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''Please... don't leave me,'' -Jungkook WARNING: Foul language. CONTAINS SMUT Mature content. If you're under 18 do not read and do not report. Thank you. Jeon Jung Kook Au - Short story

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Jin's Princess
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Have you ever noticed how some coffee tastes different? Some taste bright and fruity, others taste deep and dark. For me, it's all the same whether we put some teaspoon of creamer or sugar. It's still called coffee. I tried all kinds of coffee but I came to love this dark coffee that I'm currently having. I find it bitter at first, still I couldn't resist.

It's a nice weather today. I always come to this coffee shop after my class. I'm currently a university student major in arts, 22 years old, single, a dark coffee lover that's for sure. I drink it almost every day. And, why I'm single? Easy. The right girl for me hasn't arrived yet. Kidding. But I think it's because of this coffee, I fell in love with it. Call me weird, but that isn't my name, alright.

My name is Jeon Jungkook.

I'm almost finished with my coffee, but I want one more cup. I promised myself I'll only have one cup of caffeine and no more. I'm actually... allergic to coffee. Weird, right? I knew I'm weird ever since I tasted my first cup. Not to worry, though. I have my meds ready in my pocket incase my skin reacts to it. I get very itchy after an hour of drinking. I got this from my dad. But hey, I have to admit that I'm still handsome. No jokes.

"Ei, Jeon! We're closing for the day,'' drat, why do they close so early? It's just 3 in the afternoon. That was my friend who's working part time, he's always serving me since he's the only one who can make my preferred taste. I like a little bit of sugar in my coffee even though it's dark. But... they're usually closed at 5, why so early? "Hey, why are you closing early today?'' I asked while I fixed the things on my table. I sometimes do my homework here since it's peaceful. He took my empty coffee cup, rested it on his round tray. "The boss' daughter will be visiting tomorrow, so we need to clean the place.'' Daughter? Come to think of it, I haven't met the owner's daughter yet. I wonder what she looks like.

I walked my way home since it's only a 5 minute walk. I live alone on a small apartment. I can't afford a mansion... yet. Getting there. I do freelance painting whenever I get requests over the weekend. Guess what? Have you heard of coffee painting? It's my current medium, I used acrylic before. But since I love coffee, I gave it a try.

At last I'm finally home; tomorrow's a weekend so I can relax. I still can't stop thinking about the owner's daughter. Should I go there and meet her? I'm just curious. I lied down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Hm... oh yeah, I need to buy my dinner, I can't even cook decent food so I settle with convenient store food. I got up quickly to get ready when my laptop made a sound. I mean, that's my Skype. It's a video call time with my mom. She still treat me as a kid, I hate it when she does that. She's also asking every time she calls if I got myself a girlfriend or what. Oh well.

-on the phone-

Jungkook: Hi, mom.

Mom: How's my baby doing?

Jungkook: Mom... I thought I told you to stop calling me baby?!

Mom: But you're my forever baby!

Jungkook: Mom!!

I scratched my head in no time, really mom. And you expect me to find a girlfriend like this? I wonder where dad went. He's usually home at this hour. My parents' currently live in Busan while I'm here in Seoul to study. It's also because of coffee why I left Busan. I'm also studying about them for my coffee painting. I can always try new things for my craft, right? There's no right or wrong in arts as long as you can express yourself.

Mom: Oh no, I told you to get yourself a haircut! Look at you!

Jungkook: Mom, I don't have time for a haircut yet, I'm still busy with school work.

Mom: I wonder how you are still able to pass the university gate with that hair of yours, you look like a gangster!

Jungkook: What's the big deal, mom? It's just hair!

Me? A gangster? Please... What's wrong with having a long hair? Some guys grow their hair too. It's not just me. I hope she understands me someday. I like my current style.

Mom: And that... Ugh, that tattoo in your hand? Come on, Jungkook. Don't tell me you had your full arms tattooed??

Jungkook: Uh... well...

I cleared my throat. She doesn't know that I have a tattoo all the way to my forearm. I'm not ready to show her yet or anyone else I know. I don't need their hate comments. It's my body and I can do whatever I want with it.

Mom: Anyway, it's almost dinner time. Make sure you eat a decent meal. I have to go. I love you, baby!

Jungkook: Love you too, mom...

I let out a deep sigh. Nope, I've lost my appetite. I'll just eat first thing in the morning tomorrow. I went to my bathroom to take a quick shower, brush my teeth, did my night facial routine, slipped my shirt and sweats then went to bed. Finally, good night everyone.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The next morning, I mean afternoon. I actually had a good night sleep for the first time that I woke up really late. Literally, I'm not even in the mood to do anything. I doubt I'll get any emails for a request today. But I do feel like I'm missing something. My mind's probably still asleep, plus I'm getting hungry. I need my coffee.


I quickly got up and remembered about the owner's daughter! Shit! I completely forgot about that! However, I am debating if I should go or not. But I want to see her at least once. Hm... come on, you have to decide, Jungkook. I wonder if she's older than me or younger. I'm hoping we're the same age and... we could be good friends? I laughed at myself. There's no way we'd be friends. I'm just a normal university student and she's the daughter of a famous coffee shop. I lied down on my bed again, both hands under my head.

Sigh, how many times have I sighed today? I... never mind. I closed my eyes so I can fall back to sleep. But it's not even working. That's it, I'm going. Got changed and reminded myself not to forget my wallet, like the last time. Damn that day, I drank coffee without any money. Luckily my friend paid for it. Didn't even bother fixing my hair, it'll just get messy on the way.

