Speak No Evil

Chapter 29: I Will Go Back For Him

Hey guys, I am back once again, and before a month has passed this time! Anyway, I am officially in one of the free moments of my summer, so I don't have to worry about anything interrupting my updates right now. This is one of my final chapters for this story, which is kind of sad since I have enjoyed writing this story a lot. I hope that you all have liked this story as much as I have.

Also, just like the previous chapter, this one jumps in right where the last piece of the flashback/explanation left off.

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The second in command watched in horror as Legolas desperately tried to continue pulling himself up into the tree while fighting off an orc, who had latched onto his left leg. The beast's clawed paw held tightly to Legolas' calf, the sharpened nails gouging into the elf's pale flesh. Blood seeped through Legolas' mud splattered leggings when the orc tried to yank him down, causing its nails to rip through flesh and muscle. Long slash marks were created, and a burning pain shot up the elf's leg, making him wince. The mangled hand finally released the prince's calf, only to latch on once again by grabbing Legolas' foot.

By now, several other orcs had swarmed the elf at the base of the tree. They firmly attached themselves to any part of the elf's body they could reach, and soon his waist and other leg were covered in snarling orcs trying to pull the prince back to the ground. Their powerful pulling was making it nearly impossible for Legolas to keep holding himself up along the bottom few branches of the tree. Also, there was a lot of strain being put on the elf's shoulders, wrists, and hands. Pain was beginning to blossom in said areas, which only aided the orcs in weakening Legolas' fight to stay off the ground.

The blonde turned his crystal blue eyes up to Elerossё, who was scrambling down towards where the prince was hanging. The soldier had panic in his eyes as he approached the struggling elf, but a shout from Legolas halted his frantic scrambling.

"Deri ad-Elerossё!" (Stay back Elerossё)

The soldier looked at Legolas like he had lost his mind, and continued moving toward the prince until he reached the branch that Legolas was clinging to for dear life. He reached out and firmly grasped one of Legolas' hands, trying to aid the prince by pulling him upwards. Unfortunately, despite the soldier's best efforts, the orcs continued to pull downward, and Legolas didn't move an inch.

Elerossё sat along the branch, resting his back against the tree trunk as he panted from exertion. He only paused for a moment though, for the force of the orcs was quickly overpowering him, and Legolas was moving closer and closer to the ground. In fact, the soldier was about to try another bout of pulls, but Legolas merely shook his head with a sad smile.

"You need to take the recruits back to the palace. I will be okay, but you need to go."

Legolas then took a brief moment to glance up at the other two elves in the tree. Both looked positively terrified, and the prince frowned when he got a look at the injured one. The elf was very pale, shaking, and a thick sheen of sweat was covering his forehead. He also had an expression of intense pain etched into his face. Legolas had been a warrior long enough to recognize the signs of poison when he saw them.

The prince turned back to his friend before him to find Elerossё shaking his head in denial. The soldier looked positively mortified that Legolas was asking him to leave while Legolas stayed behind, and it was killing the prince for leaving the elf with such a decision. However, Legolas knew that if Elerossё and the other two elves stayed much longer they would all end up dead, and he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon with these orcs on him.

"Elerossё, I know that I am asking you to do something that seems impossible, but if you don't leave right now you are going to die, along Alyan and Thalion. Please mellon-nin, you need to forget about me right now and take advantage of the situation. The orcs will be distracted with me, so you three can make your escape. (my friend)

Legolas' voice was tight with pain as another orc added onto the pile, making the weight he was currently holding up that much heavier. He could feel his arms beginning to give out, and the prince knew that it would only be a few more moments before the orcs would win and drag him down to the ground. He grunted at the strain and directed his eyes to the pit of black flesh below him. It wasn't going to be a pleasant landing, but at this point the prince really didn't have much of a choice.

The blonde looked back up to his second in command, sighing when he saw that Elerossё was still futilely trying to pull him up into the tree.



