Speak No Evil

Chapter 27: New Recruits

Hey everyone, finally an on time update! My school year is winding down (nine more days!) and unfortunately so is this story. This is the final stretch of speak no evil and I can honestly say that it makes me sad. I have really enjoyed working on this story, but everything has to end at some point. Anyway, please enjoy!

Cottoncandybeefalo: I know, I kind of feel bad when I torture characters like that, but it is definitely necessary for an interesting story. I feel similarly! I absolutely love the "old married couple" type relationship they have throughout the fellowship's journey. It just warms my heart. As for Boromir, I don't know if I would call him thick, but in this situation, he was the best person to be the oblivious one. I think that this is an adequate time for anger on Legolas' part, at least for the time being.

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Elf With Redbull: Definitely, I mean Sean Bean though, he dies in EVERYTHING that he is in. I mean I don't think that I have ever seen something that he is in where he dies die brutally at some point or another. It's cool, I rant all the time.

Schattenjagd: Yeah, I mean think about how frustrating it would be to want to say something so important to someone who means so much. I mean how do you deal with something like that? As for why I had them leave Lothlorien so quickly, I just felt that if I spent any more time there, I would die. The chapters in Lothlorien spanned much longer than I thought they would, and I really felt that ti was time for the fellowship to move on. I am glad that the second half redeemed to the chapter for you though. I was actually happy with the result myself. I definitely feel that guilt is a big thing in the minds of everyone as of now.

"What in the name of the Valar were you thinking?" Aragorn raged, as he turned on the sheepish fellowship. The group had just made it back to the campsite, and now there was no place for the Gondorian, dwarf, and hobbits to run away to. The ranger raised an eyebrow, briefly waiting for some sort of a response, before he continued ranting. "It was very clear that we did not want to be followed! You were to wait here, guarding the campsite, and if you wanted to bathe, you were to come after Legolas and I returned! Do you all have any idea what kind of pain you have inflicted upon him this night? He placed trust in you all, which is rare, and you have now taken said trust and trampled it."

Silence stretched over the group, and the rosy hues of shame bloomed over several faces as the ranger continued to stare intently at them. No one could meet his steely gaze, especially Boromir. Aragorn crossed his arms over his chest and hummed deep in his throat. He nodded his head as if in contemplation before turning to the dying fire. He absent mindedly poked at the cinders and began to stoke the flame back into existence.

"Has someone captured your tongues, or are you going to try and defend yourselves?"

The ranger's back was still turned to the fellowship as he spoke, but all six beings could tell that a look of pure scorn was on his features. It was then that Boromir finally decided that the silence had gone on for long enough. He raised his head and walked over to where the other man was sitting. He paused, standing beside Aragorn, before lowering himself down to the ground. The soldier's eyes remained on his feet as he spoke.

"I thought that he was merely being overly modest. I never meant to hurt him, especially so deeply."

The ranger glanced up from the fire, silver eyes scanning over the Gondorian's features, yet he didn't say a word. Instead, he directed his gaze back to the now healthy flame before him. As the moments grew, so did the awkward tension among the six. Merry began to shift weight back and forth between his feet, unable to keep still, and Gimli kept crossing and un-crossing his arms about his chest. No one could push themselves to speak, but all knew that they should. Eventually, Gimli and the hobbits came to sit beside the Gondorian. Once they were all settled, Aragorn turned his cold gaze to the dwarf.

"I must say that you surprised me master dwarf. You and I were the only ones who knew why Legolas did not want to be seen, yet you did not stop the others from journeying to find us."

The dwarf treaded his fingers nervously through his beard as he raised his eyes to meet the ranger's. A sigh left his chapped lips as he began to explain.

"I should have done more, that is true, but in all honesty, I wasn't sure what to say. I did not want to reveal the exact nature of why Legolas was so set on being alone. I did not want to betray him, but in my worry I ended up doing it anyway."

Aragorn nodded and moved on to the hobbits. He raised an eyebrow expectantly, and Frodo was the first to respond.

"I believe that I speak for all of us when I say that an apology is necessary. We did not head your warning, or Gimli's for that matter, and we ended up hurting someone."

The ranger placed a hand on his chin in thought as he sweep his gaze over everyone around him. It was then that the accused realized the man's gaze no longer held an anger, merely sadness. When he spoke, it was evident as well, for the sharp edge that Aragorn's voice had held moments ago was gone.

"Indeed Frodo, but it is not I to whom you owe and apology."

With that the man threw a glance over his shoulder, prompting the others to do the same. Their eyes widened when they saw the willowy figure of Legolas standing silently a few feet away. His face and eyes were of a neutral expression, so none could tell how long he had been listening in on the conversation. Aragorn being the exception.

Everyone watched as the elf slowly moved to his pack and put away his possessions. His movements were oddly calculated, the reason being—which the fellowship realized with nothing short of horror—that the elf was trying to show the others as little of his body as possible. Legolas then meandered over to the fire and stood behind Aragorn, his expression never changing. There was a small pause, before apologies started flowing from the mouths of the hobbits, Gimli, and Boromir. However, the cacophony turned to silence when Legolas raised his hand in a motion to stop. The group watched quietly as the elf settled himself at Aragorn's other side. He directed his gaze to the fire, and raised his hands to start signing. The elf got about two sentences in, when Aragorn realized he should be probably be translating. He paused Legolas' motions and asked him to start over. The elf obliged, beginning once again, with Aragorn giving him a voice.

