Speak No Evil

Chapter 3: No More

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Legolas' straight shoulders slumped forward with an air of defeat. It was barely noticeable, but his soldiers, Aragorn, and the other elves who knew him well were painfully aware of the change in demeanor. The prince's eyes, which were now boring into the dwarf who had spoken, were so pained and hurt, Legolas looked as though he was going cry any second. It was that fact which prompted Legolas' second in command to stand abruptly from his seat and stare down the dwarf in question. All eyes turned to said elf and watched as the tension within the room built.

"Watch your tongue dwarf."

The elf spoke with strong venom in his voice as he continued.

"The way you speak of our prince is unjust and wrong. He is not defective and most certainly not a spoiled brat. We follow him because of the strength and bravery he possess, not just because of his title. I would personally lay down my life for him without a second thought. So I would recommend that you watch your step and tread lightly from now on."

As the elf finished, the sound of another chair scratching against the floor echoed throughout the now silent room. It was the dwarf who had spoken out, and his face was bright red in anger. The elderly and gray-haired being pointed a threatening finger towards the—also seething—elf as he spoke.

"I can speak about that damn princeling over there however I see fit. I don't care about whether he has you all wrapped around his little finger, because I can see right through it all. He is nothing but damaged goods, can't you see that? Or are you really that blind? That elf sitting over there is nothing but an attention depraved terror, who enjoys ordering others around in any way he find! He is a useless mute, and I will not stand here to be insulted by you!"

Suddenly there was a resonating thud as the ranger slammed his fist down on the table, drawing everyone's attention. The man stood quickly and hissed at the two shouting parties.

"Both of you sit down right now!"

Aragorn turned to glare at the elven soldier as he continued.

"Elerossë, I understand that you only have good intent, but unfortunately you are having the opposite effect on the situation. And you." The man then turned to the dwarf and spoke harshly. "Can't you see what you are doing? The pain you are causing?"

The ranger briefly glanced down at the prince to his right, his expression softening. Confused, the others around the table looked down as well, and their faces fell, for what they saw was deeply saddening. Legolas was sitting stark still, his large blue eyes staring down into the table with an alarming amount of interest. However, the most disturbing part of it all was that the blue orbs held a distant and terrified look to them, and crystalline tears were flowing freely down his face, before hitting the table. Another moment of silence fell across the room before the still standing elven soldier spoke up.

"Prince Legolas, I am sorry for losing my temper, I didn't mean to upset you. Please forgive me."

He received no response from the prince, so Aragorn gently called to Legolas as well.

"Mellon-nin…are you alright?" (my friend)

There was still only silence from the archer, so the man placed a calming hand on Legolas' shoulder. However, as soon as the elf felt the other's touch, he visibly flinched in his chair as he was woken from his seeming trace. He then quickly looked up into the man's face. From there Legolas jumped from the table and ran out of the room as quickly as possible, the stares of everyone in the room at his back.

Silence then stretched over the area as the doorway finally closed. That was when all hell broke loose. Legolas' soldiers all leapt up and began screaming at the dwarves, who were screaming at the elves just as heinously.

"How dare you say such things about our prince otuuk Fe`saign?!" (warg kisser)

"What did you just say to me you pointy-eared bastard?!"

"Do not refer to my kin in such a vulgar way dwarf!"


All heads turned at the sound of Lord Elrond jumping up from the table in pure anger. The elven lord was positively livid as he spoke to the yelling parties.

"You are all behaving like children! Not only are you causing each other pain, but you are driving others, who have held no part in this argument, more pain than you know. So right now check your egos, and your attitudes, and hold your tongues. Now I do not have authority over many of you, but right now am I going to use whatever I do have and tell you to leave this room and cool off in separate areas of my home."

The parties of the argument all looked towards the seething lord with shamed and wide eyes. The dwarves were the first to leave, followed by the elves, who parted with a deep bow as they hurried from the room.

Now it was just Aragorn, Lord Elrond, the men from Gondor, the hobbits, and Gandalf. None really knew what to say, but only the grey wizard had the ability to find words.

"Aragorn, you should go and find Legolas. Someone needs to calm him down as soon as possible."

The ranger nodded grimly and left the room. He sighed as soon as he was out into the fresh air without all of the tension. Aragorn took a moment before heading off down the hallway which led to the room in which Legolas normally stayed in. It took him all of two minutes before he reached the intended room.

Aragorn waited awkwardly outside the door before knocking gently.

"Legolas, open the door mellon-nin. Will you please open the door for me?" (my friend)

He listened carefully as Aragorn waited for an answer, but it didn't come. His worry increasing, the ranger knocked once again, but this time with a little bit more force. However, this time, the door opened. Aragorn cautiously peaked around the door, and saw the golden head which belonged to his friend, perched on a bench out on the room's balcony. He walked inside, knowing that the elf was already aware of his presence. He strode over to the distraught being and silently sat beside him. He turned to look over at the elf, observing his friend's face.

Legolas was staring straight ahead blankly, tears still staining his cheeks. The skin around his eyes was irritated, and his nose had turned red along the tip. The prince didn't even acknowledge the fact that the ranger was now sitting next to him. Seeing this, Aragorn reached out and placed his arm around the archer's shoulders. From there he pulled the elf to him, and he smiled a little when Legolas rested his head lightly his shoulder and began signing.

What if he's right Estel? Am I really just damaged goods, defective? I mean what if they are all right? Maybe I deserved this, maybe I am just a spoiled brat. The elf finished by straightening himself and staring at the man. What if I really am just a freak? Aragorn sighed and shook his head. He then grabbed the elf on both sides of his face and gently wiped at the tears gathering on the pale cheeks.

"Do not think that way Legolas. None of the things that dwarf said are truthful. They were merely spoken out of anger and hate. What happened to you all those years ago is horrible, and you deserved none of the pain it brought. However, you were strong enough to overcome every obstacle thrown your way, even the loss of your speech couldn't stop you. So don't let the petty insults of some dwarf, who doesn't know what he's talking about, stop the fantastic bravery you possess. Now, do you still feel doubtful of yourself?"

The prince gaze a small smile and shook his head. No Estel, I can't say that I do. You have made me smile when I could find no happiness myself, and for that I thank you. The ranger merely chuckled and lightly cuffed the elf on the arm.

"You do not need thank me for anything gwador-nin. It was my pleasure to bring you as much happiness as possible." (my brother)

Legolas rolled his eyes at the sarcasm and began to sign again. I feel that I very thoroughly destroyed Lord Elrond's dinner. I should really go and find Elerossë, Tathar, Amroth, Golradir, and Nólatári. After all, Elerossë was only trying to help. With that, Legolas rose and headed towards the bedroom door, Aragorn following close behind. The two friends exited the room, both of them finally wearing genuine smiles.

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