mess with."

With that, all four elves released their arrows, watching them as they flew through the air. After the firs shot, a pattern was created, because before each arrow was released, Legolas would list off another name. Maeglin, Elanessë, Finwë, Beren, Galdor, Adanion, Beriadan, Veryan, Revion, Daeron, Tirithon, Faeron, Tegalad, and finally Elwë. By the end of the list, each target was filled with arrows, all of them hitting dead center, and when the four stepped away, there was an oddly satisfied smile on Legolas' lips.

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