"I do not want any of your apologies. It was a mistake, albeit an ignorant one on your part Boromir."

The elf and man paused to shoot glances towards the Gondorian. Boromir ducked his head in shame for a moment, before Legolas and Aragorn continued.

"I have hidden my past, and the scars it has left on my skin, for a long time. I am ashamed by what my appearance has become, and terrified by the memories that it brings forward. Only a few people know about them, and even fewer have seen them. You must be curious as to their origin I assume?"

Everyone looked surprised at the question, including the ranger. He turned confused eyes on the elf and placed his hand on Legolas' shoulder.

"Are you sure about this Legolas, I mean you have never…"

Legolas nodded, swallowing thickly, before turning his gaze back to the fellowship. He raised his hands again and started to sign, while Aragorn quickly overcame his shock to continue his job as a translator.

"As some of you know, my voice was lost to me when I was captured by the orcs of Dul Guldur at the edge of my home's boarders. I make most of the decisions concerning Mirkwood's army, I train the new soldiers, and I am the captain of royal guard. Therefore, I take on the responsibility of taking new additions out on their first patrol. The group usually consists of myself, another seasoned warrior of my choosing, and ten new soldiers. It was on one patrol nearly eighty years ago that everything went wrong."

"Lye innas caro echad si. Amin innas sana erui tir, al Elerossë, amin innasechuiw lle e eneg lumens an llie omenta. Ar Elerossë, coen al daugs." (We will make camp here. I will take first watch, and Elerossë, I will wake you in six hours for your shift. Also , Elerossë gather the soldiers.)

The addressed elf nodded silently as he continued to show a blushing elf the proper way to set up a shelter. Legolas watched the two for another moment before returning to his task. He was currently taking note of the clearing the group of twelve was in, making sure that no imminent threat was nearby. The prince almost scoffed at that thought, for when one was out in the forest of Mirkwood, there was always an imminent threat. However, once he was satisfied that nothing would attack the patrol that second, Legolas wandered over to help two of the new soldiers finish with their shelter.

Normally the prince would have had the elves up in the trees, but they were currently in an area of the forest where the spider population was much larger, so the trees were the more dangerous option. Also, it was beginning to pour, which would explain why the elves were dealing with the rarely used technique of make shelters. As he drove the final stake into the ground, Legolas heard someone calling his name. He turned to find Elerossë standing in front of a circle of eight elves, the other two still standing next to Legolas. The prince smiled and dipped his head in thanks. He then turned to the two soldiers beside him and pointed over towards the group.

"Auta na-ah al sen." (Go with the others.)

The two nodded and bowed quickly, before rushing over to their comrades. Legolas followed behind them, albeit at a slightly slower pace. Once he reached the group, he gestured for them to sit under one of the shelters so recently constructed. The ten elves did as they were told, eyes watching Legolas expectantly from their places on the ground. Legolas smiled down at them good naturedly as he took a spot on the ground himself. Elerossë followed behind his prince and settled himself at Legolas' right. From there, the prince folded his hands in his lap, and began to speak.

"You have all been training tirelessly, I have indeed been working you hard. Now is the time for you to put all of your training to use. However, I have to warn you now, that being out here among the trees is not going to be like the training field. Here you have to watch your back, and that of the elf next to you. Your enemies out here are not going to pause and let you get up if you are disarmed. They will go for the killing strike without question."

Seeing the terrified looks surrounding him, Legolas raised his hands in a defensive gesture, smiling gently.

"Peace pennethons, while it is dangerous out here you all have the skills to survive, and Elerossë and I will make sure to lead you well. Now I know that this is awful timing, but you all need to get some rest in order to stay alert as we travel tomorrow." (young ones)

The group of young elves smiled nervously, but the prince could tell that they were all still a little shaken. As they all wondered off to their bed-rolls, Legolas felt a tinge of pity, for he had remembered his first patrol, and how he hadn't slept a wink that first night. But he didn't feel too bad, for it was important to stress how dangerous it could be out here, especially at night.

"Goodnight my prince. I trust that you will wake me should something come up?"

Legolas rolled his eyes at the slightly over-barring nature of the elf stretched out at his left. He glanced down at Elerossë and nodded.

"Yes mother."

Now it was Elerossë's turn to roll his eyes. He laughed mirthlessly and lightly swatted Legolas' leg.

"Very funny Legolas, now I am going to get some sleep."

The prince smirked and rose to his feet. He languidly stretched before leaving the cover of the temporary shelter and heading out to the edge of the clearing. He settled himself against a tree trunk, setting his gaze out onto the horizon. The silvery rain dripped rhythmically down from the branches above dampening his hair and alabaster skin. It soaked through his traveling clothing, but the blonde loved the feeling. Unlike many living beings, Legolas found the rain to be a renewal of sorts.

He couldn't help the smile that lifted the corners of his lips, but it was wiped from his face in an instant when he heard the barely audible crack of dead branch on the ground several feet away. Legolas' body stiffened impeccably and he was on his feet in an instant. An arrow was almost immediately strung in his bow, and that was when he heard the snap again, louder this time. It was also accompanied by the pungent smell that could only mean one thing. When the sound occurred again, in a different direction, Legolas released a warning shout to Elerossë and the ten trainees.


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