Speak No Evil

Chapter 4: Laughter is the Best Medicine

I am so glad that y'all are enjoying this tale so far. It is actually quite enjoyable to type, and I am planning on taking this story as far as I possibly can. Now, I want to start with the whole respond to the review in a chapter thing, so you guys now that I really do read every word you post and love hearing what you have to say. I apologize to everyone who started reviewing at chapter 1, but right now I am just starting with the most recent reviews from chapter 3.

Nyla Evergale: Thank you very much! I am glad that you are liking my idea so far. Especially since I was a little bit iffy on the plotline seeing as it is slightly out there AU wise.

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Teapot of Transformation: First of all, I absolutely love your pen-name! It is creative and funny, I loved it as soon as I saw it on the page. As for Legolas' muteness, I too had a similar feeling about the whole idea. It was something that I really wanted to explore and put my own twist on as much as I possibly could. I hope that my next update satisfies you!

LotR-HP-PJ: I know, whenever I finally manage to post a new chapter, I always feel so proud of myself! Like sometimes it can be so difficult to post with a crazy schedule like mine. The dwarf who spoke was not in fact Gimli, but I don't really know who else I was intending it to be…anyway yes this will add extra tension, but that is not the only thing which will cause issues….Please continue to enjoy!

UnfathomableEnigma: I just want to say that I have read some of your stories and I am a big fan of your writing, and I am honored that you have decided to read some of my work! Yes I know that the beginning was a little bit of a tear jerker, but it needed to be done.

Please enjoy!

An elf and a man walked quietly through the outdoor hallways of Imlardis. Their conversation was amicable and surprisingly light considering the events which occurred mere moments ago.

"I have missed being around you mellon-nin. We must ensure that the gaps between our visits are not so long."

The elf smiled and nodded. Indeed, it has been too long since I have been able to enjoy your company Estel. Mirkwood has been rather lonely without a certain ranger to liven up its hallways. That being said the healers have greatly enjoyed your lack of presence. It has given them a period of respite from having to deal with us in their rooms. Legolas' smile only increased mischievously as he winked at the man, who had a similar reaction. Aragorn chuckled and wrapped an arm good-naturedly around his elven friend's shoulders.

"Lenwë and Silimaurë were ready to kill us after we snuck out of our beds. I swear they were so red in the face I thought they were going to restrain us in order to keep us still. Do you remember?"

Legolas' grin grew exponentially as he swatted Aragorn's hand, which was still resting on his shoulder, as the prince shook with what would have been laughter if he could produce sound. Sometimes I pity the elves under my father's employment. I can only imagine how many horrors they must have experienced during my childhood.

Aragorn's grin became goofy and lopsided as he laughed loudly and out-right. This made the prince cuff him over the back of his head in a childish form of friendship. The two honestly lost whatever wisdom their age had gained them when they were around each other. That being said, they were rather entertaining to watch in this state. Which is exactly what Lord Elrond was thinking as he walked up behind them.

"I can tell you that I personally dealt with some of those terrors myself Legolas, as did your father."

The two friends whipped around as Elrond spoke. Legolas' pale flesh immediately colored to a bright pink along his cheeks and neck. Aragorn however, only chuckled at the elf's reaction and responded to his foster father.

"Ah, Lord Elrond we were just looking for you."

The elven lord quirked an eyebrow as he turned to look at the prince.

"Indeed? May I ask what for?"

Legolas nodded and bowed his head. He then tapped Aragorn on the shoulder asking him for aid once again. The man agreed and started to speak.

"My Lord, I wished to apologize for ruining your dinner so. I should have kept my rashness to a minimum and stayed to resolve the situation with the elves under my command. Instead I left you to deal with the consequences of Elerossë's argument with the dwarf. Please forgive me my Lord. I had no intention for things to turn to such a sour outcome. In fact after we finish here, I am off to reprimand my soldiers for their behavior at your dinner table."

The prince turned back to Lord Elrond when he felt a hand rest upon his shoulder. He then found himself staring into the wise dark blue eyes of the expert healer.

"My dear Legolas, do not apologize for what has come to pass. You deserved none of the ridicule you received, and your reaction was most definitely just. You have already suffered much, and in one so young. More pain is the last thing you should be receiving. As for your soldiers, do not scold them for the protective nature they exhibited, especially Elerossë. Yes they may have over done it, but it is most definitely a good thing that they are so loyal to you and defending your honor. Their actions in there were completed out of compassion for you and the horrors you have persevered through. They hold you close to their hearts Legolas, especially since they almost lost you. So do not punish them for their actions, thank them for their heart."

The woodland prince looked at Elrond sadly, and nodded with a grim understanding. Aragorn waited for him to begin signing again. When the two exchanged a brief nod, the man began to communicate.

"I understand your reasoning Lord Elrond, I will speak to my soldiers, without reprimanding them. Now please do not take offense when I say this, for I respect you more than you know, but I beg of you to stop referring to me as if I am damaged. I know that I cannot speak, I have come to the understanding that I probably never will again. I know that I was held captive in the never ending darkness of Dol Guldur for three years of my life, where I had unspeakable things inflicted upon me by the spawn of evil. And most importantly I know that I will never, ever, be the same elf I was beforehand. I will forever bare scars on my flesh and my mind, and there is nothing I can do to change that, except for move on from all the pain. Yes, occasionally I feel all of the doubt and all of the pain that constantly clouds my mind, but the rest of the time I just grit my teeth and bare through it. So please, I ask you to stop reminding me of all that has gone wrong in my life and brought me pain."

When Legolas finished, he looked up into the ageless face of Lord Elrond with pleading eyes. The elven Lord merely nodded and smiled sadly. He gripped both of Legolas' shoulders tightly as he spoke.

"Sometimes I forget how wise you truly are tithen-pen. Your bravery and strength never ceases to amaze me, and I deeply apologize for mocking you in any sense, it was certainly not my intent. However, I would like to say one final thing. The things that have befallen you, while yes they are indeed unspeakable, they do not define you in any shape or form." (little one)

The prince smiled and signed something he knew that the lord would understand. Thank you my lord, your words mean so much to me. Elrond dipped his head in understanding before turning down the hall in a swish of his regal robes. As he left, Elrond regarded the elf and ranger warmly.

"I bid you two farewell for now. I hope that you find a way to salvage this seemingly depressing evening, but with your record of frivolity when you two are around each other, I do not doubt that you will find something to do. However, I ask you, please do not break anything, or drive anyone insane. The quiet around these halls has been so very nice."

The two friends smirked at each as Elrond strode away from them. Once the elf was out of hearing range, the man turned to the prince and with a devious wink, he spoke.

"What say we go to visit dear old Erestor? He has probably missed us dearly."

Alrighty, so that was really supposed to be more of a transition chapter, but I hope you enjoyed it none the less. Please review!

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