Chaos & Harmony: Friendship is Magic Vol I

Chap 2 - Dashing Loyalty & Shy Kindness

"It's not fair! I want to show off my mad skills too!"

A young girl with rosy pink hair and grayish purple eyes fretted to the two older females next to her. She was wearing a tanned color shirt and blue jeans. One of the older girls had pale skin and soft, sky blue eyes. Her hair was a fairly lighter shade of pink and was silky smooth, straight and long with one bang hanging over her right eye. She wore a yellow turtleneck vest with light blue jeans and pink shoes. The other stood out way more. She was wearing a blue leather jacket over an orange tank top and black jeans. Her sneakers were blue and white and she had on black fingerless gloves. Her most notable feature was her medium length, rainbow colored hair. Six streaks of colors ran through the wavy locks of her hair: Red, blue, yellow, green, orange and violet. Her magenta eyes were focused ahead of her towards the large stadium in front of them. All 3 had angelic like wings on their backs. Caelum.

"Yea sure, we're all dying to see your 'mad skills'. When the headmasters see you riding around on your scooter, they'll be begging to have you in their schools Scotlyn." teased the rainbow haired girl.

"Hey! I can fly now, I've been practicing!" Scotlyn remarked. She began to flap her wings as hard as she could. There was a clear strain on her face when her body left the ground a couple of inches, "S-see?" She fell flat on the floor without a moment's notice and landed with a soft thud.

"Scotlyn are you alright?" asked the older pink haired girl as she helped her up, "Please don't strain yourself. Your wings aren't strong enough yet, you'll get your chance to prove yourself in the festival two years from now when you're of age and your wings become stronger."

"Grrr, it's not fair!" Scotlyn cried again, "Raine, how come you were able to fly all around when you were only a toddler and I'm 12 years old but can only stay off the ground for a few seconds!?"

Raine smirked and flicked her colorful hair aside, "Well little sister, its just because I'm way beyond more awesome than the average Caelum! And today with all of Equestrian watching, I'm gonna show everyone what Raine Bowens has got!"

Raine laughed heartily with her hands on her hips and Scotlyn stared at her with absolute awe. The third girl smiled sheepishly at the two, "Yep, those two are definitely sisters."

"Florice!" Raine shouted at her.

She jumped, "Erm, Raine could you not do that all of sudden please?"

"Yeah yeah whatever, so did you decide on what school you're applying for yet?"

"Um, well there are so many choices and-"

"Me? I'm applying for the best specialized high school there is. Sky Nebula Preparatory, the elite Caelum only academy located all the way up in the heart of Cloudsdale." Raine declared proudly.

"Well, I might apply there too-"

"Only the best of the best Caelum get in. You have to be fast, agile and fearless! Plus, the school is home to the #1 varsity team in the nation, The Wonderbolts! Well, the highschool version anyways, but I heard if you are good enough to make the highschool team, you have a good chance of going to the Wonderbolts in the air force! The headmaster, Vento Feng is after all the one who started the Wonderbolts."

"That's nice Raine but Sky Nebula Prep isn't my first choice for a school. I'd actually rather-"

"What?! Which school could possibly be better than Sky Nebula Prep?!"

"I'm applying to all the diverse schools so that I can take a wildlife caretaking courses. Sky Nebula Prep only offers Caelum courses." Florice explained.

"Ugh, I forgot, you're into Terra stuff. When are you gonna start acting like a true Caelum and take to the skies Florice." Raine asked a little annoyed.

"I'm sorry Raine, but I just love caring for the animals and plants of the forest more than anything else."

"Ugh, you're a lost cause."

"Don't worry about her big sister, it just means less competition for you." Scotlyn said.

"You're right! Last year, I didn't get into the SN Prep but this year, I definitely will for sure! After all, I have my secret weapon this time around! There's no time to waste! Let's go show them what it really means to be a flyer!"


Raine and Scotlyn then took off running down the street full speed towards the stadium where the SHSAF was going to be held.

"W-wait for me you two!" Florice called as she began to run after them as well.

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