Chaos & Harmony: Friendship is Magic Vol I

Chapter 9 - Accepted Where?

"Florice, make sure you write now okay?"

"You enjoy yourself and don't let your fears hold you back. "

"I'll try. Bye Mom. Bye Dad." Florice said as her mother waved to her and father drove away in the family car. Florice had one light pink luggage bag packed with clothes and any provisions she'd need. Her yellow satchel that hung off the side of waist had a bunch school supplies in it. Angel was sitting on her shoulder and Florice tried to keep her wits about her despite how incredibly nervous she was. Her parents had dropped her off right in front of The Equestrian Academy for the Gifted & Talented. It was near one of Canelot's rural borders as on one side you could see the enormous capital city and on the other was a cliffside with a small drop that led to hills and grasslands as well a waterfall in the distance and a very thick sea of trees.

*One Month Ago*

"I-I-I have no idea what to say..." Florice stammered as she finished reading the acceptance letter.

"Florice that's spectacular! " her father sid as he dropped what he was doing and hugged her.

"Just wait until your brother hears you got into a specialized highschool Florice. He'll be so proud...I'm so proud!" her mother joined.

(AN: It's been confirmed by the show's creators that Fluttershy has a brother who will appear in the near future but since that's all we know I'll leave this one ambiguous.)

Florice was slightly confused as she was sandwiched between her parents. Sure it was a great honor to get into one of the specialized high schools but she never did her physicals at the festival because the nightmare attack happened before it was her time to take them. She didn't even write down which school she wanted to attend on the written exam because she was unsure of that herself. So why is it that she's getting an acceptance letter to the Equestrian Academy for the Gifted & Talented?

"This is great don't you think? The academy is one of the multiracial schools so you'll be able to do genuine courses about wild life and veterinarian studies that only Terra would usually do." her mother said.

"Yes, it's wonderful but I don't understand why I got the acceptance letter though. I haven't taken my physical exams yet." Florice voiced her concern to her parents.

"Obviously the council saw something in you at the first festival that they decided they didn't need to see your physicals for them to accept you." her father said to her reassuringly.

Florice blinked and then looked at the letter again.

"But I didn't do anything special really..."


Florice reached into her satchel and pulled out her acceptance letter, looking it over again.

"Do I really belong here?" she thought to herself.

A city bus stopped in front of the academy and out of it streamed many eager students who were ready to begin their new year. Terra, Caelum, Magus and Serpens from all over Equestria that impressed Solisia enough for her to want them to attend her school. All of the freshmen and new transfer sophomores were there as they had to come a week after the sophomores, juniors and seniors. This was for the older students to settle in and be ready to help the newer ones. The school was like a huge white and gold castle with multiple towers. The sheer scale was massive for a highschool as it was essentially the size of a university. Excitement and chatter was abundant and no one seemed able to wait to enter...well almost no one.

Apphia slowly stepped out of the bus with a huge bag almost twice her size strapped to her back. She sighed as she looked up at the school. Excitement wasn't on her face, more like disappoinment.

*One Month Ago*

"No, I won't go! Ya hear me? The plan never was for me to be leaving the farm!" Apphia argued with an elderly women who's once smooth fair skin was now wrinkled and rough. Her grayed hair was course and wrapped into a bun. She had on a lime green short sleeved dress that went all the way down to her calves and was wearing a brown apron with an apple pie emblem over it along with black slippers. The woman stared at Apphia with her bright orange eyes and a frown on her face. When she opened her mouth, she spoke with a heavy southern accent.

"Now looky here Apphia, I know I ain't raise y'all to be stupid and you actin' stupid right now. You got inter one of dem special schools. Y'all know that once the council picks ya and puts ya one, it's as done a deal as a bad apple rotting the batch."

"It ain't no done deal Granny Smith. I don't have to go if I don't want to. I'll just stay in my current school cuz if it ain't Pressly Ville High, I'm not leaving. You agree with me right Macintosh?" she said as she looked to her older brother.

