Chaos & Harmony: Friendship is Magic Vol I

Chapter 8 - Nightmare Festival

"Well Ms. Delacour, what do you plan on doing with all of these gems?" asked one of the instructors.

The Starswirl Academy physicals had just ended and for the duration of it, Rarity's mural had stayed right where it was in the middle of the stadium.

"Hmm? Well I've no use for them so why not..." Rarity began as the mural started glowing. Each of the gems began to fly in different directions towards the audience who were at first startled by this but quickly caught on to what was going on and cheered even more for Rarity.

"Huh!? Ms. Delacour you're giving them away!? That mural was thousands of bits worth in gems!" the instructor exclaimed right before a gem landed in his palm too.

"Like I said before my dear, I have no need for them. It is best to give them away."

Elise Starswirl smiled giddily as she watched the whole thing happen before her.

"She sure is a crowd pleaser. Rarity Delacour...she has sure grown this past year."

"Aah, so you remember her too Elise?" Solisia said.

She nodded, "Like you Solisia, I don't forget those who capture my attention the first time around even if they don't make it because I look forward to what they show their second time around. That said, I see you have an eye on my student."

Solisia chuckled, "She's no one's student yet last time I checked so hold your horses."

"Ooo, these can be put to good use." Ms. Sparks said as she took her husband's gem and held it up next to her own.

"Wow, that was awfully nice of her, don't you think Spyro?" Twilight asked while she held a small topaz gem in her hand.

Spyro studied a bright small ruby that flew to him. His cheeks were red and he grasped it tight.

"This is a present from Ms. Rarity." Spyro thought to himself as he held the ruby close.

"Earth to Spyro? You okay buddy, you just spaced out."

"Huh? Oh I'm sorry Twilight. I was just thinking about something."

"And it wouldn't have anything to do with your massive crush on Rarity?"

"Oh you have a crush on that fine young lady down there Spyro?" Mr. Sparks asked.

"No no, of course not Dad! Why would-"

"Why don't you go talk to her after you're done with all this." his mother enthusiastically interrupted.

Spyro turned towards Twilight, "I hate you."

"You don't mean that."

Once most of the Magus had left the field, the instructors called for all Caelum interested in attending Sky Nebula Preparatory to appear at center field.

"That's you sis." Scotlyn said.

"You're right. Hey Silvester, I have to go do my physical now so for the next hour you'll be searching alone." Raine told the silver haired Magus.

"It's alright, go do your best. I won't mind." he said reassuringly.

"Cool thanks." Raine said as she flew off towards the crowd building at the center.

"You should find a seat somewhere to watch Scotlyn." Silvester said.

"Really? Are you sure you don't want any help?"

"I'll be fine. Go watch your sister, I know you want to."

"Alright!" Scotlyn said not giving it a second thought before running off to find a seat.

"Alright Silvester, you got to keep looking but if I'm lucky she'll hopefully come out herself."

Rarity walked casually to one of the exit tunnels but no matter how casual she looked, in her head she was ecstatic.

"Nailed it! Nailed it! Nailed it! Just as planned I stole the show and the council absolutely loved my performance. I am as good as accepted to Starswirl academy." Rarity smiled and slightly pumped her fist in silent celebration.

Her happy train of thought was derailed when she felt someone bump her as they walked past each other. Rarity immediately turned around to the confront the person.

"Hey that was rather rude of you to bump a lady like that."

The person said nothing.

"Aren't you going to apologize?"

Still nothing. Rarity gruffed as she reach for the person.

"Excuse me sir I am talking to you."

Rarity grasped the edge of the cloak that they were wearing and accidentally ended up pulling it off. It was a girl with scarlet hair. She was wearing a black button shirt a size too big for her as the sleeves ran down over her wrists and hands along with dark blue jeans and rugged red and gray sneakers. As he walked along the bleachers, Silvester stopped suddenly as if a force had willed him to. He felt a dreadful magic wash over him and slowly turned towards the field. His eyes widened when he saw her.

"Do you feel that?"

"Yea, it feels really foul man."

"Like a really bad magic..."

All the magus in the stadium began murmuring as they felt an unknown force that none of the others could.

"My word, what is that?" Mrs. Sparks asked in disgust.

"I don't know but I don't like it." Twilight replied to her mom.

"What is what?" Spyro asked confused as their dad stood up and squinted at the field.

Solisia stood up with her mouth ajar and her eyes dead set on Adrienne.

"That's her...oh Adrienne what have you done to give off such a foul magic?"

"Is that your student Solisia?" Lucius asked as he looked at the girl.

"It sure does look like her?" Elise said as she leaned over the railing to see if she could get a better look.

"Solisia..." Vento growled, "What have you done?"

Drocsid sniffed a few times in his sleep and inhaled before slowly opening this eyes and saying, "Well my my, who's decided to brew up some wickedness today?"

Rarity instinctively took steps back from Adrienne when she uncloaked her. Her silver eyes bore a hole into Rarity's being. Raine looked around confused as she hovered in the air.

"What's got everyone spooked?"

