Chaos & Harmony: Friendship is Magic Vol I

Chapter 1 - Sparkling Magic

"Twilight! Twilight! Get up!"

Slowly, darkness turned into hazy visibility and a figure could be seen, then darkness shut the view out again.

"Twilight, c'mon or we are gonna be late!"

Visibility came back again and this time it was a little clearer. The figure had spiky green hair and was close by, then the darkness overtook it again. For a few seconds there was complete silence but it was abruptly interrupted by the sound of blinds shooting upward and a slight warm sensation filled the room and began to burn at the darkness. The girl squinted her eyes open to the window in her room which the blinding morning sun was peering through. She heard birds singing and the sound of what she believed was her mother downstairs, humming a melody along with the birds. Standing next to the window with his arms crossed and frown on his face was Spyro, her adopted younger brother. He had lime green hair that spiked in every direction and matched the color of his eyes which were slightly reptile like. He was not in house clothes or even normal street clothes that he'd wear to go outside on a regular day. He was dressed nicely, as if to go somewhere he'd need to look good. He wore a plain purple T-shirt under an open white button shirt and dark green jeans with black sneakers. She began to wonder why he'd even be up early and dressed to go out. It was, after all, the middle of July.

"Twilight let's go! You fell asleep studying last night for the SHSAF but none of that will matter if you miss the exams!" Spyro barked at her.

That sent an adrenaline rush through her body. Twilight jumped up immediately, a piece of paper was stuck to the side of her face from a thin stream of drool but her eyes were wide awake with shock.

"Oh my god, the big tests are today! Spyro, why didn't you wake me! We're gonna be late!"

She began to frantically began to run around to try and get herself in order and ready.

"I've been saying that this entire time and you were sleeping like a log!"

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I can't be late, I've been preparing for this for too long to miss it."

She waved her hand at the closet and a violet aura surrounded the door and it immediately was pulled open. Then, a full schoolgirl outfit came flying out the closet in the same violet aura. Magic.

"You don't need to wear something so formal for a test you know? I'm getting hot just looking at that stuffy outfit." Spyro commented on the dress.

"Spyro, the Specialized HighSchool Admission Festival is a very prestigious event. Some of the best in the country will be there for a chance to get into one of the top 8 academies in the world. I have to present myself professionally, I suggest you do the same." she lectured him.

"Yeah-no. I'm not wearing a suit in the middle of the summer to catch a heatstroke. Are you even gonna shower?!"

A vein appeared on Twilight's forehead.

"Well maybe if you were competent enough to wake me in time, I could have taken a shower!"

"Don't blame me that you sleep and snore like a hibernating bear!"

"I do not snore!"

"Ha! That's a funny one!"

Another young man sluggishly walked into the room yawning.

"Oh man, what's all this racket about? Can't a guy sleep in peace!"

"He/she started it!" Twilight and Spyro said as they crossed their arms and looked away from each other.

"Oh brother." He rolled his eyes, "Is this about the SHSAF?"

"Yes! And we are running late Shia, so if you'd be so kind as to move, I'd like to go and get breakfast."

Twilight pushed past him and ran downstairs while dressing.

"Wait!" Shia called but she was already down the stairs.

Ms. Sparks was still humming at the stove when she saw the egg she was frying, glow violet and levitate away.

"Huh? Is that Twi-"

"Sorry Mom, running late." Twilight said as she walked through the kitchen towards the door to get her shoes.

"Oh that's okay Twilight because-"

As she said that, utensils and food ingredients begam flying about the kitchen, all with Twilight's magical glow on them. She was arranging her breakfast.

"Twily this is amazi-"

"You know how long the train ride is and I need to catch the next one if I plan on making it on time."

"Well Twily, you don't need to worry about that because-"

"I didn't finish studying last but I think I'll be able to on the train."

"That's fine, you can just-"


Then everything in the kitchen flew back into its proper place and a bagel with fried eggs, cheese and ham shot towards Twilight who caught it with one hand and turned towards the door.

"Well Mom, I'll be seeing you later tonight. I'll make sure to tell you all about it."

"Twilight wait!" her mother called but she was already out the front door.

"Alright, today's the big day. I've been waiting from since I was just a little girl and now its time to do this, the Specialized HighSchool Admission Festival." she told herself with a determined smiled. Twilight inhaled and exhaled then she took her first step...or at least tried to. For some reason, she couldn't move much to her confusion but then a light blue glow enveloped her and she immediately recognized the magic. How could she forget, it was used on her multiple times before. It takes a really strong Magus to stunt someone's movement completely with raw magic, and that's exactly what Shia was. Twilight was levitated and turned around against her will and she saw him standing at the doorway with his hands in his pockets and a playful grin on his face. Spyro and their mom stood behind him.

"Shia! What are you doing?! This is no time for games!" she scowled.

"Heh, don't you know you aren't supposed to interrupt your mom when she's talking little sis?"

"Dear, I was trying to tell you that your father has agreed to drive you to the festival, he can, after all, get to Canelot in his car in half the time it would take the train. Besides, Shia needs a ride as well because he is Solisia's personal guard after all, so he's working today. Plus, we would never miss you amd Spyro's big day. Oh no, were gonna be there cheering you on the entire time." Ms. Sparks chimed.

"Really? Well why didn't you guys tell me?" Twilight asked.

Immediately Shia released his grip and Twilight fell to the ground. She looked up to see them all frowning.

"Okay okay, I admit that's my fault. I was rushing and not listening to anyone. I'm sorry."

"Hey, no hard feelings. Now go take a shower though," Spyro ordered as he pointed upstairs, "you really stink."

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