Speak No Evil

Chapter 26: Scars of the Past

Hey guys, I am really glad that you guys liked my renditions of Rumil and Orophin, and who knows, they might just make a reappearance. Anyway I am finally moving them out of Lothlorien. I know that I said that a few chapters ago, but then I realized that I still had a lot of gaps to fill.

The Willow Maiden: I'm sorry that I made you cry, tissues? Anyway, I am glad that you liked the humor that I tried to put into the heavy moments, along with the personalities I gave Rumil and Orophin. As for forgetting…you have no idea how mortified I was when I finally remembered. I felt pretty darn stupid.

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Schattenjagd: Ugh I know…I am down to the last three weeks of school and life is getting hella crazy. I have this big research project thing to do, and it is kind of taking over every bit of my free time. I am glad that you liked this chapter, for personally I felt that it was a pretty important one. It may not have been the most actions packed, but as you said, it gave more insight into Legolas' psyche and how his past affects his social skills. As for Thranduil, that is exactly how I feel. I mean look at what he has been through. He lost his father, he watched his homeland become dark and sickly, he has to watch his people die often, and his son is out on the front lines. It would make him less trusting and more introverted with his emotions. Personally I think that when it comes down to it, he loves his little Greenleaf more than anything else in the world.

Nyt Yanse: Hahaha, maybe…that would be pretty funny wouldn't it? Maybe in a sequel of some sort where the brothers come to Mirkwood for a visit…I see a potential plot line here.

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Legolas returned to the fellowship's pavilion later on that day, only to find the others in deep conversation. It was the belief of everyone within the group, that they had remained in Lothlorien for as long as was good for the quest. No longer could they remain in such a restful state, for the condition of the rest of Middle Earth was rapidly deteriorating, and the weight of the ring around Frodo's neck was beginning to increase. So, it was decided in that moment, that the fellowship of the ring would depart from Lothlorien within two days, at dawn's first light.

Once the decision was made, the members of the fellowship each wandered about in a different direction. Each one wanted to enjoy their remainder of their time within the Golden Wood in a different way. Merry and Pippin settled in to listen to the almost continuous singing of the Lorien elves, Boromir stalked off to who knows where, Frodo—along with Sam, who tagged along—said that he was off to see the Lady about an important issue, Aragorn went off in search of Boromir, while Legolas and Gimli went off for a leisurely walk through among to scores of mallorn trees. When they all reconvened a few hours later, everyone seemed somewhat sad. None of them wanted to leave the Golden Wood, but they all knew that they must.

So it was indeed two mornings later that the fellowship stood in a line along the banks of the River Anduin. A row of Galadhrim stood before them, elven cloaks and packages of rations in their arms. In a simultaneous motion, they all stepped forward and began placing their gifts upon the shoulders of the fellowship, along with handing them the leaf-wrapped lembas bread. It was gently explained by Celeborn the nature of the cloaks being given to the fellowship, and while seven members of the fellowship were paying attention, Legolas' thoughts were on the blonde elf securing the grey cloak about his shoulders.

Haldir finished hooking the intricate leaf clasp, letting it fall from his hand to rest along the hollow of Legolas' throat. His blue eyes watched the fastener for a moment, before they flicked up to meet the prince's gaze. The marchwarden offered a smile, but it seemed altered by the sadness of the wood elf's departure.

"Namaarie mellon-nin. Saes tula ele lye au'aier." (Farewell my friend. Please come see us again shortly.)

Legolas dipped his head in agreement and placed a hand on Haldir's shoulder. He smiled in return and signed something briefly.

"Tenna' ento lye omenta mellon-nin." (Until next we meet mellon-nin.)

The marchwarden gave Legolas one more look over before stepping back to line up with the rest of his kin. There was a brief moment of silence before the eight Lorien elves turned on their heels and hurried off to complete other tasks, leaving the fellowship of the ring alone for a few precious moments. However, the silence was broken by the gentle voice of Galadriel.

"My gift for you, Legolas, is a bow of the Galadhrim. Worthy of the skill of our woodland kin."