Adrienne smirked at Rarity before uttering the words, "Caperent Eos". Suddenly, a red aura completely engulfed the council members and their guards. Everyone gasped in shock when it did. The council looked around confused as the aura danced over them but did no harm.

"This is some pretty complex magic. It's a restriction spell designed to trap anyone inside of it." Sombra commented, "But it's a dark magic because the spell itself is fueled by the negative emotions the user has towards those who are entrapped."

"Really now? That's rather interesting." Chrysalis smiled, "I wonder how much that girl hates us then."

"It doesn't matter how much she hates us, what matters is us breaking free of this. Guards, get us out of this spell at once." Vento ordered them.

"Sir!" they all said in unison before charging at the edge of the aura with everything they had. Once they reached it, they were violently thrown back as electricity erupted from the aura, harming everyone inside."

"Shia! Solisia!" Twilight jumped up and yelled while the rest of the crowd fearfully called out to the council.

"Grr...ow. I guess we aren't getting out that way." Shia said as he slowly pulledhimself off the ground.

Vento held his head in pain as he leaned on his chair for support, "What was that?!"

"It would seem this spell is more advanced then I originally thought." Sombra breathed heavily, "Yes, the aura around us will return any punishment that we send towards it with much more lethality."

"Then we're trapped in here!" May exclaimed.

"Afraid so."

"What did you do!?" Rarity shouted at Adrienne who continued to smirk.

"Allow me to explain. Good morning ladies and gentlemen." Adrienne said as she used magic to amplify her voice to drown out the loud crowd who all immediately turned to listen.

"Don't worry, the precious council members aren't in any real danger as long as you and they behave and do exactly as I say."

"Who in tarnation is she?!" Apphia asked from her seat as she and Bloom looked dumbfounded. Florice was shaking in her seat next to Scotlyn who was beginning to get scared herself. Raine flew above Adrienne and wasn't sure what to do. Silvester clenched his fist and readied himself for whatever was to come. Twilight blinked at the whole scene before uttering, "Wait a that Adrienne?"

"Huh? You know her?" Spyro asked as he and their parents stared at Twilight.

"I only met her a few times... She is one of Solisia's other students but Solisia never wanted me to spend too much time with her and I'm not sure why."

"You probably are wondering who exactly am I. My name is Adrienne Inkwell and I am one of Council Member Solisia's star pupil...or at least I thought I was. You are now probably wondering why I did this and I can answer that many different ways. You see the council banned me from participating in today's festival because I was deemed too unsafe and unstable to attend a specialized high school. They don't think I'm ready or prepared to handle it but I say screw their opinion. I'm gonna show each and every single one of you how ready that I am. I'm gonna make the council beg me to be apart of their schools. I'm gonna make sure that no one on this planet will ever doubt me again! ...and I'm gonna do it all just because I can." Adrienne said as she began laughing uncontrollably.

Everyone looked at each other with unease.

"What is this girl, crazy?"

"She can't be serious with this?"

Several Caelum guards landed in a circle around Adrienne as she laughed.

"Alright young lady that is enough. Release the council members immediately and then turn yourself over." one of them demanded.

Adrienne stopped herself from laughing and faced them.

"Well shall I deal with you. Oh, I know!"

Adrienne instantly raised her fingertips and out of each shot a small red beam of magic shaped like darts. The darts each homed in on the guards and struck them. Each of the guards grunted and collapsed after a few seconds before the darts began to seep in through their puncture wounds.

"Oh no." Solisia said as she finally found the strength again to stand up.

Adrienne hummed a slight tune as she waved her hands and fingers around like a puppet master. The guards began to levitate but without any red aura over them.

"Funny thing about my magic, it lets me take control of people once it enters your skin."

The guards cringed under her control as she slowly closed her hands into fists.

"Adrienne stop!" Solisia yelled out

"I wonder what type of funny sounds these guys would make if I completely crushed them with my magic." she said sadistically while continuing to close her hands.

The guards were in an obvious excruciating pain but before she could do anymore, Adrienne was struck on the chin by something from underneath her as it sped upwards. This made her lose her grip on the guards who all fell to the ground. Shocked, she blinked for a second as her head faced towards the sky then lowered her gaze to below her to see a hole right between her feet. Adrienne then turned her gaze towards Rarity who stood with an angry glare on her face.

"How dare you attack the council and guards. Have you no shame or morals? I will not stand for such immaturity and lawlessness."

"You tell her Rarity!" Bella yelled from the stands.

Adrienne had a blank facial expression and simply kneeled down towards the cloak that was pulled off of her and reveal a tattered old book. Solisia's eyes widened.

"That's the book that had gone missing from my it was her that stole it. This isn't good." she thought to herself.

Adrienne slowly opened the book and began flipping through the pages.

"And just what are you doing now?" Rarity asked.

Adrienne stood up when she found what she was looking for and turned towards the direction that Bella was in.

"That girl...what is she to you?"

"Huh, Bella? She's of no concern of yours."

"...I see. Well it doesn't matter anyways." she looked at the booked and read aloud, "Fera Somnum Exterreri Solebat."

