Speak No Evil

Chapter 30: What Is Your Name?

Alright, so this is going to be the last chapter of the flashback/explanation, and then I am going to move back into the present day chapters. After that Speak No Evil will officially become a completed work. I personally feel both excited and sad that I am finally finishing this story. Happy, because I have put so much work into it and I am definitely satisfied with the end product, but sad because I have enjoyed writing this one more so than almost any other work I have written so far. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end sometime, and I won't be without a story to type for long!

Sorry that it has been so long since I last updated, but I have been pretty busy lately, and a lot of other stuff has been on my mind. Both things have successfully been keeping me from typing, and therefore updating. Anyway, I have finally found some peace to work on the end of Speak No Evil, so here is your next chapter.

LadyKitsuneHavoc: I guess that in some ways that was my goal, to make you feel something with my writing, but hopefully I didn't make you too sad…that makes me so glad, and I really hope that its ending satisfies you as much as the rest of the story has.

Cottoncandybeefalo: I know, but you got to kind of love the hurt/comfort element of it all. I am sorry that I made you hurt though. Thanks, and yeah, summer tends to turn my updating schedule into a bit of a mess. As for my trip, it was indeed quite wonderful. It was first time traveling to both London and Paris, and I must say that both places were as amazing as I thought they would be!

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The Willow Maiden: That is a very good question…it certainly gives one something to think about doesn't it…you know, after reading your review I had this moment where all I could think of was Dragon Ball Z, since at the end of every episode they do that thing with the questions. I mean your review works perfectly…"Would he have still let go if he had known what Legolas would go through? Would Legolas have tried harder to escape? What is Thranduil going to think? Why am I always left with so many questions? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!" Anyway, thank you for your review, and hopefully I can answer all your question by the end of this story.

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Schattenjagd: Hahaha, that you so much! That was exactly what I thought when I made the decision to have Elerossё be there with Legolas when he was taken. I originally had it written in that it would another more random elf that traveled with Legolas, and that everyone on the patrol would be killed, but I thought that this would be a better idea. I don't think that the two new recruits will make another appearance, but one never truly knows…I am glad that you like this chapter. As for writing fighting tips, I would be glad to just type them up here.

Alright, one piece of advice that was given to me by a fellow writer on the site when I first started posting continues to serve me today. So when you first start using this, I would actually use a piece of paper, but after a while it will just kind of become second nature and you can do this in your head. That is what I do now. Anyway, what you do is start off by drawing a horizontal line across the length of the paper. Then make small tick marks at the beginning of the line (point A), the middle of the line (point B),and the end of line (point C) to create a timeline of sorts. From there label the first line with some big event that starts the battle. For example, in this story it is when the orcs ambush Legolas' patrol. Then you want to do the same thing for the middle line. Mark it with a big event that signifies the climax of the battle (in this story it is when the orcs start killing the elves). Finally, do the same with the last line. This time it show be a single big event that ends the battle. Once that is done, make three to four tick marks in-between each of the three larger tick marks you've already made. These smaller marks should represent somewhat smaller events that lead from point A to point B, and then from Point B to Point C. Now you should have a fully functioning timeline of your battle to use as a reference point. When you start writing, you can simply begin the battle with describing the first event that you have written down, and then move from event to event as you continue down the timeline. This way you already have your battle planned out, and you don't have to worry about planning while you are writing. It works better if you write in extra detail for the three bigger events that you have planned out.

Okay, I have one or two more bits of advice. You can NEVER put in too much detail! Describing every little aspect of the battle and the surrounding area in which it is taking place can improve your battle sequences tenfold. The audience is more likely to get drawn into the world that you create if your give them the best possible image of said world. Also, if you're battle takes place with only one hero involved, then try not to write in any major injury too quickly, or else you won't be able to keep them fighting very long. After all, it wouldn't be at all realistic if your main character keeps fighting for hours after already receiving a myriad of injuries. However, if your battle takes place with many hero's, such as all the elves in Legolas' patrol, you probably want to kill, or at least seriously injure, at least one of them. I know it sounds kind of morbid, but it is highly unrealistic for everyone to escape a battle unharmed. Now, if you are going to kill one person, don't do it right off the bat, unless it is the point A/trigger for your battle sequence. If you are going to kill multiple people, don't do it all at once. It takes all of the drama out of a character death if you just lump them all together. Spread them out over the course of the battle to keep up the drama and the interest of your readers. Lastly, don't be afraid to zoom in and analyze one of the characters thoughts during the battle for a paragraph or two. It will provide an interesting contrast to the rest of your writing.

