Speak No Evil

Chapter 7: Don't Give Up Hope

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The elf's body shook violently as he silently sobbed within the grasp of his friend. His eyes were glued tightly shut as he tried to block out the horrific images that constantly assaulted his mind. It was the perfect form of torture, because no matter what he did to get away from his past, the memories and scars would forever remain within him. The orcs had done more damage to him, physically and mentally, over those three years than he ever had done upon him before. It was nothing short of a miracle that he stood here to tell the tale today.

"Legolas, hush now. You are alright, everything is alright. It was just a nightmare, merely your memories coming back to haunt you. The foul beasts who hurt you are gone, they were demolished long ago, and they will never hurt you again. So breathe and allow yourself to calm down. Your heart rate skyrocketed—rather impressively I might add—and it is going to take a moment for it to drop back down. Calm yourself Legolas."

The soothing words of the man fell on deaf ears as the elf continued to stay on the verge of hyperventilating. Sighing in slight exasperation. Aragorn pulled ever so little away from the prince's shaking form and moved his calloused hands to rest upon the sides of the elf's face. He then raised Legolas's chin and found himself looking into positively terrified eyes.

"Look at me and pay attention to my voice only Legolas. Tune out the memories, forget about their faces and their voices for a moment, and just focus on me."

Finally the elf took a shaky, yet deep breath, and slowly released it. He repeated the motion several more times before he nodded and stiffly untangled himself from the ranger. The archer bowed his head a little when he realized what he had just done. Seeing the change in demeanor, the man frowned and spoke softly again.

"Mellon-nin, do not be ashamed of your fear. It is as it said before, just because the hobbits and Boromir believe you to be invincible," Aragorn added with a small smile, "does not mean that you must behave that way. Weakness and fear are emotions everyone feels, and they most certainly do not change the type of person you are." (my friend)

The elf still looked skeptical, but he nodded none the less and straightened his posture. Who said that I am not invincible? Legolas smirked half-heartedly as he finished signing, which made the ranger chuckle. He held his hands up in a mock defensive gesture as Legolas moved to sit at his right side.

The two settled into a comfortable silence again as the prince leaned against Aragorn's shoulder. It was obvious that the elf was exhausted from his latest nightmare, and clearly needed sleep, but wasn't going to allow himself to give in to his desires. Therefore, the ranger was prompted to nudge the elf back towards his sleeping roll.

"Legolas you should really try and get some more sleep."

The elf looked incredulously at the man for a moment before rolling his eyes. Do you honestly think that I am going to be able to sleep after that? Honestly, I would rather be tired but feel relatively safe, then still be tired but be plagued by nightmares. So if you wouldn't mind the company, I think that I would rather just sit here with you on your watch.

As the prince finished, Aragorn sighed and nodded. The elf flashed him a wink before settling down with his head on the man's shoulder. And so the two sat, staring off into the darkness before Legolas felt the man shiver ever so slightly. He rose from his spot beside the ranger and swiftly grabbed the light blanket atop his make-shift bed. The archer wrapped it tightly around Aragorn's shoulders as he sat back down. I know it isn't much, but it should help a little.

The man smiled in acknowledgement and mumbled a thank you.

"Hannon lle Legolas. Sometimes I greatly envy the elves' resistance to the weather." (thank you)

This made the elf's smile widen a little. He then pulled his legs up to his chest and rested his chin along the tops of his knees. Silence fell upon them for a third time, when the prince's smile began to fade. Why did this have to happen Estel? Why couldn't I have just been slain on that fateful day?

"Legolas, do not wish away your life so nonchalantly. Think of what would have happened if you perished instead. Your father would have surely faded away or left for the grey havens, leaving your people without a leader and without their hope. Also, think of your friends. The twins barely slept while you were gone since they spent so much time looking for you. Arwen was a wreck. When she wasn't cry herself into periods of fitful sleep, she was cursing every known evil on middle earth. Lastly, think of what would have happened to me. I was eight years old when you were taken, and you might as well have been a blood relative to me. I didn't understand what was happening to you at the time, but I did know that it was something horrible. The knowledge that you were in pain, and I couldn't help you made me sick to my stomach every day. Then when the elves found your knives and bow in a pool of your blood, my world came crashing down. My best friend was supposedly dead. My brother in heart had perished in pain, alone, and with the spawn of Mordor. I didn't leave my room for weeks after that, because everywhere I went I ran into something that reminded me of you. So do not make me go through that again by wishing your life away."

By now the man was looking down upon his friend with glossy eyes. The elf silently sighed and brought a hand up to cup the man's cheek for a brief moment. Never would I wish for you to suffer Estel, never. I know that I am here for a reason, what that reason is remains a little hazy, but that doesn't mean it is not there. I do not plan to leave this world anytime soon, not until after you have passed, and your children sit comfortably on the throne of Gondor. I cannot deny however, that my grief does not attempt to consume me each and every day. Never can the past be undone, and never can it be changed, so I must learn to quell my grief and continue on.

The man smiled as he stretched his back.

"Exactly my friend. And know that you are never going to be alone in that journey."

Legolas turned back to his friend and bowed his head in thanks. From there he moved back into his original position of his golden head resting upon the man's shoulder. Thank you Estel. You have been the best possible friend and ally during the times I have truly needed it.

"Of course Legolas, you know that I would never desert you."

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