Her voice echoed across the stadium and grim atmosphere swept over everyone. For a couple of seconds nothing happened then dark lights began to glow from the ground. The first was by Bella as it glowed directly under her feet. She took hastened steps back as a pitch black claw reached out from the light. Bella shrieked as the claw slammed itself on the ground in from of her and began to scrape against the concrete as it pulled itself out of the light.

"Bella!" Rarity yelled in worry and she quickly hurried over towards her sister. The claw finally pulled its entire body out and revealed itself to be a beastly creature with glowing white eyes and covered in a pitch black haze. Multiple of the creatures began spawning from the lights that we're popping up all over the Canelot stadium. They began to terrorize the screaming occupants and Adrienne couldn't stop herself from giggling.

"This is funner than I expected. Impressed yet council? How about you beg for my forgiveness and then maybe I'll end the spell."

"Those are..." May started only for Lucius to finish her sentence.

"Nightmare Beasts."

Chrysalis had a trouble look on her face, "Okay, pause for second. We're talking about 'Nightmare' nightmares?"

"Yes. The ancient dark and mysterious force that corrupts anything it latches itself onto. Nightmare Beasts are the souls of animals corrupted by it and the result is what you see before you." Drocsid explained.

"Nightmare..." Elise repeated to herself, "Just like..."

They all looked towards Solisia who gritted her teeth as she watched the ordeal play out.

"It's clear that the book has made her magical capabilities much stronger and proficient. Those Nightmare Beasts are going to be a real problem. If the council or our personal guards were able to help, it wouldn't be too bad but just the normal guards by themselves and some civilians is far from what I'd call the odds being in our favor. If my sister or even Shane were here... No don't worry Solisia because there are still many bright young individuals here today, including Silvester and Twilight!" Solisia thought to herself.

Silvester was engaged in combat that very moment. Three growling and snarling beasts surrounded him but he showed no signs of panic or even tension. Silvester looked completely calm despite it all. One of the beasts swiped a clawed at him. Silvester side stepped it with relative ease. Then another struck towards him and he avoided that. Then the third and still no luck. Then all three began swiping their claws at him simultaneously. Despite this, Silvester was a soft blur moving around in between all three of them. His pose never changed, rather he was seemingly just gliding from spot to spot. Suddenly he stopped, set his feet apart and shot both arms out in opposite directions. The neon lines on his gloves began glowing as the beasts' assault was halted. They were ecompassed in a bright blue aura, unable to move.

"It's no use! Take this!" Silvester yelled as he flung the beasts away.

"What in Equestria's name are these darn things!?" Apphia fretted as she punched one of them with all her might, completely shooting her arm through it.

"Apphia look out!" Bloom cried out as a lumbering bear like nightmare made its ways towards Apphia. Apphia rose one knee up all the way to her chest then as the beast leaped to maul her, she kicked back at it with all her might, sending it flying.

"What a buckshot!" Bloom exclaimed as it went soaring through the sky.

The beast flew past Raine who was speeding through the sky being pursued by flying Nightmare beasts. She had to dodge and maneuver through the Caelum and other beasts fighting in the sky. The beasts following her crashed into others as they flew after her. Racine halted to a stop and turned around to see only a few still flying towards her.

"Alright, if you freaks think you can come and hijack my day to show off, you've got another thing coming."

Raine sped towards them with her fist drawn back ready to go down swinging as she collided with one of the Nightmare beast. She began throwing punches fearlessly as the two spiraled towards the ground. One of the other beast soared down towards them and clawed up Raine's hair and tried to pull her off.

"Hey wait your turn!" she shouted as she grabbed the leg of the beast but to no avail was able to loosen its grip. The Nightmare then nose dived towards the ground, dragging Raine with it.

"Oh crud, this isn't good!" she braced herself for impact with the fast approaching ground but only heard a crash but felt nothing but a warm sensation take over her. She opened her eyes to see herself covered in neon blue magical aura, levitating a few feet off the ground. She saw Silvester with his hand pointed towards her direction and he smiled and threw a thumbs up. Raine sighed in relief.

"Hey, I had everything under control." Raine retorted before the aura suddenly vanished and she fell to the floor with a thud.

"What in the world is going on Twilight!" Mrs. Sparks asked as she ducked under a spell shot by Mr. Sparks to stop an approaching beast.

"I've no idea what these things are but my guess is Adrienne summoned them through some spell." Twilight answered frantically as she shot a spell herself at an attacker in front of her.

Spyro, who was clawing away at the back of a huge beast that was trying to shake him off, then asked, "Well then how the heck are we supposed to get rid of these things? They just keep popping up!"

Twilight looked at the field and saw Adrienne still smack dead in the center muttering inaudible words as she read from her book.

"I bet if we could get to Adrienne, we'd be able to stop this madness." Twilight said.

"Then you two go! Your mother and I will help deal with all of these things up here! It doesn't look like the guards are doing too good without the help of the people."