Macintosh was sitting at the kitchen table as the 2 had stood up and began to argue. He was a considerably large young man. His shoulders were broad and his build solid and brawny. He was about 6ft 5in tall, hence his specialized highschool codename, "Big Mac", which like most stuck as his nickname even after he graduated. Macintosh had on a red checkered flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the first couple of buttons undone. He was also wearing dark blue jeans and brown cowboy boots along with a brown leather necklace with a ring on it. His eyes were the same shade as Apphia's and he had orange shaggy hair that went down the top of his back. In his deep voice, he answered.


"See! Even Macintosh...wait what now? Did y'all just say no?"


"But Big Mac, you even said yourself that if I went to any specialized highschool, you'd want it to be the same one you went to."


"So why don't ya agree now?"

"I never said that I didn't want you to go to anyone at all. You only get into one of dem specialized high schools Apphia and it's an chance that ain't nobody smart would waste."

"But what about the farm? I don't care how strong you are, there ain't no way you can handle all the chores and duties by yourself!"

"I can help him Apphia! I am getting bigger now anyways." Bloom chimed in confidently.

"And I ain't that old a coot that I can't give a helping hand every now and again." Granny Smith said.

"And all the really hard work is in Spring and Summer, right when you gonna be on Spring break and Summer vacation." Macintosh added.

"But, but-" Apphia tried to conjure a counter argument but they had her beat.

"No buts Missy," Granny Smith said as she placed her hands on Apphia's shoulder, "Now I know how ya feel Apphia but we can handle ourselves here. Bloom is around the age you were when you started helping Macintosh on the farm. We been keeping this here Sweet Apple Acres running for generations through the ups and downs and we'll keep it up and running even if you're off in the fancy pancy city getting an education because that's what's important. And don't ya remember? When your brother graduated, he came back with all sorts of ideas to help the farm. Just think whatcha can come back with since ya always had a tad more horse sense than Big Mac."

"I'm right here ya know." he said as he stared at them with annoyance on his face. The 3 girls began laughing at his expense, all the while he started at them with an aggravated look. Once she stopped laughing, Apphia sighed.

"Alright, y'all got me. I'll go to the school but if anything goes wrong here at the farm, I'll come running faster than a hot knife through butter."

"We'll keep that in mind Apphia. Now go on and git packing."


Apphia sighed and said to herself, "Keep your head up Apphia, ya promised your folks back home that you wouldn't pout or frown while you were here."

Raine stood in front of the large gate to the school grounds with her hands on her hips, a determined smirk all over her face. The E. Academy for the Gifted & Talented was one of the largest schools in the country for the fact that almost 97% of it's students were living in the dorms. Solisia spared no expense in making the academy as homey and hospitable as possible. The entire academy was said to be the size of a small village and the untamed plains and forest was the students' backyard. All of this was just waiting to be conquered by her or at least that's what was going through Raine's mind.

*One Month Ago*

"What the heck is this?! I didn't apply here, I applied to Sky Nebula Prep! I don't want to go to some mixed school, I want to be with the most elite Caelum in the world! I want to be a Wonderbolt!" Raine cried in frustration as she held the letter in disbelief.

"I don't understand! Did Headmaster Feng not see your last name? You're a Bowens! All Bowens went to Sky Nebula Prep and practically are considered prodigies at the school." her older brother Ryan proclaimed as he snatched the letter from her to inspect it himself. Like Raine, Ryan too had rainbow colored hair but his was short and spiky. He had the same color eyes as Raine and was a couple of inches taller than her.

"This is some type of prank or something. I didn't even do my physicals yet!"

"I've been hyping you up since my freshman year sis and when you didn't get in last year, my friends started questioning whether or not us Bowens are the best of the best anymore. How is it gonna look when I show up to school on my senior year without you to take over?!"

"I know right! The family is gonna look like total jokes."

As the two despaired and complained, their parents watched as sweat ran down the back of their heads. The two's complaints had woken them and Scotlyn from their sleep and they stood there in their pajamas.