The wood-elf looked to the white lady, with awe in his blue eyes, as she held out a magnificent bow. Legolas reverently took it into his grasp and pulled back the string to test the strength and resistance. The bow he had been using previously now appeared pitiful as he examined his gift. After another moment he turned to Galadriel to find her watching him with an amused smile. He bowed his head deeply, and when he rose, he raised a hand to sign a thank you, but frowned when he remembered that she wouldn't understand. Seeing his plight, Galadriel laughed lightly and covered Legolas' raised hand with her own.

"Thranduilion, please do not worry yourself. The message is well received, and I am greatly gladdened that you appreciate your gift." (son of Thranduil)

Legolas nodded frantically and a brilliant smile came over his lips. He watched as the Lady walked further down the line, stopping by each member of the fellowship individually, before turning his attention back to the bow in his hands. It was a white wood, and to the touch it appeared almost delicate, but the seasoned archer knew that it was actually quite strong. He ran a gentle finger along the string, when his eyes widened in surprise. Legolas raised the bow up and took a longer look at the string, only to have his suspicions confirmed. The string was really several stands of Lady Galadriel's hair woven together intricately. It was all that Legolas could do to keep his jaw from hitting the ground. His already amazing gift had just become a thousand times more valuable, and he felt so very blessed that the Lady had seen him as worthy for such a gift. He turned to cast a fond glance in her direction, only to find that she had already moved on to Aragorn. As she talked to the ranger, her eyes flickered over to the prince, almost as though she had felt his eyes on her. The two made eye contact for a brief moment, in which Legolas once again bowed his head, and Galadriel sent him a secretive smile.

It was a little while later that the fellowship had gathered all of their necessary supplies, and filed into the elven-boats they had been gifted with. Legolas rode with Gimli, Boromir with Merry and Pippin, and Aragorn with Frodo and Sam. And so the fellowship's journey continued as they paddled down the Anduin, and therefore out of the boughs of the safety they had become so attached to.

"Legolas! Boromir! We will rest at the next bank."

The call from Aragorn traveled over the rushing water to meet the ears of both the elf and Gondorian. They made eye contact with the ranger and nodded, before maneuvering their boats towards the shore line that Aragorn had indicated. After several moments of battling the currents, the three boats had safely made it ashore, and the fellowship was beginning to set up camp.

Sam got a fire started, Merry and Pippin unpacked the food, Gimli and Frodo were laying out sleeping pads, while Aragorn, Boromir, and Legolas unloaded the rest of the supplies from the boat. Once everything was set out, the group gathered around the fire and Sam dished out their portions of food. As usual, Legolas gave a third of his portion to Merry and another to Pippin, who thanked the elf profusely. Idle chatter went started up, mainly among the hobbits, before the subject of the next leg of travel came up. Frodo turned questioning eyes towards the ranger as he took a sip of water.

"Aragorn, I thought that we were going to be continuing further down the river?"

The man nodded and set his now empty bowl on the ground.

"You would be correct Frodo. We are merely stopping here for the night, for we would not have reached the intended bank before night fall. I did not want to risk our safety by traveling along the river at night. The currents can be truly unpredictable."

After the explanation, silence came over the group. Everyone was tired and under stress. However, the lull was ended when Legolas silently rose from the ground. All eyes absent mindedly turned to watch him as the elf rummaged about in his pack. When he rose, a cloth and tiny bottle of soap were in his hands. Without a look back towards the group, Legolas made to leave, but a shout from Aragorn stopped him.

"Legolas, wait. I will come with you. No one should be off on their own in these circumstances. Especially not in such a vulnerable state as bathing."

At the comment, one of Legolas' eye brows twitched and a forced smile came over his face. He tucked the vial and cloth under one arm so he could sign to Aragorn.

That is not necessary Estel. I will be fine.

The man shook his head and walked over towards the elf.

"Legolas, it isn't a matter up for discussion."

The two friend's stared at each other, neither one willing to give into the other. Both were completely unaware as to the amount of tension brewing in the air when neither would speak, but eventually it was broken by Gimli standing as well.

"I will go with Legolas, for I would like to bathe as well."

