Speak No Evil

Chapter 8: A Devil Returns

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Pie in the Face: I know right! Said moments really are my guilty pleasure. I love reading them and writing them, so you can most definitely expect more in the future. Of course I have to spoil my readers, I mean you read my work, leave the kindest reviews, and offer me ideas. It is the least I can do to update as much as possible.

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Madame Noize: Why thank you. I would be lying if I said that I was confident with this idea, because I didn't know how people would react to such an AU scenario. However, I must say that I have been over joyed with the reaction I ended up receiving. I am really glad that you are enjoying my writing!

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Reader: Thank you dear reader! It has always been a goal of mine when I write scenes like this that I keep the balance between what is reasonably plausible and what is utter sap. As for Legolas' behavior, the whole traumatized thing actually has a real life muse that it is based off of. A friend of mine has a pretty screwed up past, and I took some of her behavioral traits after a nightmare or something haunting, and mixed that with the Legolas character we all know and love. However, I am very glad to know that I managed to make it convincing for you guys, because I wasn't so sure how the mixture would translate in the mind of the reader.

Please enjoy!

Slowly the rest of the fellowship drug themselves out from under the blanket of sleep, all of them dismayed to find that it was still dark and dank within the cavern. After several minutes in which the group could prepare themselves for the day's trek, Gandalf once again took the lead with his staff lighting the way. The nine walkers fell into a rhythm behind him with the hobbits and Boromir staying close to the front, followed by Gimli, with Aragorn and Legolas towards the end.

The group traveled in relative silence, and Aragorn noticed with a sense of relief, that Legolas seemed to be much more at ease with himself. He certainly wasn't in top condition, for the elf was most definitely paler than normal, his steps were uneven, and the ranger was unsure whether Legolas was going to be able to walk unaided the entire time, but at least he didn't look like he was about to collapse.

As they continued on, Gimli suddenly gave a loud shout, which was followed by Gandalf's attempt to pull the dwarf back. The group could only watch as Gimli sprinted forward in desperation to enter one of the rooms several feet away. The other eight figures immediately ran after him, only to find that the stout warrior had fallen to his knees as he grieved over a large stone coffin. Several dwarvish characters were inscribed along the top, and Gandalf read them out loud.

"Here lies Balin, son of Fudin, Lord of Moria. He is dead then. It's as I had feared."

Gimli gave another wail of despair as the others finished filing into the room. They watched as the wizard picked up a dusty book and began to read.

"They have taken the Bridge and the second hall. We have barred the gates...but cannot hold them for long...the ground shakes...drums in the deep...we cannot get out. A shadow moves in the dark. Will no- one save us? They are coming…."

As the wizard continued speaking, Legolas began to tune him out as his thoughts ran wild. His eyes grew wide and he instinctively moved closer to the ranger at his left. His hands shook as he signed. Aragorn we need to get out of here, we need to leave. Staying here will only result in our death, we need to get out, we need to get out, please get me out of here, please, please, please get us out, we need to get out, all I want is to get out, plea-

The elf was paused in the middle of his rant as the man grabbed his wrists, effectively ceasing the elf's movements. He then placed both his hands on Legolas' face as he spoke.

"Legolas now is not the time. You need to calm down and have your wits about you. We are going to need your skills in order to survive this."

The elf was about to respond when there was a large bang as a skeleton came crashing down a nearby well. Everyone turned to face the sheepish looking hobbit in the corner. He was staring lifelessly at the ground as Gandalf began to berate him for his stupidity. However, the wizard was cut short as the sound of drums filled the air. The entire fellowship froze, as they all turned to look at each other. The hobbits huddled together and Gandalf stood before them as protection. The dwarf leapt up upon Balin's tomb and Boromir ran to close the door, before grimly announcing that the orcs were in the possession of a cave troll. As the Gondorian ran back to his post beside the dwarf, Aragorn and Legolas turned to stare at each other. Each locked eyes with the other as Aragorn drew his bow and notched an arrow.

Seeing the terrified eyes of the elf, Aragorn turned to him and spoke softly in elvish.

"Sidh Legolas, heb-lle dol. Aid baur lle bo lle curu." (Peace Legolas, keep your head. We need you on your game.)

Legolas nodded in return and swallowed thickly. He then pulled out his bow as well and notched his first arrow as well, pulling the string all the way back to his chin. It was then that all hell broke loose. As the first sight of mangled orc flesh, Legolas let his arrow fly, quickly stringing another as the screech of an orc pierced the air. Soon arrows were flying through the air and the measly door, which at one point protected the fellowship, swung open and the orcs came rampaging through. Five or ten of them dropped dead immediately as arrows imbedded themselves into their bodies. The others just ran over them as they moved to attack the fellowship.