"Yep, these are your children alright." said their mother who was a fairly tall woman with tan skin, long rosy pink hair that ran down to her mid back and purple eyes. Standing right next to her, it was clear which parent Scotlyn got her looks from.

Their father sighed, "I'll handle it." He on the other hand had rainbow colored hair as well that ran down the back of his neck but was spiky on top like a mullet while his eyes were a cinnamon like color.

"Alright you two calm down."

"Calm down? Calm down!? Dad how can I calm down when my future is practically being robbed from me!?" Raine cried.

"I know what I'll do! I'll head to see Feng right now and demand that he put you in the school." Ryan said as he prepared to take off but before he got far, his father grabbed the back of his shirt collar as he tried to fly past him.

"You aren't going anywhere to give anyone the headache you're giving me right now Ryan. Vento obviously agreed to put Raine into that school for a reason." he said.

"Wait, you can't actually be okay with this Dad, even you went to SNP and was revered there. It's a family tradition to go there." Ryan argued.

"Well perhaps its time for a tradition to be broken. You're great grandfather went to SNP and left known as Rainbow Bolt, you're grandmother left known as Rainbow Flash, I left known as Rainbow Blaze and you're currently there Ryan and they call you Rainbow Blitz. The Bowens are legends at that school already and I don't want you to feel some extra weight on yourself as if you have to live up to absurd expectations set by your family."

Their mother blinked rather surprised, "Raimond is handling this much differently and better than I expected."

"Usually Dad would jump in with the shouting and yelling." Scotlyn said surprised too.

"Yes don't you see you two? This is a golden opportunity for Raine to spread the Bowens legacy to another academy! Imagine being the first to conquer The Equestrian Academy for the Gifted & Talented Raine! You would have started a new chapter and cemented us in the history books! Rows upon rows of stacked trophy cases filing the academy halls all with 'Raine Bowems'. You'll be the number 1 Caelum there and others will aspire to be like you. When you leave, you'll get a dorm named after you like your late great grandfather. They'll call it the 'Rainbow Dash ' Dormitory." Raimond exclaimed.

"When you put it like that, it does sound pretty awesome!" Raine replied with her entire thinking upon the situation different.

"Dad you're a genius! Why didn't I think of that 3 years ago!?" Ryan said.

"No need to tell me the obvious son." Raimond said as he laughed cockily.

Scotlyn and their mom fell over as Raimond swiftly crushed their hopes that this wouldn't turn into a session about boosting their family ego.

"I'm going back to bed Mom." Scotlyn yawned.

"I'm right behind you, in fact, you can come sleep in my room. I don't think you're father is coming back up for a while anyways." her mom said as they began to walk back up the stairs.

"So what do ya say Raine? Will take on the challenge of creating a new legacy for us."

"You bet I will! I'll be the best Caelun that school has ever seen! "

"That's my girl! And what about you Ryan? I keep hearing promises and predictions from everyone who I know at SNP that you're gonna graduate at the top of your class, is it gonna happen or should I just put all my eggs in Raine's basket?"

"You're darn right it's going to happen Dad!"

"Well then, I expect big things from both of you this year. Now go and make me proud!"


Raine smirked, "They won't know what him em."

Rarity had bunch of diffetent bags and suitcases with her as she exited a taxi. There were at least twenty different pieces of luggage all piled on top of a wagon that the driver of the taxi struggled to pull. Rarity took a deep breath as she saw the academy loom over her. She had heard that past the gates was a school filled with a melange of talented individuals and she couldn't wait to join them. This academy could make a claim for the best specialized highschool and she was prepared to only add on to that claim.

*One Month Ago*

"Well this is a fairly pleasant surprise." Rarity said as she finished reading the acceptance letter.

"But you didn't get into Starswirl School. Isn't that where you wanted to go Rarity?" Bella asked slightly confused.

