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DETROIT : Loving a Human


This fictional series is based on the game DETROIT : Become Human. Characters are also based from the said game and I have no intention of copyright infringement. Credits to the game and its developers and creators. I would also like to credit to the fandom "REED900" as the stories will be revolving around the romance of Detective Gavin Reed and Police Android RK900 or "Nines". Cheers to the community for creating a very interesting "ship".

Romance / Fantasy
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In the year 2038, the world has been modernized to the point wherein humans and androids (artificial humans) are living together. Markus or RK200, the leader of the androids, has successfully deviated other androids based on his model. After his era had ended, it was discovered that more androids made by Marcus are designed to deviate their programming making them capable of making life choices. Meaning that these androids are almost human-like, capable of feeling emotions and can blend in with humanity based on how they are interacted with.

In order to maintain the vast majority of the androids, a technological company called Cyberlife, was created in order to make sure that all androids are well maintained and not cause chaos.

The world, of course, is not a perfect place even with all the advanced technology. Crimes and other types of events happen everyday. Which is why, Cyberlife, has created Androids designed for patrolling the country. However, these Cybercops are not fully deviant. Meaning they are not like the androids that came before them. Cybercops are programmed to protect, investigate and keep things in order. All with the exception of RK800 or referred to as "Connor", which is the assistant of Lieutenant Hank Anderson, and his successor RK900 who can be referred to as "Richard" which are fully deviant android policemen sent by Cyberspace to aid the police forces of the country.

Alongside Lieutenant Hank Anderson is Detective Gavin Reed. An easy-going, hot tempered jerk who has been in the service for 10 years. Gavin maybe an asshole at most times, buy he's basically the best detective in the country. This is the reason why he was given RK900.

It has been 6 months since RK900 has been partnered with Detective Reed, and during that time, the two are always arguing, Gavin always calls him names such as Tin Can, Plastic, Toaster and much more. Even though the two of them always argue, they always manage to get every case solved which is why everyone in the police department are used to their love-hate relationship. The question is, will an android perfectly be able to love a human being?

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