The prince was somewhat taken aback by the vehement tone that Elerossё's voice held. The soldier continued to grasp the blonde's hand, and Legolas could now see that his second in command had tears lining his eyes.

"I am not going to let you go Legolas! You don't get to be the hero and sacrifice yourself today, okay? I just have to figure out a way to get you back up here."

Legolas offered up a small smile, which disappeared when the orcs at his feet resulted to using their teeth to more securely grip his legs. The prince winced in pain and took a moment to collect himself. The strain was beginning to become too much for his arms, and he knew that if he didn't get Elerossё to let go in a few seconds, he was going to end up dragging the soldier down with him. He took a deep breath and made what could very well be a final moment of eye contact with Elerossё.

"Mellon-nin, gwador-nin, there is nothing left for you to do. I am not going to be able to hold on much longer, and the last thing I want is to pull you down with me." (my friend, my brother)

Elerossё closed his eyes and looked away, shaking his head, but Legolas wouldn't have it. If this was to be a final goodbye, he wanted it to be a proper one.

"Elerossё look at me," the soldier's eyes finally opened and gazed into Legolas' blue counterparts,"Thalion has been poisoned by the orc arrow, and if he doesn't get help soon, he is going to die. Alyan looks as though he is about to collapse, for you have to remember that his younger brother is one of the elves lying in the mud below, and both of them are relying on you to keep them alive for just a little while longer. Saes Elerossё, if you stay here with me, the orcs will win and we will both die, leaving those terrified elves alone. Take this chance to flee. If nothing else, leave now and live for me." (please)

When the brown haired elf didn't respond, Legolas sighed and closed his eyes, his brows momentarily furrowing as he raised his voice.

"Don't make me order you soldier!"

The commander looked at Legolas hard, his resolve breaking. A moment of silence covered the two, only to be broken by a small cry from Legolas, as another brutish tug finally dislocated his now mangled left ankle. The sound seemed to break the soldier from his daze, for Elerossё nodded, tears on his cheeks, and leaned down to rest his forehead against Legolas'.

"I will come back for you."

The elf's voice was choked as he spoke and drew back from his beloved friend. Legolas only smiled in return, knowing that mostly likely there wouldn't be much left to come back for. Yet, he didn't have the heart to hurt Elerossё further, so he played along.

"I'll be here, looking for you on the horizon," The prince paused, his own throat becoming suspiciously tight, "and Elerossё, tenna' ento lye omenta, namaarie." (until next we meet, farewell

With that, the golden prince of Mirkwood released the hand of his friend, and he was immediately swallowed by the sea of beasts below him. He disappeared from Elerossё's sight within seconds, leaving the soldier to hyperventilate on the branch he still stood on.

His mind raced and his body started to shake when the full implications of what he had just done crashed down upon him. The soldier gasped for breath as sobs wracked his frame, his eyes wide as he watched the orcs tumble about below him in the mud, crushing the lithe form of Legolas underneath their monstrous bodies.

Then suddenly, the vicious group parted for the smallest of moments, and the soldier was able to see his prince, continuing to fight against the hulking bodies holding him down. The sight both broke the soldier's heart and invigorated it. Yes it pained him greatly to know that Legolas was in pain, but the knowledge that the prince was refusing to give up made Elerossё realize that he had no right to do anything less than the same.

With a hardened resolve, the soldier darted back up to the top of the tree were Thalion and Alyan rested, pulling the recruits to their feet when he reached them. He gave them a quick look over and found that Legolas was right, as usual. Thalion was most definitely suffering from some form of poison, so Elerossё scooped the semi-conscious elf into his arms and began a hasty retreat to the palace. Alyan instantly followed his lead, running along the tree tops at a nearly impossible speed, and as gnarled branches and dead leaves whipped passed the three elves, Elerossё only had one thought on his mind.

I will come back for him, I will come back for him … I HAVE to come back for him.

Alright, one more flashback/explanation chapter left, and then maybe three or four present day chapters afterwards left in this story. Also, sorry it was kind of short but it was all that I really had time for today. Please review guys!

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