"Oh Bella my dear, my main wish was to attend one of the schools in Canelot, its matter not which one it is. This is absolutely fantastic. I'm going to be able to accomplish so much now that I'll be living in the capital. I may even be able to open up my boutique and oh, just imagine all the celebrities and important figures that I'll meet!" Rarity almost squealed in joy.

"What's all this noise up here about? " asked a man as he opened the door to Rarity and Bella's room accompanied by a woman. He had a long brown business man hairstyle and a small handlebar mustache. The mans eyes were cerulean and topped with bushy eye brows. He was wearing a light gray suit as he prepared to head out to work. The woman was wearing a pale magenta apron over a white shirt and pants. Her eyes were moderate blue and her hair a grayish indigo color.

"Well Mother and Father, I've just been informed that the Equestrian Academy for the Gifted & Talented has accepted me."

"Oh that's great news Rarity. Congratulations." Her father told her.

"You'all be able to do so much for your fashion career there won't you?" her mother asked.

"Quite right Mom. If I open up a boutique there, I'm sure many of Canelot's best will come looking for me to design all types of attire for them." she said as she began to revel in the idea.

"Whenever you're ready, you know I'm here to help open the boutique. You have our full support Rarity." her father said. It would mainly be money coming out of his pocket.

"Oh no I wouldn't want to ask for something so drastic right away. I haven't even settled into the city or school yet but thanks Dad."

"Well this calls for a celebratory breakfast. I'll have to make one that is twice as extravagant than it already was." Ms. Delacour chimed.

"I'll help Mom." Bella said eagerly.

"Well I still have time before I need to head off to work so why not?"

"When it's ready, call me. I've much packing to do." Rarity said.

With that she turned towards her room which looked like a miniature boutique already with sewing machines and fabric all strewn about in a cascade of different colors. Her closet was enormous, taking up an entire wall. Inside were an innumerable amount of different clothes and outfits. Rarity smiled slightly to herself and began to sort through it all.


"In the end, I could not bare to leave anything behind." Rarity said slightly as she placed her hand on the side of her face and reminisced about how she debated with herself over clothes.

"I can see that Ms. Delacour...anywhere you'd like to me leave this specifically or can I go now?" the driver said through gritted teeth and trembling hands.

"Oh you can leave it right there darling. I'll get one of the upperclassmen to help out."

The driver sighed in relief as he let go of the wagon and panted out of breath. Rarity seemed unaware of him though since she was focused on everything else around her.

"Today I take another step closer to accomplishing my goals." she said to herself.

Shia stood in front of the large golden gate entrance with a key in hand. Being Solisia's guard gave him the privilege of being one of the few key holders to the school. Solisia knew he'd be arriving today with his younger siblings so she tasked him with opening up the gate for all of the new students. He looked back at all of them and saw their eager faces anticipating what lied beyond that gate. Twilight and Spyro stood behind him. Both had already been in the school but they even seemed excited. After all, Spyro had only visited with Twilight once and Twight herself had been limited to Solisia's study. She never actually explored the school. Their faces were about as eager as the rest it seemed. He remembers when they had first found out that they had been accepted that morning.

*One Month Ago*

"I got in..? I GOT IN!" Twilight exclaimed in jubilation when she read the letter for herself.

"Congratulations Twily. But you act as if there was any doubt you'd be admitted though." Shia said to her as she kept reading the letter over and over again to herself.

"The best part is that we'll be going together." Spyro said to her.

"You didn't even have to take your physicals to get in. What you did back at the festival two weeks ago was probably enough to convince the council that you were ready." Mr. Sparks said as he read Spyro's letter over himself.

"Solisia probably decided on this the minute she saw it all happen the way it did. Now you two won't have to go the festival again today." their mother told them.

"Doesn't affect me. I still need to go no matter what." Shia said.

"Actually..." Twilight began as she looked back at her letter, "P.S. After the hard work of you and your brothers, I'd like for you all to enjoy a peaceful summer and celebrate your acceptances. So you won't be attending the festival as my guard Shia and that's an order."

