Chaos & Harmony: Friendship is Magic Vol I

Chap3 - Jacked Honesty & Rare Generosity

A crowd of people were walking and flying towards the SHSAF, one of the largest events of the year. It's not everyday you'd get to see the next generation all hard at work and in action. One particular person knew all about hard work. She was walking in the midst of the crowd with her younger sister by her side. The older sister had olive green eyes, freckles, was blonde and her hair had a band at the bottom to hold her ends in place. She was wearing a cowgirl hat, an orange plaid shirt, blue jeans and brown cow boots. The younger sister had golden orange eyes and long, raspberry colored hair with a large pink bow on top. She was wearing denim overalls over a light yellow T-shirt with yellow boots. They both had tanned tone skin.

"Hey Apphia, I was wondering, y'all didn't pass the admission test last year. What makes you think you're gonna get in this year?" The younger of the two asked in a southern accent.

"Well Bloom, if at first you fail, try again harder. That'll be enough to get me accepted this time round." Apphia replied in an accent as well .

"You wanna go to the school big brother MacIntosh went to right? The one back home for only Terras."

"Yup, Presslyville High. Big Mac learned all kinds of stuff bout farming there, things even Granny didn't know nothin' bout. Ever since, the farm's been living in high cotton. I reckon if I went there too, I could learn even more of them fancy farming secrets."

"Yea that'd be great, things have gotten much easier since Big Mac came back...speaking of high cotton, this here city of Canelot sure is purdy." Bloom said as she looked around, "The buildings here make the ones back in Presslyville look teeny and everyone's all looking nice and such."

Canelot is the capital of Equestrian. It includes a metropolis city and all of the surrounding country land. The SHSAFs are held their every year in and around the Canelot Stadium. There is also a large castle building in the center of the city, the Capitol Building. This is where the Equestrian council held it's meetings. Three council members lived in the city; Solisia Stellar, Drocsid Strife and Elise Starswirl. This was because three of the specialized high schools were in the capital. The Equestrian Academy of the Gifted & Talented, Discidium Tech & Starswirl School for the Magical Studies. Many of the people who lived in the city were high middle class to upper class citizens and many were out today, heading to see the festival.

"Don't get caught up in all this fancy snob business Bloom. We're visiting here for the Festival then its back off to Presslyville." Apphia told her.

"Yeah I know, but it really is all amazing. Hey, maybe you'll live up here one day sis."

"And leave the farm? No, I don't think so. I love it too much. Besides, I don't think me and this "high society" life quite agree on everything. I'd go crazy after a couple of days of not getting dirty. A girl needs a little mud under her boots but I don't think these here high class folk understand that kind of thing."

The two sisters giggled as they walked then something sped by them, throwing up a gust of wind that affected everyone nearby.

"What in tarnation?!" Apphia yelled as she held her hat down from blowing away. She looked ahead and saw a rainbow color girl flying ahead.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" Apphia threw her fist at her anger.

The girl turned around and stuck her tongue out at Apphia, mocking her.

A vein bulged on her head and she clenched her fist, "Why that little cretin..."

"Raine wait up!" Said another younger girl as she ran through the crowd in pursuit.

Then right behind her was another girl, older with light pink hair, "Sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry." She apologized to everyone affected along the way.

Apphia and Bloom watched them as they began to grow smaller the further away they went. Then Apphia took off her hat and scratched the back of her head, "Sure are some interesting folk in this town."

"Breathe in the air around you...that, Bella my dear, is the smell of high society." said a very elegant looking young lady. She fit right in with the city wearing formal attire, a black suit and skirt over a white button shirt. Her skin was snow white and her eyes a brilliant shade of sapphire blue as was the color of the lipstick she was wearing. She wore bluish gray eye shadow and had on diamond earrings. Her hair was indigo wavy locks that curled up at each end with a few completely spiral locks. It looked beautiful. She looked beautiful. Her name only fittingly described the type of lady she was.

"Wow Rarity, you weren't kidding, Canelot is beautiful." the younger girl next to her replied. She was Bella, Rarity's sister. Her attire was fairly similar in the fact that it was formal. She had on a black skirt but only a white blouse. Her skin was the same white complexiom as Rarity's and her eyes were pale green. Bella's hair was wavy with curled locks just like her sister's but the curls weren't as defined or prominent. Her hair was a very light shade of pink and light purple.

"But of course Bella, I wouldn't lie about such lovely and honorable place. It's a shame we are hear only for the festival and can't tour the city."

" Well Rarity, if get into one of the three academies that you're applying for, you'll be living here just like you've always wanted."

"Eek! Day by day, surrounded by the best society has to offer, famous fashion designers, celebrities, the council members, eating food at the finest restaurants, going to the biggest events of the year? Oh the list goes on and on. For the past year I've had to live with shame of not getting accepted into one of those prestigious schools but I shan't live with such shame anymore. This time around, I'm going to ace these examinations if its the last thing I do." Rarity said with excitement and confidence.

Bella smiled at her sister's attitude toward the whole thing. Not getting accepted last year had left her a bit distraught and her pursuit of her career suffered from a lack in confidence. Rarity was an aspiring fashion designer. She had all types of custom made dresses, suits and outfits at her home but since her first failed attempt at the SHSAF, many have described her recent work as "lacking personality." The sudden excitement and possitivr energy was sure to do her good.

"So, how does the festival work again?" Bella asked curiously.

"Well, first is the written test which includes everyone of the four major subjects: reading & writing, math, science and history. Then there is a portion for common sense questions and finally a written response as to why you'd like to attend whatever school you're applying for. That is the first part of the festival and will be from 9:00am to 11:30pm, then the festivities begin. For until 8:00pm, a bunch of physical examinations, competitions and bouts are held to give the onlooking council members as well as other school representatives a chance to personally view the best the country has to offer." Rairity explained aand Bella instantly imagined a bunch of teenagers no more than 2 or 3 years older than her competing in that stadium, putting everything they had out there for a small chance to attend one of those schools.

"Wow, it sounds really exciting. I can't believe I missed out on coming to watch last year's...but wait. What am I supposed to do for for the next two and a half hours?!" Bella asked

"Don't worry, its like a fair outside if the stadium. There are tons of fun things to do. You'll be alright until I finish."

"I hope you're right. I don't want to have to stand around and do nothing the entire time." Bella pouted.

"Oh stop being so negative. Who knows, you might even make friends."

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