Twilight shot another spell at the beast that Spyro was on and it collapsed to the floor, then she turned towards her father and asked, "Are you sure that you'll be alright? We can help-"

"No, you know how to fix this mess so you have to go and stop that girl. Don't worry we'll be fine or did you forget where you got all that magical talent from?"

"Alright, be careful Mom and Dad."

"You two be careful as well."

The large black lion like creature finally fell in defeat in front of Bella who was trembling in fear. Rarity quickly hugged her.

"Bella are you alright? You aren't hurt are you my dear?" Rarity asked worried.

Despite being stricken with fear, she managed to nod her head.

"Okay. I want you to stay close to my side. We need to stop that heathen down there from continuing to cast this spell. If we're able to distract her attention, I believe these abominations should disappear."

Florice was curled up in the fetal position trembling with her face covered by her hands so she wouldn't have to see any of the horrible creatures terrorizing everyone and everything around her. A horse like beast slowly approached her and stopped a few feet away sniffing the girl, exhaling steam on her.

"Happy things, think of happy things Florice." she whispered to herself.

The beast let out a ghastly neigh and raised on its hind legs preparing to slam down on her before a rock was thrown at it. The beast landed and turned towards the direction that the rock came from. There stood Scotlyn with her hands on her hip and an angered look on her face.

"Hey pea brain! Leave her alone and pick on someone your own size!"

The beast let out another neigh and then charged towards Scotlyn. As it came closer she continued, "And by someone your own size, I didn't mean me."

Raine came soaring downwards with a kick to the side of the horse beast sending it toppling over.

"You okay Scotlyn? Where's Florice?"

She pointed towards the cowering female who kept her hands over her face.

"Florice come on and get up." Raine shook her head at her terrified friend.

"Florice isn't here right now, please come back lat-EEEK!" she squealed as Raine grasped her turtle neck and raised her up.

"Stop being such a scaredy puss and listen to me Florice. I think I know how to get ready of all these black monster things."

"How Raine?" Scotlyn asked.

"That Adrienne girl hasn't moved from that spot since all these freaky things started showing up and she's just been standing there muttering a bunch of mumbo jumbo crap. I think she can't move from there otherwise she'll break whatever spell she cast." Raine explained, "So come on!"

Raine dragged Florice with her and Scotlyn as she began crying out in fear.

"Ugh Florice get a hold of yourself?"

"I don't wanna go to Adrienne. She's the scariest monster here! Oh please Raine don't make me go."

"Get it together Florice! Faith of the council in our hands!" Raine asserted but this only made Florice cry more.

"Oh brother." Raine rolled her eyes.

"To your left!"

Apphia swung a punch to her left which hit a beast.

"Behind ya!"

She spun around and kicked another away.

"Two on either side!"

She grabbed the one to her right and flung it into the other.

"Above ya!"

Apphia dropped down on her back, bent both her knees to her chest and kicked upwards, send the flying beast straight into the sky. Then she got up on a knee and breathed quickly.

"Good spotting there Bloom."

"Yea but it look like there's no end to these darn things." Bloom said as she approached her nearly winded sister.

"My stamina ain't gonna last me that much longer."

Raine flew down past them holding a relunctant Florice. Scotlyn followed close behind.

"Scotlyn where are y'all headed?" Bloom asked.

"Raine thinks that if we take down the girl in the middle, we'll be able stop all these monsters from popping up."

"It's a better plan than staying up fighting these never ending things. Let's go see it through Bloom."

"Right behind you."

Adrienne stared ahead at the council feeling proud of herself. Her Nightmare Beasts were terrorizing the everyone in the stadium and the audience's counter attack was weakening. She was able to maintain her spell and continuously spawn more and all the council could do was watch helplessly.

"Feeling like begging yet? I'm obviously the most superior Magus here." she gloated.

"Grrrr...what do we do?" Elise said in anger.

"What can we do? We have to adhere to her will." Lucius replied.

"No wait." Solisia said

"Wait? Wait for what? To put our people in even more danger than they're already in? We must stop this madness now or might I remind you that this is your fault anyways!" Vento scolded.

"I recognize that and am telling you to wait. We can't give Adrienne the satisfaction of that. If she thinks she's won I fear what will happen after. She'll demand things and won't let us free until we meet those demands. Besides, do not underestimate the people of Equestria, especially our bright young pupils."

"I have to agree with Soli, let's just wait a bit longer." Chrysalis said.

"Don't call me that."

"Aww, you're being so cold to me even in this situation."

Sombra laughed, "I have to agree with Chrysalis and Solisia. We should see how things play out before we give into the demands of a teenage girl."

"You three don't know what you're talking about! This is why I disapproved of people so young joining the council. Please don't tell any of the rest of you agree with this."

May, Lucius, and Elise frowned with uncertainty and said nothing to Vento as they couldn't think of anything else.

"You must be kidding me!"

"Oh have some faith old friend and let's watch the events unfold in front of us. It's bound to be...chaotic." Drocsid said.

Shia looked down towards where his parents were and saw them fighting a horde of Nightmare Beasts back to back and then shifted his attention to Twilight and Spyro who were nearing Adrienne.