"What?! Solisia can't do that after what just happened! Me and her will both look bad if she doesn't have her personal guard with her after the council was just attacked."

"Haha, obviously she doesn't care so why not enjoy your time off." his father said but Shia was on his hands and knees looking down at the ground in utter defeat.

"She's going to destroy my reputation as a guardsmen."

"No she isn't. You'll be fine, enjoy your time off. I know your father will." Mrs. Sparks commented as Nigel had already turned the car off and was getting ready to fling his clothes off.

"No work, no dropping the kids off anywhere. Just a day to lounge around to myself."

"I just realized, now we have study even harder Spyro. We can't slack off, we need to study even harder if we wanna remain top students in our grade."

"Eh, I don't think we need to study before school even-GYAAH!"Spyro was abruptly cut off when she yanked him by his shirt and quickly sped off with him upstairs.

"Oh, that means I get to cook a huge family dinner tonight. I wonder what should I prepare." She spoke to outloud to herself as she walked back into the house.

Shia remained where was staring at the ground as they all left him.

"Does no care for how I feel or my reputation as a personal guard?"

When he got an answer via silence, he felt an arrow pierce his heart realizing his family had left.

"...I guess it's just me..."


Shia's eyebrows twitched it irritation remembering all the crap his fellow guardsmen gave him when he did return to Solisia's side.

"Something wrong Shia?" Spyro in slight confusion as his older brother just stood there looking at the door crestfallen.

"Eh? Oh don't worry about it. Just...gathering my thoughts. Alright, you guys ready?"

Spyro and Twilight nodded and all of the new students waited eagerly. Shia nodded back at them and then placed the golden key into the intricate gate that stood before them. When he turned it, there was a loud click and mechanisms seemingly began to function and turn as the gate retracted on its own. The students held their breath as it opened and they could see inside into what would act as home for them throughout highschool. A huge courtyard, large enough to fit at least one thousand eople in was what they first saw. This was the main courtyard Twilight knew and a lot of the students spent their downtime there. It was also the quickest way to get from one side of the academy to another. A freshly cut field of grass lay over the courtyard with a marble walking path making a huge cross leading to the north side, west side, east side and gate of the school. Finely cut hedges of different figures and people lined the walking path and numerous tables and benches were placed on the grass field. The courtyard itself was lined by a marble archway tunnel that went around on all sides leading to different entrances to the castle and smaller courtyards. A huge fountain was at the center of the courtyard in the middle of the cross. Around that fountain stood the upper class men students who all had smiles of their faces as they looked at the new arrivals.

"Welcome one, welcome all to The Equestrian Academy for the Gifted & Talented." a voice rang out loud from above them. The new comers looked up to see Solisia standing on a balcony at the top of the central tower, tallest one of the castle like school. Twilight knew that this was where Solisia's living quarters and personal study were. Only a few extremely lucky or sometimes unlucky students would ever be allowed inside. A privilege that Twilight already had. Solisia looked stunning, even from afar. The micro crystals embedded into her form fitting dress and gloves sparkled against the sun light. The large sun pendant around her neck glimmered brightly. Her gray magenta eyes fell over her new students. She was probably the only other council member besides Chrysalis that could get so many young men to give her such lustful stares.

"My name is Solisia Stellar and I am Headmistress of the academy. I hope you all take a liking to my school as it will be your home for the next 3 or 4 years. Here you will learn fundamental education not taught to you on middle school, hone you special abilities and talents, as well as mature into a fine young adult. Who knows, you may even find a hubby or 2 along the way."

Solisia said that last one with a wink and mischievous smile. The sight of her students' faces flaring up like tomatos always seemed to bring amusement to her. Shia sighed and shook his head, "Did she really have to include that last bit?"

"But of course I did Shia. I have to inform my students of everything their highschool life may entail." Solisia replied to him through mind link magic.

