Speak No Evil

Chapter 28: From Twelve to Four

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Also, this chapter picks up right after the last one ends.

Cottoncandybeefalo: Yeah, hell of a way to get introduced to Mirkwood patrols…anyway, thank you! Even though I didn't plan out any other part of this entire story (well besides the main plot) I did have plan to end it with how he was taken, even though it seems a little backwards to do it that way, but whatever…As for how many chapters, well I am planning on having three, maybe four (including the two that I have already written) and then one or two more back in present time to wrap it all up, but the exact number is somewhat up in the air as of now.

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Legolas watched with anxious eyes as Elerossё immediately leapt to his feet, rousing the trainees. Unfortunately, unlike the soldiers Elerossё and Legolas were used to, the new elves were slow at gathering their weapons and preparing to fight. Therefore the prince was responsible for catching the first few orcs with his well-aimed arrows. At first it was just a few stragglers, so it wasn't a problem, but within seconds, the atmosphere around the camp had become a chaotic mess. The misshapen and dark forms of orcs began to flood the clearing, and the sounds of clashing metal weapons and shouting voices, of elves and orcs alike, created a deafening cacophony of noise that was almost unbearable.

Both Legolas and Elerossё were shouting out orders to the recruits, trying to take the brunt of the action themselves, because the other elves were clearly shaken. Most of them were already pale, with terrified expressions painting their faces. To make things worse, the rain continued to soak into the elves' clothing and the ground below their feet, creating even more of a miserable atmosphere. Sticky, black mud was sent flying everywhere it could reach as heavily booted feet stomped about, and bodies slammed into the ground.

After several minutes of fighting, Elerossё noticed that even though the patrol of elves were cutting down orc after orc, the waves of beasts weren't slowing. If anything they were increasing, and the elves were beginning to tire. After all, this was the first time that every one of the soldiers—not including Legolas and himself—had fought against actual beasts instead of training dummies.

Elerossё began wildly searched for the platinum blonde head that belonged to the prince, becoming panicked and desperate when he couldn't locate Legolas after several minutes. Finally, he caught a glimpse of the golden strands, now tainted with the disgusting substance of orc blood. The soldier cried out, his voice straining over the noise, trying to reach Legolas in order to warn him. Although, Elerossё was pretty sure that Legolas was already well aware of the oncoming danger.

"Caun-nin! Lye sad heria thar-balan!" (My prince! We are being overpowered!)

Legolas swiveled on his heel, after expertly dispatching a nearby orc, and fixed Elerossё with his icy blue gaze. He then darted over towards his second in command, sending gnarled beasts to their deaths along the way. As he watched Legolas move closer to him, Elerossё continued to take out the orcs around him, but his blood ran cold when he heard a pained scream sound from his left. A scream, which was undoubtedly elven.

The soldier whipped around to find two of the recruits cornered by six hulking beasts. The two elves had their blades raised, but Elerossё noticed that their hands were shaking as they stared at a third elf, one of their comrades, who was sprawled out on the ground. The elf's eyes were staring blankly up towards the sky, body limp, with rain continually splattering upon his face. The new-comer's blade lay forgotten on the ground to the right, orc blood sprayed over the handle and metal. However, that wasn't the one that caught Elerossё's attention. It was the rusted scimitar, firmly embedded in the elf's chest. Elerossё cursed sadly under his breath when one of the orcs ripped out the blade and the elf didn't even flinch, confirming the commander's belief that the young elf was dead. Also, judging by the current situation that the other two elves were facing, they were going to follow their friend any moment.

Thinking quickly, Elerossё started hacking a pathway toward the two elves, his eyes widening with mounting fear as he moved. The orcs were closing in, obviously enjoying the horror, which taunting the elves with the death they had just witnessed, was bringing about. Elerossё cried out in helpless anger as more orcs got in his way, therefore delaying him, and sealing the fate of the two recruits. He watched as they took out two of the orcs, but were overpowered by the other four. The young elves were both cut down in a matter of moments, joining their friend in the mud, the cloud of death covering their eyes.

Rage burned through the soldiers' veins, and he was about to go charging after the orcs responsible when his arm was grabbed from behind. He stiffened and raised his blade, about to strike, when a voice sounded behind him.