"Hurry up you two..."

"Hmm, what's this?"

Adrienne watched as the ring of Nightmare Beasts defending her were being taking down all around her. A group of students were throwing punches and kicks and magic about to down her oh so loyal guardians. The gem girl from earlier had returned with her sister. She glared at Adrienne with contempt. Two farmer girls who were Terra also came, huffing and puffing but ready to throw down whenever. A Caelum in a blue leather jacket slightly hovered over the ground with a younger one standing next to her. Neither looked to pleased themselves but their third friend was hiding behind them obviously frightened. Then Adrienne turned her attention to the last two and for a second she was surprised but then smiled in what seemed like amusement.

"Twilight Sparks, who'd have thought I'd see you and your brother here. Well isn't this something special, Solisia's favorite pupil has graced me with her presence. She always favored you over me, I wonder if I make you kneel and beg for my mercy she'll realize how much of a fool she was."

"Adrienne stop this game at once. You're already in enough trouble as things are right now. Don't make them any worse then they need to be." Twilight pleaded.

"For your sake, I suggest you do what the girl says." Raine threatened.

"Oh? And just might who this group of unlucky losers be?"

"We're the people who are gonna kick you're butt if you don't let the council to right now!" Bella yelled.

Adrienne laughed and Apphia said, "I don't find nothing funny bout that cause the girl speaks the truth."

"Thanks all of you for your support but you should get out of here before she hurts you and makes this more difficult on me." Twilight said.

"No way, I saw her first so I kick her butt first." Raine countered.

"Twilight is it? My dear, I think we can handle ourselves." Rarity assured her.

"And right about now this here varmint needs someone to teach her a lesson." Apphia said with dead set eyes.

"Yikes, they look more serious than us." Spyro said.

"So let me get this straight? You nine are going to stop me? The girl who singlehandedly immobilized the entire Equestrian Council? You're funnier than I thought!" Adrienne laughed again before bringing her head back to look at Twilight.

"So you figure out what these things are yet Twilight Sparks?"

"No, they are like unlike anything I've ever seen."

"Whaaaat? Shocking and all since you're Solisia's favorite but I'll tell you since I bet you're dying to know. They're Nightmare Beasts."

"Nightmare...Beasts?" Spyro repeated in confusion.

"Now just what in tarnation is a Nightmare Beast?" Bloom asked.

"A Nightmare Beast is the soul of a wild animal corrupted by the dark entity known as the Nightmare Force. Gullible, cute little or big forest animals that get taken over by the Nightmare Force and become distorted and disfigured like what you see before you."

Florice gasped in horror, "You mean these poor things use to be cute little critters?"

"It's always the cutest that make the scariest monsters." Adrienne responded.

"That's enough Adrienne. End the spell." Twilight demanded.

Adrienne turned to face her, "Shut up."

Twilight was blown back by a wave a unseen magic. Spyro rushed to her side as she held her head.

"Twilight are you alright?" he asked.

"You're gonna pay for that!"

Adrienne turned around to see both Raine and Apphia charging at her. She shot her dart magic at them. It connected and immediately she stopped them in their tracks and began controlling their movements.

"Oh no you don't." Rarity said as she shot a blast of magic towards Adrienne which knocked her on the ground, causing her to lose her grip on the two.

"Good shot. Allow me to return the favor." she smirked as she shot a blast back at Rarity with twice as much power.

"Oh no." Rarity muttered right before the red blast sent her crashing backwards.

"HAAAAAAA!" Spyro yelled as he leaped at Adrienne from behind her and swiped down with his claws extend.

Adrienne turned around and grabbed his forearm before he could strike and blasted Spyro away too. A violet blast of magic shot towards her pushing her back as she skidded across the ground. Twilight had both her hands extended out in front of her as she exhaled. Adrienne gritted her teeth in frustration and was about to advance again before Bloom, Bella and Scotlyn all jumped at her in barrage of punching, kicking, hair pulling and biting.

"Ow! ow! ow!"

"Leave our sisters alone!" the three shouted at her in unison.

"Would you little runts get OFF!" Adrienne screamed as another wave of magic propelled all three of them away.

Apphia, Raine and Rarity eyes widened as the the three landed on The floor with a sickening thud. They each rushed over to them.

"Bloom? Bloom? Darling speak to me!"

"Hey Scotlyn this is no time to be napping? What's wrong?"

"Don't worry you two, they're just knocked out cold that's all. They should be okay." Apphia quickly calmed them down.

Rarity faced Adrienne again with a royally pissed off expression.

"Okay. It. Is. On!"

"Really? I couldn't agree more." Adrienne smirked, "Fera Somnum Exterreri Solebat Maximus."

The earth began to rumble and shake. Everyone was caught off guard by it and most fell on the ground unable to balance themselves.

"What now?" Silvester said as he was on one knee.

"She just repeated the same spell she said earlier but it's now taking on a different effect. What's going on?" May said as she held onto her chair for balance.

"You missed a crucial detail. She added 'Maximus' to the spell now." Elise commented.