"Why are you in my head?! Get on with you're introduction! "

Solisia softly giggled to herself before continuing, "The semester doesn't officially begin until Wednesday but I wanted to use these two free days we have for you all become acquainted with the school, your teachers and your peers. The upperclassman you see in front of you by the fountain will be taking you all in groups to your dorms and shall act as your guides for the next few days. I can't wait to see your progress as the year goes on."

With that, Solisia turned away from her students and left their sight. The new students all looked up at the balcony in awe for a few more seconds before one of the upperclassmen yelled, "Oi Newbies! Are you gonna stand there looking like lost puppies forever or are you gonna come introduce yourselves in?"

That seemingly snapped them back into their senses and they then eagerly rushed over to the other students who were waiting with lists in hand of all the kids they were responsible for. Shia turned around to his younger brother and sister.

"So I've got to go check in with Solisia and make sure everything is in order. I have no idea how long that'll take because it varies each year but most likely I'll be done by tonight and will have some free time. Maybe I'll come and see you guys in the dining hall later tonight around 9 o'clock and you can tell me how your first day was and where your room is."

"Sure thing, we'll see you there." Twilight responded before he nodded and vanished into the sea of students.

I guess we should find out which upperclassmen is responsible for us. I'd like to know where my dorm is, get the tour and then see Solisia as soon as possible. We haven't met or spoken at all since the Festival. " Twilight said with a twinge of excitement in her voice.

"You lead the way Twilight, I'm right behind you." Spyro said.

*One Month Ago*

The capital building at the center of Canelot was truly a sight to behold. Resembling a middle ages castle, the exterior was made entirely out of marble bricks that seemingly never cracked. A large white cascade of steps led up to a huge archway made up of 8 pillars. Numerous windows lined the bottom floors of the building but upper floors had smooth surfaces. One large tower that stood at least 300ft in the air made up the bulk of the capital building. There were also 8 protruding smaller towers on that one large one, making up the offices of each council member.

The interior was extravagant. Each floor lined with different designer carpets that looked as if they were meant for royalty. Each floor was also coated in a different paint color and the furniture and scheme of the floors followed different themes. The lower floors are where the public was allowed to enter; whether it be to tour the building or present local affairs to the attention of authority. The upper floors were primarily for the council and their assistants. The council hardly ever really spent too much time there, most preferred to handle business within the comfort of their homes back at their schools. However, when duty called for it, they'd hold a council meeting to deal with whatever matters needed them all to deal with and would stay in the capital building for however long was needed until everything was dealt with. Well there currently was one major matter at hand to be dealt with and one particular council member was taking the brunt of some serious scolding for it?

"You've some god damn nerve!" Vento said as he slammed his fist down against a large oval oak table that was reinforced by diamond. Even then, it was clear that it cracked. The lieutenant general was pissed off and with good reason.

"Please Vento, you know how much this table cost." Solisia commented ignoring his anger.

"Don't play games with me! What you did is a clear violation and abuse of your power as a council member!" he shouted at her.

"I still haven't the slightest clue what you are referring." Solisia said with an almost antagonizing smile.

Vento growled but it was Lucius that spoke next.

"Don't patronize us Solisia. The 7 students that dealt with your former protégé at the festival two weeks ago, somehow they've all ended up in being accepted and placed into the Equestrian Academy for the Gifted & Talented. This is of course a little startling considering the fact that we've yet to meet and discuss which students would end up where," his dagger like eyes peered straight at her, "So Ms. Stellar, you're telling us you had nothing to do with this?"

Elise was crying a river, "No fair Soli, you cheated! I wanted Rarity all for myself."

"Who would've thought you could be so devious Solisia? Stealing away students like that." Drocsid chuckled.

"Yes Solisia, I thought you were brought up better than to do something so under handed." May added.

"I never put it past her for a sec. After all, she wouldn't be here today if she didn't take what she wanted." Chrysalis smirked.

"Well!? Have you anything to say in your defense before we decide on the proper repercussions! " Vento said.

Solisia kept a calm and cool face through this all and simply replied, "Proof?"

