Speak No Evil

Chapter 34: A Long Awaited Ending

I'm so sorry guys…I have been hella busy over the past month or so, but I have returned to give you an ending to this piece of work. Today is a very special day…this is the final chapter of Speak No Evil. I must say, this is both a sad and exciting day. After all, this story has been going for over a year at this point. However, it has been a rather fun year has it not? Anyway, this chapter is probably going to be a little shorter than the others because this chapter is really here to wrap everything up.

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When Legolas had shaken off the cloud that was his less than pleasant memories, he felt surprisingly at ease. Normally, these dips back into his past would shake him severely, or they would leave him in a depressive state. While the thoughts of his father in such a state did bring sadness to Legolas' thoughts, it no longer immobilized him. In fact, thinking of his family now brought him a sense of joy. His father was something to come back to once this war was over. Thinking of Thranduil gave the prince just a little bit of hope.

It was at this point, that the elf felt a gentle smile spread across his rosy lips. It was strange to feel happiness at something so seemingly depressive, but as Legolas continued to think on the matter, he came to the conclusion that it was not an unwelcomed change in the least.


The first call of his name went over the elf's head.


The second was a bit more forceful, and it caught the elf's attention. The prince jerked his head over towards Pippin. It was then that the elf realized—with quite a bit of sheepishness—that he had trailed off in the middle of answering the young hobbit's question. Legolas offered a small smile as a faint blush dusted his cheeks. He dipped his head in apology and picked up where he left off, Aragorn catching on just as quickly.

"My apologies young periannath. I did not mean to drift off in such a manner. Blame in on an old and troubled soul if you must, but to answer your question, I have never felt that I could trust another with such information, which included my father. Albeit, I feel that I haven't revealed my past to him yet for different reasons than others. My father has placed much guilt upon himself in regards to my suffering, and telling him each and every horror I experienced would do nothing but cause us both more pain. In terms of other elves, I never believed that after learning said knowledge they could regard me as anything less than hopeless and helpless. The one thing that I have never wanted was pity from those around me." (Halfling)

Throughout the entire speech, Legolas kept his eyes on the members of the fellowship, which was a bit of a rarity. Normally, the elf would keep his eyes firmly on the ground, unable to watch as various emotions crossed the faces of those around him. This time, there was an unusual glint of strength in the prince's blue eyes where slivers of pain and fear would ordinarily reside.

"I have spent so much of my life hiding in fear, in pain. I've never allowed myself the luxury of receiving help from others, believing it would only serve to make others believe me weaker than I already believed myself to be."

Aragorn placed a gentle hand on Legolas' shoulder, pressing down just enough to be comforting.

"You are not weak Legolas, you are so very strong. I believe that you have exuded more bravery in these past few hours than most show throughout their entire lives."

At this the elf smiled, a true, full smile. His teeth shown through, bright, white, and sparkling, while the corners of his mouth tilted upwards at a pleasing angle. Then, the elf's shoulders started to shake, and silver liquid seeped silently down his cheeks. Immediately, the ranger, and several other members of the fellowship—mainly the hobbits—frowned deeply. Aragorn pressed a hand to Legolas' cheek and tried to wipe the elf's tears away.

"Mellon-nin, what is wrong? What has caused such sadness?" (my friend)

When the ranger moved closer, trying to pull the elf into a hug, Legolas brushed him off. His smile grew ten-fold in that moment, and silent laughter bubbled up from within. The elf sniffed gently, trying to stop his mindless sobbing, yet the whole while he was grinning like an idiot. The prince then started signing, for the rest of the fellowship was looking at him like he had lost his mind.

Peace my friends…I am not saddened, for the first time in a very long while, I feel truly happy. These tears are not those of pain, they instead were born from overwhelming joy. However, now I find myself unable to stop.

With that, the elf threw his hands up in the air in a nonchalant gesture, which was quickly followed by a bark of laughter from the ranger. A smile of his own had broken out over Aragorn's face, and it was almost as broad as Legolas'. The man threw his arm around the blonde's shoulder, before pulling Legolas close.

"Oh mellon-nin, what a day this is, what a day indeed!" (my friend)

The prince leaned into his friend's embrace, while tears still streamed down his face. He had meant what he had said earlier…the elf truly had no idea how to stop from crying now that he had begun. Yet, at this moment, the elf truly couldn't have cared less. This feeling of unadulterated happiness hadn't touched his heart for many a year, and now that it was here, who the hell cared what form it took? If tears were needed for this feeling to remain, then Legolas would be content to remain crying for the rest of his life.

"Aragorn, what did he say?"

The innocent, and frankly quite confused question, came from a curious hobbit on the other side of the fire, breaking the moment that the ranger and the elf had been basking in. Yet, neither were upset by the matter. If anything there mirth grew.

And so, the ranger's laughter took on a much more rambunctious nature, while Legolas' shoulders continued to shake from his silent levity, leaving the question unanswered, and the rest of the fellowship hopelessly confused.

And that's the end folks! I know it was short, but I felt like it was the proper way to end this, and the proper time to end it…now for a little surprise…I've said it before that I have become exceptionally attached to this universe and storyline, so I might—I'm making no promises here—write some spin offs. They would be posted as one story, but each chapter would be a little short story about this plot. For example, there might be a little story about Legolas' first visit to Imlardis once he is healed, or how the men of Rohan react to his muteness in the foreseeable future…anyway, until next time!

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