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What if you eleven year old self was abandoned at an Ateez concert? What if they took you in? What an adventure! (Read on to know more!)

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Ammun Rehman
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I was eleven at the time I think. When it happened. And it changed me. You must be wondering what the ping pong am I taking about?
Well I'll tell you.
I had been an Ateez fan since I was nine. Their music, their looks, their crackheadness; I was a fan of it all, still am. So when I heard they were having a concert near our town I simply HAD to go. I begged my parents. BEGGED. They finally agreed, as long as I went with my caretaker, Darla. She had been with me since I was two. My parents were busy most of the time because they were both the CEO's of the Hotwave company. We were pretty wealthy but I never let that get to my head. We made a plan that since it was holidays, my parents would go on vacation to their island ( yes we owned an Island) for a month, Darla would take me to see Ateez and then we would go to my mansion on the north hills ( yes I had my own mansion.) But my parents would be out of range since there's no connection on the Island. Its pretty far from civilization. Darla and I would spend the rest of the month in my Mansion, I usually invite friends over and stuff.
My parents were confident I would be ok with Darla looking over me. So, I bid my parents goodbye and we were off!
The hall was jam-packed, and I mean JAM-PACKED. We took our place on the balcony on the first floor of the building. The stage below was nicely lit up.
I was beyond excited. "Darla are you ok?" I asked her. She had seemed a bit off during the journey here. "Yes, yes. You just...enjoy the concert." She said, but she seemed far off. I shrugged it off and turned towards the stage. Ateez walked onto the stage and everyone screamed their lungs out. I had this big grin plastered on my face and my heart was racing. They were performing Wave. My absolute favorite song.
The whole performance was DA BOMB! I was beyond shook. Then when it ended, people started walking out. I turned around to look for Darla, she had my things and I needed water. But she wasn't standing behind me like she was at the beginning of the concert. I started to call out for her, then hoping she was accidentally taken to the floor below with the other people, I leaned over the reeling. That is my biggest regret today.
In that very position, someone whispered in my ear ,"You're nothing but a nuisance, you brat!" My eyes went wide, before I could turn around, a pair of hands roughly pushed me and I went toppling over the reeling.
Surprised gasps filled the room, people shouted. Ateez had not left the stage yet. I landed hard on the ground. Dizzy; I had hit my head on the reeling, both my legs hurt agonizingly, my back, my head. I saw flashes of red and black. Blurred vision and mute voices. I think someone called an ambulance. "Is she ok?" Someone with a familiar voice asked, If I remember correctly; it was Hongjoong. I remember it was him because of his red hair, which I could recognize even through blurry vision. I raised my head but it hurt so much that I blacked out.
When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital. My head hurt, less than before. My legs too. A passing doctor noticed I was awake and came over to me. "Are you ok?" She asked. "Y-yes" I said but my voice cracked. She handed me a glass of water. "Ok now, who were you here with?" She asked. I thought for a moment, my brain was working a bit slow. "My caretaker Darla. Isn't she here?" I said looking around. The doctor sadly shook her head. I felt my chest tighten. Then I heard a voice, "Is she ok? Can we see her now?" Someone said. I was hoping it was my parents. The doctor nodded to someone standing on the side. They stepped forward. My heart stopped. HOLY HARLEY KANG! It was Ateez themselves. They all looked worried.
Yunho was the first to come stand by my bed side. He smiled, and knelt down to me, we all know how TALL Yunho is. "Hi, You ok?" He asked in a voice softer than silk. "Me? I-i yeah." I said. "What's your name?" Seonghwa asked. "Um...Pyeonghwa, Kim Pyeonghwa." I said nervously. He smiled, "Wow, such a pretty name. It means peace right?". I nodded.
They asked me about my parents and if they could come and get me. I told them about their vacation and the island with no service. "How did you fall?" Hongjoong asked. I lowered my eyes, "Someone pushed me, I....I think it was my caretaker." I said my eyes watering. They looked at each other in surprise. Caretakers are supposed to take care of you. Not push you off a balcony. she ran away after pushing me. I removed the blanket off my legs, my heart fell. "The...the doctor said you broke one of your legs, and injured the other one. I'm sorry." Wooyoung said gently. That's when tears started pouring down my cheeks. "Oh don't cry, it's ok" Seonghwa said putting a hand on my small arm. What will I do? I'm all alone! Where will I go? These thoughts made my head spin, my breathing got heavy, I heard Jongho call for the nurse. I heard muffled voices, I think the nurse arrived but I passed out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
When I woke up the second time I was in a room, a bed room. Two single bed's. "Where am I?" I said to myself. I slowly sat up, there were voices coming from the door. I grabbed the side table and tried to stand up. Pain shot up both my legs, I fell to the floor with a loud thud. I had a cast on my left leg. The voices coming from the door hushed. I tried to stand up, my hands were shaking, I couldn't pull myself up. Someone poked their head in. I looked up, "Mingi?" I said confused. He grinned at me. "Glade you're awake! We've been waiting for forever!" He said. He was so tall he towered over me. (There is no explanation whatsoever to WHY Ateez is so tall, I mean even Hongjoong is called Korean BIG minion!)
He bent down, picked me up and carried me out the door. I stared at him the whole time.
All of Ateez was sitting in the living room. HOLY MOLY I WAS IN THEIR DORM! Why am I here? How did they just let me in here? They don't even know me!
Mingi gently set me down on the couch, I sat in between Yeosang and San. "Why am I here?" I asked. I know I should have been excited to meet my idols but, Darla threw me off a balcony, my parents were not intact and I had never been alone before. "We um....tried contacting your parents, their friends but no one is answering. We're at a loss. And we can't take you to your mansion because your caretaker had the keys. She ran away." Yeosang explained the situation. My heart dropped. "Where will I go?What will I do?" I whispered, tears forming in my eyes. I'm only eleven; I thought, I can't go anywhere on my own.
"Guys, meeting please." Hongjoong told the others to gather in the kitchen space. I heard bits of what they were saying.
"She's just a child."
"How could someone do this?"
"Should we?"
"More importantly, could we?"
"I agree"
"That's horrible"
"Let's go"
"WWWHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" (That was Wooyoung shouting as usual :)
What are they talking about?They're going to kick me out. Nobody wants me around, my parents don't give me attention, my caretaker tried to kill me and now my dream idols are going to throw me out because I don't think keeping an eleven year old girl in your dorm is allowed. These thoughts made me incredibly sad. I was crying again. Oh how I hated this. I'm just a burden.
"Um....Peonghwa. Listen...we-" Jongho started. "Yeah, I know you don't want me here. Just drop me off back at the hospital or something." I cut him off. Yunho bent down in front of me and wiped my tears with one hand. "Actually, we decided to keep you here until we can contact your parents. We will talk to our management." He smiled. I looked up at him, then the others; they all had small smiles on their faces. I was beyond shook.
"You-you're going to keep me here?Why?" I asked. "You're Atiny aren't you? We promised to take care of Atiny, we won't abandon you." Hongjoong said. "Won't I be a burden? My legs-I can't walk." I said putting a hand on my leg. They looked at each other. "Then I guess we'll have to carry you around until you can walk again." Seonghwa smiled. I was still a bit nervous. Well, let's see how this turns out shall we? :D

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