That is about all the tips I can think of right now…boy that turned out to be longer than I thought….I hope that some of this stuff helps you out a little bit.

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Anonymouslily20: Awww, that is so sweet! Thank you so much! I am actually really happy that you have appreciated the relationships that I have been trying to build within this story. I totally agree with your rant by the way. Again, many, many thanks, and I am so happy that you are enjoying my work!

"Now what ya going to do little elf?"

The voice was rough, scratchy. Its tone akin to the feel of sandpaper, and it grated on the prince's ears. There was also a not so subtle note of superiority as the beast mocked its captive, which only served to annoy the elf further. As the orc moved closer, it continued to taunt the bound prince.

"We have ya good don't we?"

Legolas sneered in return and spat at the beast's feet. The action caused blood to splatter over the elf's bruised lips, as a cut within the captive's mouth continued to bleed. In fact, the elf had sluggishly bleeding injuries coating his body. There were lacerations along his cheeks from various blows he had taken after his fall, bite and claw marks running along both legs from when he had been yanked down from the tree, one or two bloody cuts along his scalp from when the orcs had practically crushed him, and other various scratches from his vicious struggle to stay alive. The elf was also pretty sure that he had at least a mild concussion from when he had originally smashed into the ground.

That was when a powerful blow smashed against the right side of Legolas' chin. Immediately the prince was drawn from his thoughts as his head whipped to the side. The impact caused a sickening thwack as flesh met flesh, and the beasts laughed cruelly at the sound. To them, this was all a game. They had captured a toy to use and play with until either it died, or they grew bored with it. None of them had any idea that the elf, who was on his knees, bound to a tree with his arms above his head, was the crown prince of Mirkwood.

The orcs continued to snicker darkly as Legolas' head lolled to one side while the elf waited for his vision to clear. Pain shot through the prince's skull, ricocheting from side to side. Yep, he definitely had a concussion now. It took a few moments before Legolas straightened. He then snarled at the orc before him, his words harsh.

"Your cowardly actions disgust me filthy beast! You deserve nothing less than to die a torturous death after the bloodshed you inflicted this day!"

A brief silence covered the swarm before more grating laugher filed the air, and the prince of Mirkwood felt a meaty hand wrap around his throat, choking the air from his lungs. He grunted in frustration at his helplessness, and once again tested the bonds keeping him secure. Much to his displeasure, he found that the gnarled strands of rope still remained as tight as they had been several minutes ago, making movement impossible. Yet, the elf continued to thrash about, for the lack of air was beginning to cause his vision to blacken around the edges, and waves of dizziness were engulfing him. Then, finally, the clawed appendage loosened its grip, giving Legolas the chance to gulp down precious oxygen.

"Quite the spirit in this one, don't ya think boys?"

The orcs jeered in response to their leader's call. It also served to rouse them into even more of a frenzy. After all, they had a perfectly good elf to play with before them, yet they were being denied the opportunity. Sensing the impatience of the beasts behind him, the leader sneered, and leaned down until his nose was almost touching that of the elf. It took another moment to glare at the prince, before it called out to the rest of his party.

"What do ya say we have some fun?!"

The cheers that rose up from the orcs chilled Legolas' heart, yet the prince didn't show any hint of it. He merely returned the leader's sneer, growling out a warning.

"Bite me filth."

The orc smiled, a truly unnerving smile, before leaning in close to the elf's ear. Its breath was nothing sort of putrid, and it made Legolas' eyes water.

"Don't tempt me."

With that, the leader stepped back, and swarms of orcs descended upon the bound prince. Clawed hands grabbed and pulled, teeth sunk deep into Legolas' flesh, gnawing on muscle and drinking in blood, while hardy blows landed across his body. The orcs were vicious in their pursuit of Legolas' flesh and his subsequent pain, which was why they became so frustrated when the prince refused to make a sound, or show any of the pain that was welling up within him. They started to paw at their victim with renewed vigor in an attempt to elicit a reaction, but after several vicious minutes, it became clear that the beasts weren't going to be getting what they wanted.