Solisia sweated, "Which can only mean..."

A large dark light began to envelope most of the stadium.

"What the heck is going on now!?" Raine yelled as the light completely consumed the arena before dissipating. When it did, she couldn't believe her eyes.

"This isn't good at all." Twilight said as she sweated nervously.

An entire army of Nightmare Beasts had appeared from out of nowhere. There were at least 200 more then before surrounding everyone.

Adrienne let out a bone chilling laugh of excitement, "Go on then my Beasts! Make them all scream!"

The beast roared in unison and everyone in the stadium seemed to scream in unison. The sheer number of them were immediately beginning to overwhelm everyone.

"No way am I going down without a fight." Raine said as flew head first in the hoarde of dark beasts swinging her fists wildly at anything in front of her. Rarity was throwing blasts of magic in every direction, getting rid of every beast that looked at her wrong.

"They got the right idea. Watch over those three would ya?" Apphia said to Florice who was kneeling by Bella, Bloom and Scotlyn. Then she tackled a beast into the masses and went to town.

"Oh okay, I'm not going anywhere." Florice replied in the midst of all the action.

Twilight ducked and dodged attacks claws and fangs coming at her from all directions. She rolled away from one beast stomping it's foot down to another charging at her and instinctively put up a protective shield around her. This caused her to bowl over anything in her path when that beast rammed into her. She dropped the shield when she finally came to a stop.

"How are we supposed to deal with this many?"

As she said that, Raine rushed by her in a gust of wind and began to circle around a clustered group of beasts. She picked up speed and momentum as she circled and eventually became a blur of color that in turn became a tornado. The rainbow tornado began launching the beast already caught in it out of the top of the funnel and sucking nearby beasts in. The ones who tried to flee found something just as bad waiting for them.

"Oh no ya don't. Get back over there." Apphia said as she cut them off.

The beasts hesitated then one growl and tried run her over but she stood her ground and wrapped her arms around it as it tried to trample her.

"I said get back!" Apphia strained as she lifted the beast that was at least a few hundred pounds heavier off the ground and threw it at the rest who tumbled backwards in the tornado. Rarity was keeping look out for the ones fleeing as well. With one sharp sapphire gem in tow, she was taking out beasts one by one. Using her magic to control the gem, she had it zip through the beasts with relative ease, busting holes into each one it passed. She mowed through countless beasts each second. The three girls were clearing all the beast on the field off making it much easier for the people in the stands to deal with their own. Bloom, Bella and Scotlyn all began to come to slowly.

"What happened?" Bella asked as she rubbed her head.

"I don't know but what's that?" Bloom pointed towards the colorful tornado.

"I think that's Raine." Scotlyn replied.

"Yea and that's Apphia helping her too."

"And Rarity!"

"All three of our sisters fighting side by side. Whoa..." they said in awe.

Then a large beast got into their faces and roared at them, making them remember the reality of the situation. The three screamed and began crawling back as the beast advanced on them. Then with a stern, serious look and demeanor about her, Florice stepped in between them.

"Alright big guy, it's time for you to behave yourself and stop it."

The beasts roared again but quickly stopped in surprise as Florice raised her finger and voice at it, "I said stop it!" Other nearby beasts turned their attention to Florice in surprise as she spoke.

"Good boy. I knew you would listen to reason. You're not a bad guy are you? You're just a misunderstood forest animal who had a terrible thing happen to it and all you want is some love." Florice smiled at the beast that looked like it didn't know what to do as she approached it. It growled at first until she petted it. Her soft warm hands along with her gentle smile calmed it down to the point where it forgot why it had been so mad and angry. The beast nudged itself against Florice lovingly and continued to love it back despite it's appearance. The others lowered their guard as well and slowly began approaching her curiously. Bella, Bloom and Scotlyn backed up slowly until they stood next to Scotlyn.

"No need to be afraid you three. These are nice beasts." Florice said to them.

Raine flew out of the tornado and skidded to a halt. She looked up to see the beasts all crowding around Florice, Scotlyn, Bloom and Bella but not hostilely. The creatures looked rather calm and eager instead.

"Huh? Don't tell me Florice was able to make even these things all soft and mushy."

"She did what now?" Apphia asked confused as to why the beasts suddenly stopped.

"I believe she's tamed them." Rarity added as the beasts made way for Florice and the girls to past through.

"Not tame, I just made new friends is all." Florice explained.

"What the?" Adrienne said in disbelief as she watched her beasts get all friendly with the others.

"Give it up Adrienne. Even you're own beasts are against you." Twilight said to her, "You can still do the right thing here, Solisia is very forgiving and you know that."

"You're really annoying, you know that?" Adrienne said as she suddenly shot her dart magic at Twilight. Caught off guard, Twilight was struck by all ten darts. She reeled in pain but before she could fall back and hit the ground, Adrienne rose her up in the air with her magic. Twilight was completely under her control as no one could resist her grip when infested by all of her darts. Then Adrienne turned her attention back to the beasts.

"Just what do you think you're doing you stupid animals?! You obey me so stop acting like wimps and crush all of those losers!" she shouted at them and her voice echoed throughout the stadium.