The others looked at her slightly dumbfounded and confused when she said that so she continued, "Where is the proof that it was me who did this?"

"Are you joking!? Who else could it have been!?" Vento sneered.

"Good question but here's something I'd like to know, why is it that all of you are even aware of this recent development. Unless you've been holding out on me, it is to my knowledge that the system doesn't notify the council members of every change that happens to it or exactly which students that change involves, so the fact that all of you somehow knew of this is fairly suspicious to me."

"You're implying what Ms. Stellar?" Lucius asked cautiously.

"Oh nothing...just that the only way for you guys to have known of such a thing is for you to have logged into the council education system, which none of us have any reason to do before the festival is done, and then search for those 7 specific students. For what reason I wonder? But then again, I have no proof to accuse you of anything and neither do you guys."

That made them pause and they all looked down in with a slight smear of guilt on their faces. Vento gritted his teeth and wanted to retort but could find no words to say to her. It was Sombra who disturbed the silence by laughing a calm laugh. The young council member had not said a thing the entire time he was there. Just stood calmly with his arms crossed and eyes closed. All of their attention shifted to him to see what he found so hilarious.

"Pardon me but I just find this whole ordeal rather amusing. To think that you would call a meeting to discuss something like this is rather hypocritical. I won't lie to anyone here, I logged into the system and tried to enroll those kids into my school. Unfortunately, they were snatched away from me by someone before I had the chance. "

"Hmph, good thing that someone did or they probably would have went to your school and never been heard from again." Solisia said with a self satisfied grin.

Sombra smirked at her, "Perhaps but I'm sure they'll have just as much excitement at your school as they would mine."

"Don't take a confession of something like that so lightly." Lucius interjected.

"Oh don't patronize me, we all know good and well what occurred here. It was a race to see who was quickest and obviously The Equestrian School for the Gifted and Talented won since we can't name people without proof. This is a meeting of salt and a waste of my time." Sombra said as he turned to leave.

"Oy! Where do you think you're headed!? This meeting isn't over!" Vento fumed.

"It might as well be." Sombra replied not slowing his walk for him but instead stopping by Solisia, "I can't wait to see what you're up to with this. You got the entire flock, let's see how you let them fly Solisia."

Solisia smiled at him, almost defiantly, perhaps, "You know me Sombra. I was never one to disappoint."

Sombra smirked and then opened the door and left.

May sighed, "Well I guess the meeting really is over."

Chrysalis grinned, "He thinks he's so cool but I'm waiting to catch him slipping up and then reveal what he has to hide."

"The same can be said for you my dear." Drocsid chuckled.

"You're one to talk Drocsid." Elise added.

"Hehe, yes well I'm a man of many surprises as you know but I think I'll be taking my leave too. You win this round Solisia." Drocsid eyed her mischievously before vanishing into thin air.

Vento shot a glare at Solisia, "Don't believe for a single second that this is the end of it. I will remember this Solisia, you took a Bowens from me and that is something I refuse to brush over."


Solisia walked back into her study after delivering her speech and approached her desk which had a stack of folders on top of it. She had spent all of yesterday and last night going through all of them because these were the files of her new students. To say she was tired and that she had a slight ache from sitting in one position for so long was an understatement but she didn't let it show and knew she had just a few more files to look over before she could rest.

There were 8 files set aside of her new batch of students. She opened multiple draws in her desk and then pulled out 3 more folders and put them next to the 8. Solisia carefully laid the initial 8 out one by one: Twilight Sparks, Spyro Sparks, Raine Bowens, Rarity Delacour, Florice Shyans, Apphia Jackson, Silvester Hedgings and Miles Perower. She picked up one of the three she just took from her desk draw and it read, "Hedgings". Then she opened it and placed Silvester's inside next to three others that were in there. Solisia rubbed her temples and looked over the laid out folders again.

"Alright, I'm not exactly sure why yet...but for some reason the elements are telling me that these students are all connected somehow..."

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