Frustrated, and filled to the brim with bloodlust, the orcs delivered a few final blows and then backed away from their captive. Heated glares and threatening snarls were sent towards the elf, who was left hanging—barely conscious—in his bonds. His golden head hung limply against his chest, lolling to the left side as he attempted to rouse himself enough to look his captors in the eyes. His entire body was throbbing in sync with the beating of his heart, each second making the pain more and more noticeable. There wasn't a square inch of his skin that was free from blood, dirt, bruises, and lacerations. Yet, he was a prince of the woodland realm, a proud creature, and he would die before he allowed these beasts to break him.

"Like I said, this one has some spirit in him."

The leader was sneering at him from the outer ring of his soldiers, slowly making his way towards were Legolas was bound. Intense distain for the elf was clear within the orc's eyes as he continued to mock the prince.

"Shouldn't be a problem for long though…"

There was a pause as the orc squatted down before the glaring elf, leaning in close. As the beast searched his face, Legolas growled, and once again spat towards the orc. However, this time the prince's blood-laden salvia splattered across the gnarled flesh of the leader's face. Grim satisfaction coursed through Legolas' veins when he saw the frustration and fury flash across the orc's face. If they were going to kill him, he sure as hell wasn't going out without a fight.

"Ya going to regret that one elf. We know how to break stubborn ones like ya."

In the span of several seconds, the leader had lunged forward and wrapped his hand around the elf's throat with a snarl. His fist tightened dangerously around the pale column of the elf's neck, cutting of precious air, but this time Legolas was ready for it. He calmed his breathing in the beginning, shutting his eyes to focus in on what was going on within his body, instead of the blood thirsty orcs before him. Legolas could feel that the leader was becoming more and more flustered with his lack of reaction, because the hand tightened even further. However, the prince adjusted quickly and continued to conserve his air.

What the elf wasn't ready for was the second meaty fist that came flying into his stomach. It pushed all remaining air out of his lungs while simultaneously shattering the delicate control that Legolas had over his body. His eyelids flew open at the pain that quickly followed the blow, his blue orbs locking onto the yellow irises of the orc. He was met with a chilling look of sheer hatred.

It was then that Legolas' lungs began truly burning for air. This slow suffocation was nothing short of an agonizingly painful experience, and the orcs seemed to be reveling in the elf's misery. They were all watching Legolas' pale and bloodied face with rapt attention, and every time a flicker of discomfort or pain passed through his blue eyes, they cheered and moved an inch closer. Soon they had created a tight ring around the leader and the elf, their rowdiness reaching an all-time high when they saw Legolas' eyes start to roll back into his skull.

Finally, when the elf slumped in his bonds, the orc released his hold around Legolas' throat. He stepped back and watched his captive hang limply for a few moments, a smug sneer covering his lips. When several seconds passed and the elf showed no signs of waking, the orc snarled and went to fetch one of the group's water pouches. He grabbed one that was almost completely full with a sticky, murky liquid, before stomping over to the prince figure tied to the tree.

The orc cruelly grabbed the elf's blonde mane, yanking the prince's chin skyward, before forcing open the ruby red—and now heavily bruised—lips of the captive. He then poured an obscene amount of the substance within the pouch into Legolas' mouth. Almost instantly the liquid began to drip down the elf's chin as the orc continued to pour the sticky liquid into the unconscious elf's mouth. The overwhelming and suffocating amount of the disgusting substance caused the prince to suddenly jerk awake.

He sputtered and spat the liquid out as he tried to breath normally again. The elf's throat continued to spasm uncontrollably as he tried to expel the seemingly spoiled substance from his throat. After several second of desperate and hacking coughing, Legolas stilled, leaning back against the tree trunk behind him. His stomach felt queasy, he was so dizzy that he could barely see straight, and his entire body was throbbing in sync, but the elf quickly turned blazing blue eyes back to his captors.