When I got out of my apartment, it was hella windy. What happened to the good weather like yesterday? Man, messy hair all the way to the coffee shop, hoping that friend of mine will be there. I don't like it when other baristas serve my coffee 'cause of... you know. I'm nearly arriving the shop but it seems normal. No crowd or celebration for her arrival? Maybe it's over? It doesn't even matter now, I just want my coffee. I enter the coffee shop like a regular customer; I should have brought my sketchbook so I have a longer time here.

I don't see my friend but I need to order when a random barista comes. What do I do? Was it his rest day? I don't remember. "Hi, what will you have?'' I looked at the female barista who came to my table. That was fast, I just sat on my usual table and she's already here. I forgot to mention, the baristas here also serves us the coffee, no waiter or waitress. "U... Uhm...'' now wait a second, it's the first time I saw her here. Is she new? She's so cute wearing that barista uniform. She has a short bob cut hair which suits her small face. I've never seen anyone like her in my life! Where's that damn Yugyeom?! I bet she doesn't know my usual coffee. "I'm waiting for your order, sir?'' shoot, my mind must have flown away to day dreamland. I swear, she's every guy's dream girl! "Ah, yes... I'll have the usu--- I mean, dark coffee,'' get yourself together, Jungkook! "Will that be it? Anything else?'' she didn't even bother writing my order, well, it's just dark coffee. Anyone can memorize that, stupid.

"Y... Yeah, that's it. And c... can you add a little bit of s... sugar in it?'' stop stuttering, Kook! But how can I calm down in front of this cutie? After my simple request, she gave me that... weird smile. Is something on my face? "Sugar...? On a dark coffee?'' but I want it that way! I told her just a teaspoon; she didn't comment anymore and went behind the counter. Oh yeah, I noticed she doesn't have a nameplate pinned like the other baristas. She's definitely new, right? I wasn't feeling hungry anymore so didn't bother ordering something to eat. Did I just waste my time coming here just to miss the event? I rested my palm on my chin while I waited for my coffee. That reminds me, I sent Yugyeom a message asking where he is, he replied instantly. He sure has a lot of free time and he's really on rest day, that dude didn't even informed me. He had a different rest day last week.

Not long after, my coffee came with a slice of... what's this? "I... I didn't order this. I...'' this time she gave me a warm smile. Wow, she's an angel. "It's on the house, it'll be on the menu next week.'' A new cake? She asked me to try a bite; I took a glance at her then tried the cake. Hm... is this coffee flavor? Coffee cake isn't new but I love it. It's not too sweet or too bitter. The cream filling in between was well balanced as well. "It's good,'' I love anything with coffee so... yeah. I thanked her for the free cake, turned out she was the one who made the cake. She elaborated that it's actually a crepe cake. Didn't even know that. What a day.

After that, I wasn't able to find her anymore. Maybe her shift's over? I went to pay for my coffee then went to the convenient store to buy my dinner. Its 4:30 PM, mom will be calling again at 5 PM and scold me about my hair and tattoo. I don't really mind but she'll need to accept it. I still feel lazy to have my hair cut. I'll keep it long for a while. Anyway, will I be able to see her again tomorrow? I really wish so, can't even forget her face.

At the convenient store, I grabbed the biggest instant ramyun bowl, some kimbap and two cans of beer. Now that's my ideal dinner! I hate it when mom lectures me about my diet; she's a nutritionist so she's really conscious about health. While dad, owns a restaurant and cooks huge amount of food. I kinda miss his cooking, no wonder I didn't get his skills, I'm only good at eating. Eating is life.

When I got home, I turned the stove on to boil some water for my ramyun. My life is so sad. I'm 22 with no girlfriend, no one to cook for me. I snickered, what am I even thinking? I chose to live alone and support myself, can't rely on my parents anymore. Maybe I'll draw something after dinner? I wasn't able to get some coffee for my painting, damn. I was in the convenient store but still forgot about it. So much for a coffee lover. "Yo, Jeon? You there?'' Huh? I went to my door to open it. What is he doing here? I left the door open so he can come in, I didn't utter a word. Whatever. "The cold treatment, huh? Heard you went to the shop, how was it?'' I poured the boiled water on to my ramyun bowl, took it to my small table and I'm ready to eat. "Yeah, like something big happened.'' Yugyeom stole one kimbap slice, such a sneaky guy.

"What do you mean? You met her, right? The owner's daughter'' what is he talking about? All I saw was that new cute barista and that's it. Dude, he gave me the biggest laugh of his life. I'm just eating my dinner in peace; I'll get rid of this bad spirit after I'm done eating. "You mean... that 'new cute barista' is the daughter!'' Yugyeom burst out laughing again. What is he talking about? If that was the daughter why was she working there? "I don't get it, why would she be working there?'' I asked as I stuff some kimbap in my mouth. "You really don't get it, do you Jeon? They own the place; she can work there whenever she wants. I heard she graduated culinary arts in our university,'' huh? So, that cutie was really the owner's daughter?! I can't believe it! Is that why she gave me a slice of cake to taste test? Oh, now I get the 'she made the cake for the menu' thing. I still can't believe this! She's so... so...

"She's hot, right Jeon? I wish she could be my girl,'' I instantly glared at him. This idiot, he already has a girlfriend! Do I have a cheater friend? "So, does that mean you don't want your girlfriend anymore, is that it?'' he awkwardly laughed. He said he was just kidding. Well, that was a bad joke. I'm sure his girl will be furious when she hears about this conversation. That cute girl at the shop... ''Hey...'' should I ask him or nah? About the owner's daughter, will she be working again tomorrow? I wanna see her again, I can't deny it.


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