At this the elf's head snapped towards the dwarf and he vehemently shook his head. The dwarf frowned and raised an eyebrow.

"What is the matter elf? Now is not the time for modesty."

A flush came over Legolas' normally pale features as he watched the dwarf. Again he shook his head.

I said no. If Estel must come so be it, but no one else.

The ranger sighed and turned to look at the dwarf as well.

"I apologize Gimli, but I think that it would be better if you remained here with the others."

When Aragorn raised an eyebrow, realization dawned on the dwarf, and he nodded. Gimli casually backed away to sit down in his original spot, carefully watching as the man and elf wandered off through the trees. The dwarf raised his eyes from the fire when he felt the gazes of the others on him.

"Is there something on your minds?"

Everyone quickly ducked their heads and went back to eating in silence. When thirty minutes passed and neither the man nor elf returned, Boromir stood, leisurely stretched, and slung his shield over his shoulder, along with his sword around his waist.

"Well, a bath sounds wonderful, and seeing as it is getting late, Legolas is going to have to learn to behave less like a modest maiden."

With that, the man began to meander away from the fire. However, Gimli stood next and went after him.

"Stop right there laddie. Leave the elf be, you can bathe for as long as you would like once they return."

The Gondorian merely shrugged and continued forward.

"I will not bother them. Do not worry so master dwarf."

Gimli growled a little as the man disappeared into the woods, before turning to the hobbits.

"I do not want leave you here alone master hobbits, but I would like to go after that daft man before he does something stupid."

The four stout creatures nodded before dawning their own weapons. All of them congregated around the dwarf, waiting for him to move. Gimli smiled roughly at them before following after Boromir. It took less than five minutes for the five to meet up with the man, and when they did, the lake that Legolas was bathing in was mere feet away. They could see the ranger sitting on the bank staring up at the sky as he idly chatted with the elf. Legolas was in the lake furiously scrubbing his skin, his eyes nervously darting about. It was clear that he didn't want to be seen, which was why Gimli wanted to throttle the Gondorian man when he raced forward and called out the other two.

"I was beginning to wonder if you had been killed my friends. What has been delaying you so?"

Both heads whipped over to where the man, dwarf, and hobbits had emerged and the ranger was on his feet in seconds. He rushed over to the others, fury on his face.

"What the hell are you doing here? You were asked to stay behind, and now you have betrayed Legolas' trust along with left the campsite in the open with no guards!"

The Gondorian scoffed and tried to brush the ranger off.

"Betrayed his trust? Peace ranger, it is not as if I—"

The man trailed off as he turned to look at the elf in the water. The smile melted off his face and his eyes widened. At the silence, the hobbits and dwarf turned to look at the elf as well, and similar expressions blanketed their faces.

Legolas was standing completely frozen in the water. From waist down he was covered in the shimmering liquid, but his abdomen and chest were completely exposed. Beads of water glistened off his pearly skin, which unfortunately only accentuated the abnormalities of the elf's body. Dark red scars of various length and size covered his chest and arms, along with several burn scars that appeared to be from some sort of acidic substance due to their formation spotting his stomach. Flame originated burns were also present, the most prominent of which was a spiral wrapping around the base of his neck, before snaking upward to end behind one of his ears. Over one shoulder, there was a web of red lines knitted together, that stretched all the way down that side to Legolas' hip. One forearm was practically completely red with battered skin. However, the scar that everyone's eyes were draw to was the single red line that stretched from Legolas right shoulder, over his muscled chest, across his taunt abdomen, and ended at the opposite hip. As he snapped out of his apparent trance, Legolas slowly closed his eyes and sank down to his knees in the water, trying desperately to hide his body. He brought his hands up and signed something that everyone could understand.

Please leave…

When no made a move, Legolas raised his head, tears streaming down his face, and angrily signed again.

Leave now!

Aragorn finally tried to usher the others away from the lake, anger, disappointment, and sadness in his eyes. Seeing as the others were still somewhat frozen, the ranger grabbed the Gondorian's arm and started dragging him away, the rest following behind.

"For God's sake! You have done enough, can't you give him some peace?"

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