The act of defiance caused the orcs—the leader in particular—to chuckle and sneer. After all, it always was so much more fun when their captives put up a good fight. They all received a certain animalistic joy from watching a proud and stubborn being turn into a whimpering lump of battered flesh, begging for the release of death. As time went on, it became clear that the elf before them was going to present such a challenge.

Deciding that the elf had been given enough of a reprieve, the leading orc stalked towards the prince. Once he was within arm's reach, the orc squatted down, hissing in the elf's face.

"What are ya called elf?"

Legolas merely raised an eyebrow, and offered a grim smile—made quite disturbing due to the fact that the elf's teeth shown red and shiny with blood, and the red liquid was spilling down his chin as well. He tilted his face towards the sky in a blatant show of distain for the beast before him, before grinding out a reply.

"My name is business of my own, and it certainly does not concern you, beast."

The orc sneered and snorted at the elf's display.

"I'll ask ya again elf, what's ya name?"

It was clear that the orc's already lacking patience, was coming to the end of its rope. This didn't phase Legolas in the slightest, instead he began to offer the same response.

"My name is business of my-"

Before the elf could finish, a brutal fist was sent flying into his jaw. There was a sickening crack accompanied by a sharp stab of agony, and Legolas was pretty sure that at least one small part of his jaw had been broken. He squeezed his eyes shut against that pain, releasing several stained gushes of air through his nose.

"What's ya blasted name elf?!"

The command pushed Legolas' eyes open, and again he simply stared at the orc towering before him.

"My name is business-"

Again, the elf was cut off when the leader growled and landed a violent punch to his ribcage. Legolas hunched over in discomfort, his brows furrowing together in pain. When he saw the beginnings of movement in front of him from the leader, Legolas braced himself for the next blow, but none came. The reason being another orc speaking up.

"Captain, I found his bow, and it's got the royal seal on it!"

The statement caused the crowd of beasts to stir restlessly, and Legolas' stomach to sink a little. He had been hoping that the knowledge of his heritage would remain unknown. As crown prince, Legolas knew precious information about Mirkwood's defense against the threat of Dol Guldur, and judging by the look on his captor's face, the orc had the same thought process. With a villainous grin, the orc grabbed Legolas' chin and forced eye contact between the two of them.

"One of the royals huh? No wonder ya didn't want to tell who ya are elf."

The orc took a moment to pause, and look surprising contemplative.

"Ya certainly aren't the king. Ya too young, and the all mighty king of Mirkwood-" Legolas felt nearly drowned in the sarcasm painting the orc's description of his father, "-wouldn't be out on patrol with common soldiers. That means, that ya must be prince Legolas."

The smile on the leader's face took on a new dimension of cruelty as he gazed upon his captive. The orc then crowed over his good fortune to the other orcs.

"Well, well boys, we are in the presence of royalty tonight! We ought to show him our best manners and hospitality, don't ya agree?"

The quasi-rhetorical question was answered with many a cheer from the orcs, their blood-lust momentarily renewed. The leader smiled in vicious delight as he once again approached the prince.

"I believe that this would require that we take ya to our humble abode princeling. After all, our master will most certainly want to have a little….chat….with ya."

The look that the orc gave Legolas after that chilling sentence would haunt the prince until the end of his days.

The fellowship sat around the fire,listening to Aragorn relay Legolas' story with rapt attention. All of them had become deeply entranced with the elf's tale of misery, bravery, and suffering. From his heart-breaking capture, to the subsequent, sickening torture Legolas had to endure, the wonderful tale of his eventual rescue, and then finally the elf's struggle to come to terms with the loss of his voice, everyone had become emotionally invested in the tale. By the time Legolas signed his final phrase, all of the hobbits, Gimli, and Boromir—even though the dwarf and Gondorian would never admit it—had tears in their eyes.

Aragorn's final words hung heavily in the air as silence enveloped the group. No one was entirely sure what to say in response to the weight of the information that had just been placed on their shoulders. None thought that it was possible for one single being to go through so much sorrow and suffering. Yet there stood an elf—or rather sat an elf, with his head hung in misery—who had been through just that.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to all, Pippin spoke up. The hobbit's voice was shaky with emotion, but what he had to say was all too easy to understand.

"Legolas, I'm so sorry."

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