The beasts began growling again and all hostility returned towards the group. The first one that Florice petted however remained by her side protectively and growled back.

"Yea these things are our friends alright." Raine remarked as she stepped back. She couldn't even take to the sky because a bunch of flying beasts hovered over them.

"Hey now everyone, there's no need to get so riled up and violent. You don't have to listen to her-" Florice started but one barked at her and she found herself shaking again.

"Girls get behind us." Apphia said as she instructed the younger girls.

"Leave them alone Adrienne. They haven't done anything to you!" Twilight pleaded but her captor just smiled before she suddenly closed one of her fist. Twilight violently contorted in the air and let out a blood curdling scream of pain.

"Hehehehe...that's the funny noises I've been wanting to here."

"Twilight!" Mr. and Mrs. Sparks called to her but we're unable to get to her as beasts obstructed their way.

"No no no!" Shia leaped up and was about to shoot a powerful spell at the aura that had entrapped them before Solisia stopped him.

"Shia wait! If you shoot that off in here, you'll very well just cause more harm to us then anyone else."

"What do you expect me to do nothing?! That's my little sister."

"I don't expect that. I need your help right now." she said as she placed her hands against the aura.

Spyro, who had been laying unconscious after Adrienne blasted him away, shot his eyes open once he heard that scream.

"Twilight?" he said and he jumped up and saw his sister in the air struggling in pain as Adrienne tortured her. Then rage boiled over inside of him at the sight of this and unknowingly, Spyro's pupils turned from normal round to a more reptilian slit. His dragon like features began to instinctively come out as he grew angrier. His teeth became fangs, his claws sharpened and skin began to turn scaly.

Silvester was exhausted as more and more beasts surrounded him. He had taken out a countless number of them but saw no end to the horde.

"How much more of this will I have to endure?" he thought to himself.

"Not much more." he unexpectedly got an answer.

"Huh? Who's this?"

"My name is Shia and I'm Solisia's personal guard Silvester and we need your help right now." Shia explained to him. Solisia had her hands against the barrier of magic but electricity was shooting out at her as she exerted her magic through her hands to weaken the barrier. It was painful but she endured it in order for Shia to be able to communicate with Silvester using a mind link spell.

"I'm not sure I can help much more really. I'm almost out of magic trying to deal with these beasts."

"Please I'm begging you. The faith of my sister is riding on this." Shia informed him gravely.

Sweat ran down Silvester's face as he took a deep breath and exhaled, "Alright, what do I do."

"There is a boy down there on the field, a Serpens with spiky green hair. You can't miss him... Solisia wants you to use your magic throw him in the air right above Adrienne."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know but Solisia believes it will help the situation and I believe in her so hurry up and do it!" Shia impatiently shouted.

Silvester nodded understanding that he was just worried.

"Alright I have to do this in one go." he muttered to himself.

Silvester glowed in his own neon blue aura for a bit before teleporting. The beasts that surrounded him looked at the empty space confused. He reappeared above the stadium and held himself in the air with his magic. He scanned the field as quickly as he could. He saw Raine and Scotlyn with a small group of girls completely surrounded by beasts. A little further he saw Adrienne holding another girl up with magic. Then at the far end of the field he saw the boy that Shia told him about standing there clenching his fist. Silvester aimed his hand in Spyro's direction and with determined eyes he used the last bit of magic he had left.

Spyro's growl became deeper and more beast like as a green flame began to seep through the side of his mouth.

"Leave Twilight-"

Before he could finish the sentence, Spyro felt himself fly into the air covered by a blue aura. He soared above the field and then suddenly the aura stopped and he began to descend back toward the ground. He didn't care though and kept his eyes locked on Adrienne before yelling out, "ALONE!"

A green flame erupted from his mouthed as he shouted and rained down onto the field. Adrienne adverted her attention from Twilight and looked up in shock as she saw the green blaze rush towards her. This gave Twilight just enough of a distraction to teleport out of the grip and next to the other girls.

"Everyone stay close together!" she said as she put up a defensive shield of magic right before the flames cascaded over them and completely covered the field.

"DYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Adrienne yowled as the flame engulfed her

The roars of the beast could be heard to as their were scorched out of existence. A green blare covered the stadium as the council and audience looked on in awe at the eruption of flame that lasted for at least thirty seconds before stopping. Spyro fell to the ground once it did and then collapsed to his hands and knees gasping for breath. The flame and smoke cleared away and revealed the field to be empty except for the girls in the shield and Adrienne who was on her knees smoldering. Twilight dropped the shield and ran towards Spyro.

"Spyro you are alright!" she said as she knelt beside him.

"I'm fine...are you alright?"

"Am I alright? I just saw my brother do one of the most amazing things ever. I'm beyond alright." she said as she hugged him.

"That was epic man! I didn't know a Serpens flame could pack such a punch." Raine said.

"You really saved us back there." Florice thanked him.

"Agreed. I figured us goners til you came pulled that off." Apphia added.

