Speak No Evil

Chapter 9: More Devastation Arrives

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The elf whipped around to see the brutish troll lumbering towards him, an oversized weapon grasped firmly in its hand. The archer's glassy blue eyes widened, and though he knew that he needed to move quickly, the prince felt as though his feet were bound to the earth below him by a forceful spell. Legolas could hear the cries from the rest of the fellowship as the troll grew closer and closer, yet he still did not move. Finally, when the troll was no more than five seconds away from snuffing out the immortal's life, Legolas began to sprint forward, steadily gaining more and more speed. The other walkers were protesting in utter confusion as the archer closed the distance between himself and the troll, instead of moving in the other direction.

It was then that the prince changed his course ever so slightly, in order to run up the side of a fallen section of wall. Using the momentum the action gave him, Legolas once again adjusted his trajectory to leap upward and climb up upon the arm of the beast. The troll was obviously enraged with the elf for it immediately tried to make a grab for him. However, the prince was much too fast and managed to avoid each attempt, therefore successfully making his way up to stand on the troll's shoulders.

His balance wasn't great due to the fact that the beast was desperately trying to shake him off. However, he retained himself long enough to string three arrows and fire them directly into the skull of the troll. It screeched in pain, but refused to fall. Legolas silently huffed in frustration as he leapt off the beast, moving into a roll as he collided with the ground. Once he finished moving, the prince jumped up from the ground and immediately grabbed one of his knives to stab an orc in front of him, killing it instantly. As it fell to the ground, the elf pulled out his other knife and dove back into fighting.

After several moments of his ruthless slaughter, Legolas felt someone's hand on his shoulder. He turned around and placed his knife against the other being's throat out of second nature, his chest heaving and tears rolling down his cheeks. However, the prince dropped his hand when he saw that the one behind him was really the ranger. The two friends had two or three seconds of quiet where they both ignored the battle at hand, and Aragorn fell forward, wrapping his arms around Legolas. It was as long of a reunion as they could spare in the moment, before they had to separate and continue fighting. But before they completely moved apart, Aragorn extended a hand and gently wiped the tears from the elf's face with a small smile. The elf tried to return the smile, but Aragorn had returned to fighting before he could. The elf watched him turn away with a saddened expression, before the prince himself did the same.

Everyone was fighting fiercely as orcs continued to drop like flies. Screams of the dying and fatally injured filled the air, which mingled harshly with the frustrated and exasperated groans, grunts, and partial yells of the fellowship. Finally everyone congregated around the troll as it struck Frodo with the spear in its possession. Several screams of despair filled the air as the hobbit fell forward, not moving an inch. That was when Legolas seized his chance, and fired two arrows deep into the throat of the beast. It stood for several more moments before it crashed to the ground, dead.

Eight members of the fellowship swarmed to the fallen hobbit, and all eight were positively shocked when Frodo rose from the ground, completely unharmed. After a brief reunion the group broke off in a quick sprint for the closest exit. But before they all left the chamber, Aragorn once again pulled Legolas aside. With a worried gaze, he grabbed the elf's hand in a tight grasp.

"Mani marte mellon-nin?" (what happened my friend)

The elf looked slightly strung out as he replied. I am alright Estel. Demons from my past re-emerged, and it merely shook my confidence and focus for a brief moment. I apologize for worrying you and possibly putting the fellowship in danger. Legolas cast his gaze towards the ground as he made an attempt to follow the retreating forms of the fellowship, but before he could get very far the ranger grabbed his upper arm. This caused the elf to spin back around quickly until he was facing the concerned and flustered face of the man.

"Legolas that is not nothing! Are you injured? What exactly happened!? I mean there are very, very few things that fluster you so!"

The archer so badly wanted to spill everything he was feeling at the moment. How he was on the verge of breaking down in tears once again, how memories of torture were assaulting his mind in a never ending stream, how he could barely concentrate on anything due to the fact that the lump in his throat was steadily growing, or how he was inwardly screaming and wailing, but instead he smiled—well, more like grimaced—and signed to Aragorn with trembling hands. I told you I am fine Estel. I am not injured, and right now we really don't have the time to tell you what just happened. The ranger looked at him skeptically, but realizing that what the elf spoke of was in fact true, he nodded and raised his eyebrows.

"Alright, but after this, I want you to tell me everything."

Legolas nodded and rushed from the room, desperately trying to catch up with his companions, who were a decent distance away by now. He and then man quickly closed the distance between them just in time to have to deal with the unstable steps in the depth of Moria. The nine figures raced down the carved stones before they reached a section which was missing a decent sized chunk. The majority of the group was regarding the obstacle with worry, but the single elf within the group pushed forward and jumped swiftly over the gap, beckoning the wizard to follow. One by one the others followed the prince's lead. After a paralyzing moment of fear for Aragorn and the ring bearer, the group continued on until they reached the bridge of Khazad Dum.

The rumbling of the Balrog was the first warning, but the fellowship simply did not head it enough, which resulted in Gandalf taking part in a stand-off with the creature, while the others watched helplessly. Then the worst happened, Gandalf was harshly pulled down over the edge of the bridge with only three words as his goodbye.

"Fly you fools!"

And then he was gone. The walkers watched numbly as arrows from the screeching goblins rained down upon them, forcing the group to flee with tears in their eyes. Once they were outside, the full extent of what happened crashed down upon the group. The Gondorian was trying to hold the seething dwarf back from re-entering the mines, Pippin was being consoled within the grasp of his equal distressed cousin, Sam was sitting with his head in his hands, and Aragorn was currently trying to bring Frodo back to the group.

Meanwhile Legolas was staring down at the ground, all of his pent up emotions crashing down upon him at once, with the new bouts of grief from losing Gandalf adding to the strain. His mind, body, and heart were frozen in shock as he tried and tried to comprehend what was going on around him, what was happening to him. The elf's breathing was become more and more erratic as his tears practically drowned him.

That was when he heard Aragorn calling his name. He turned around slowly to see the ranger gesturing for him and Boromir to gather the others and push them forward. Legolas watched with a slightly distorted field of vision. Everything seemed to slow down as Aragorn approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Legolas, come now, I need your help."

The elf simply stared at him with blank eyes and that was when the man became seriously concerned. He grabbed both the elf's shoulders now, and spoke to him softly.

"Legolas what is wrong? You said you were not injured! Did you lie to me? Are you hurt?"

Aragorn was waiting for an answer when, to his horror, Legolas' pale blue eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed to the ground.

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