"Ennas ie úbach lye uma Elerossё. Ron sad gwann ar sii lye baur al dela ten berio rone ya sad cuin." (There is nothing we can do Elerossё. They are dead and now we need to worry about protecting those who are alive.)

He turned to find Legolas looking at him with a tight expression. Elerossё almost protested, but when he looked into Legolas' eyes, he could see the grief swimming there. He knew that Legolas cared for these elves, he dedicated himself to their training and had gotten to know each one of them closely. The soldier regarded his prince for half a second more, before nodding and shouting out orders to the remaining recruits.

"Tol-adel i caun a amin! Iuith asca!" (Gather behind the prince and I! Use haste!)

The remaining five elves—seeing as two more had been brutally cut down—ran frantically towards Legolas and his second in command, hacking away at whatever stepped in front of them. It was clear that the continual waves of orcs were fraying their nerves, and making it difficult for them to make clear decisions. Most of them had just barely passed their majority, and would normally not be put into action for many more years, but the dire situation which currently described Mirkwood had forced the royal council to lower the recruiting age. Something that none within Mirkwood were happy about, especially the king and prince, but had to accept regardless if they wanted to keep their home safe.

By the time that the elves had reached Legolas and Elerossё, only four were left. They gathered behind the two experienced warriors, creating a small circle, and waited for orders as they watched the orcs crowd around them. The beasts closed off all possible ways of escape, making the battle ground even more claustrophobic, all the while jeering at the trapped elves. Yet, none of this phased Legolas as he ran through strategies in his mind.

He calculated the best possible options, yet the outcome was grim every time. There were simply too many enemies for this to end in favor of the six elves still standing. Eventually he decided on a plan, even though he knew that it was a long shot. His voice carried over the pounding rain and snarling orcs as he gave final orders to those gathered around him.

"I know that you have lost friends here today, but now is not the time to grieve. We must continue so that we may return home and honor them through our memories. This can only be done if you all keep fighting with the ferocity I know you possess. Caro al lond na brethil! Lhein, falch min sen gofl drega-na ost! Nestag-godref tir-dan en naa Eldar! Gurth goth rim lye!" (Make a path towards the trees! Once free, climb into their boughs and flee towards the palace! Stick together and watch the backs of your fellow elves! Death to the foes of the elves!)

Legolas shouted the last bit with one of his blades raised, and Elerossё quickly copied him using his own sword. The others tightened their grips on the blodd-stained blades in their hands, hardening their resolves for the time being, while readying themselves to follow their leaders into battle. With a final yell, the prince lunged forward—specifically choosing to head in the direction were the wall of mangled flesh was the least dense—before plunging one of his white blades into the throat of the closest beast. It collapsed to the ground with a strangled cry, but the blonde couldn't have cared less, for he had long ago moved on to his next target.

Elerossё and the others immediately followed after the prince as he hacked his way through the massive crowds of orcs. They caught the stragglers and took out the extras that Legolas couldn't quite reach in time as he carved a path for the others to move through. Soon the tree line came into sight, and it pushed the recruits onward with renewed vigor.

Finally, Legolas broke through the wall of orcs.

Seeing as Elerossё was right behind him, the commander dashed up to the nearest tree and perched on the lowest branch, while Legolas stayed behind and covered the two remaining soldiers. The first one made it up to Elerossё with no problem, but as the second one was about to reach the edge where Legolas was standing, and orc got in a lucky shot. A poorly made arrow deeply embedded itself into the elf's thigh, causing him to cry out and stumble to the ground. Instantly the orcs moved in for the kill, but Legolas got there first.

Having seen the elf go down, the prince sprinted over to the form on the ground, and took up a defensive position. Legolas fought the surge of orcs tooth and nail while the elf managed to get to his feet. The prince called out to Elerossё, telling him to help the injured elf into the trees, while he continued to fight against the hordes of vile beings raining down on him. The soldier did as he was told, and within moments the elf was nestled safely in the tree branches with his comrade, leaving Legolas and Elerossё fleeing from the orcs on their tails.

The two bounded towards the tree, with Legolas pushing Elerossё up first. As Elerossё was pulling himself up into the tree, he yelled out to the others to continue climbing upwards. The two obeyed immediately, leaning on each other for support. Elerossё then turned back to where he assumed Legolas would be at that point…right behind him. However, when the brown headed elf looked down, his heart froze in his chest, and a scream left his lungs.


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