The ranger exchanged his bow for the sword at his hip, and dove into fighting alongside the dwarf and his kinsman. Meanwhile the hobbits stabbed at the orcs in an attempt to slow them down, so Gandalf could finish them off himself. Legolas was still firing off arrows with a ferocity fueled by absolute terror.

As he fought he could feel the ice of his memories creeping into his heart. Yes he had fought orcs after he was captured, but that had always been in the light, in his home where he felt safe, and with his entire battalion behind him. Now he was in the pitch black with six people he didn't know, Aragorn, and Gandalf. The elf was breathing hard and his eyes were glued open.

Once again he reached behind him and found that his quiver was empty. Thinking quickly, he smashed the skull of the closest orc with his bow, and then with a quick pin of his wrist, the bow was sheathed once again and the elf's twin knives were grasped firmly within his hands.

And so the fighting went on, but things only became more difficult as the lumbering troll entered the room. The beast was met by the two men, wizard, and dwarf, while the hobbits and elf continued fighting against the orcs.

Legolas was currently fighting a circle of about seven orcs, when suddenly the air left his lungs as a gigantic weight smashed into his back, forcing him to the ground. The elf flipped over onto his back as soon as he hit the ground, but he found himself trapped by a weight on his chest. He looked up to find two gleaming eyes staring down at him. Then he heard a voice which froze his heart.

"Well, well, what are the chances? Ya look different all cleaned up elf."

The prince started to thrash underneath the orc, as the beast unsheathed a rusted knife and pressed it to Legolas' neck. The elf could feel the metal biting into his skin as one of his old captors pressed down. The orc atop him at the moment was the second in command to the orc who tortured him most of the time, and this one was just as bad. Some people say that all the orcs look the same, but Legolas would have been able to recognize each and every orc who caused him pain, although he hoped that he would never have to.

However, as the orc's sneer grew even wider, Legolas knew that he didn't have any choice, but he was completely immobilized. The orc now had his wrists pinned as well, making his ability to fight back non-existent. He turned his head to look desperately for Aragorn, someone to help him, but all of them were busy with the cave troll. Legolas felt tears of frustration and fear pool along the rims of his eyes, as he tried to create some sort of sound to alert his friends, but his mouth only shaped into a silent scream. The beast only chuckled darkly as he pushed the knife down even further, finally drawing blood.

"Go 'head elf, scream for yar friends to come an get ya. Oh wait, ya can't sorry about that. 'Ow's it been without that pretty little voice of yar's?"

As Legolas continued to thrash, the orc only smirked and pressed down even further on the knife.

"Maybe we shouldn't 'ave taken yar voice elf, I did enjoy it when ya screamed."

It was then that the orc raised the knife and tilted his head to the side.

"Well, as much as I've enjoyed our little re-acquaintance, it's time to die elf, see ya later."

However, as the beast brought the knife down to effectively end Legolas' life, he found himself unseated, and he was thrown to the ground. The beast snarled and leapt up, only to come face to face with the elf, for during the moment when the orc prepared to strike, he loosened the hold he had upon Legolas' wrists, therefore giving the elf just enough leverage to free himself.

So now the two fought. It was an absolutely vicious battle that would end with only one standing. The orc was actually doing a surprisingly good job of defending itself against the ferocious elf, who now had the tears he once tried to hide, streaming down his cheeks. Legolas had his teeth bared as well while the orc was still smirking as it taunted the elf.

"I'll give it to ya elf, ya can fight damn well, but that don't change the fact yar still pathetic. Ya can't even keep yarself for crying like a new born babe. 'Ave ya no respect for being a true man? Then again, ya didn't 'ave much to begin with did ya? I can still remember ya screams as we whipped ya, burned ya, and tortured ya for years on end. God I wish it 'and't ended. Those three years were the best of my life."

Legolas turned his head away for a split second as flashes of his torture flew before his eyes.

"Come on elf! Are ya truly no better than a mewling ass?" The orc chanted as the whip was brought down over, and over, and over again.

The elf gave another slash of his knives as the orc backed away.

The smell of burned flesh wafting through the already foul air, causing the captive to heave and retch dryly, as he stood on his hands and knees.

Finally the orc was trapped, it's back pressed against a nearby wall as Legolas closed in with his knives swinging back forth the block the beast's feeble attempts at a defense.

A viscous liquid being forced down his throat, burning as it eroded the elf's vocal cords. His screams going silent as the ability to produce sound slowly fled him.

Suddenly there was a sharp flash of ivory as Legolas decapitated the orc in one more swing of pure rage. The elf watched the mangled body slid to the floor with a hollow thump. He stood with his salt-rimmed eyes staring at his handy work, not able to look away from one of the, now dead, devils who haunted his nightmares. However, he was drawn away from the orc's body when he heard the familiar voice of the ranger shout his name.


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