"That was probably the bravest act of heroism I've ever seen my dear. You have our utmost thanks." Rarity said to him as she slightly bowed her head.

Spyro's face instantly turned red and he scratched the back of his head, "Ugh I mean well that was nothing really."

Twilight turned her attention to Adrienne who was still on her knees and walked towards her.

"Adrienne?" she checked to see if she was still conscious.

"...I bet you think you're so special don't you? Being Solisia's favorite student?" Adrienne said with her head down and singed hair covered her face.

"That's not true Adrienne, Solisia loves all of her students equally. I'm no more special to her than you are. You can still make up for this." Twilight said reaching her hand out towards her.

Adrienne giggled, "I can't wait hear you scream know that don't you?"

She then teleported away out of sight, leaving Twilight with those last words. The Nightmare Beasts in the stands all then evaporated into black mist and the aura around the council disappeared. Immediately the stadium erupted with cheers of jubilation as everything returned to normal. The council let out a collective sigh of relief.

"It would seem your faith in the people wasn't misguided Solisia." Vento said.

Solisia threw herself back into her chair and exhaled, "Well a good leader should have faith in those they're leading. Isn't that what you told me when I first joined the council Vento?"

"Hmph. It seems I've forgotten my own words of wisdom."

"Um Solisia..." Shia said as he fidgeted next to her.

"Of course you can go to your family Shia."

He nodded in gratitude and took off.

"Twilight! Spyro!"

" Their parents called as they ran to and embraced them. Shia wasn't far behind.

"Oh Twilight are you okay? You aren't hurt badly are you?"

"I'm fine Mom. Just a little bit of scratches and bruises, nothing serious."

They hugged her tighter despite that.

"Spyro that was incredible bro. I didn't know you had that in you!" Shia exclaimed.

"Neither did I. It was crazy cool right?"

"The coolest."

"Oh my little man is becoming more and more like a Dragon every day." Mrs. Sparks said as she pulled him in for a tight hug too.

"We're proud of you. All three of you." Their father said.

"You were so awesome out there Raine! That was the quickest I've ever seen you fly! You made that tornado in no time at all!" Scotlyn praised her. Raine smiled arrogantly as she rubbed her finger back and forth above her upper lip.

"Just wait til we tell Macintosh and Granny Smith about this!" Bloom said.

"I reckon they'll never believe us." Apphia replied.

"You looked so cool Rarity. I never seen you fight like that before." Bella said.

"That's because it is unbecoming of a lady to fight wildly like that." Rarity said as she fixed her hair, "But...when duty calls. You may just have to be a little unladylike every now and again."

Florice smiled at them all and then felt something soft nudging at her leg. She looked down and saw a snow white bunny pressing itself against her. Florice kneeled down and picked it up.

"Why hello there little guy. Where did you come from?" she asked it slightly confused as to why a bunny had suddenly appeared there when seconds ago the place was filled with Nightmare Beasts.

The bunny mimicked a beast and opened its mouth trying to roar but no sound came out.

"Huh? Could it be that you're the beast that was protecting me there at the end?"

The bunny nodded.

"Look at you, you're so cute and soft now." said as she snuggled her face against him, "Would you like to stay with me?"

The bunny nodded.

"Well then, I think I'll call you Angel."

Silvester laid on the field where he had fell exhausted but was smiling and staring at the sky. Solisia walked up to him and extended her hand out to him. He took it pulled himself up.

"You did really well Silvester. I knew I was right to put my faith in you. Your brothers would be proud." she praised him.

"Thanks Council Member Solisia. That means a lot coming from you."

"Well if you really wanna keep titles then I suggest you start calling me Headmaster Solisia instead."

"Headmaster? Wait...does that mean?"

She nodded and Silvester pumped his fist in excitement.

"Well what do we do now?" Chrysalis asked her fellow council members.

"This whole thing just derailed the entire day and the stadium is in need of repair." Elise said.

"I'd think it'd be best to delay the rest of the festival until short notice. Wouldn't you guys think that's reasonable?" Drocsid said.

"Yes, it is obvious we can't continue it for today." Sombra added.

"Hmph, doesn't matter to me, I've seen all that I've needed to see today." Lucius commented.

"Today has been a long enough day as is. I think not only us, but everyone here deserves a rest." May said.

"Alright then. Until further notice, the Specialized Highschool Admission Festival is postponed."

*2 Weeks Later*

"Twilight, c'mon let's go." Spyro called from the door.

"You'd think after the first time, she'd wake up early this time around. Why did she even sleep in again? They aren't giving out the written part of the exam out again today, just the physicals." Shia asked in confusion.

Spyro sighed, "She was up all night studying the history of the academy's physical exams."

"Oh brother C'mon Twilight, Mom and Dad are waiting in the car."

A mail man approached them with two envelopes in his hand, "I've got letters for a Mr. Spyro Sparks and Ms. Twilight Sparks."

"Huh? For me?" Spyro said surprised as he took his letter.

"Thank you." Shia said as he took Twilight's.

The mailman tipped his hat and left. The letters each had a council wax seal stamp. Spyro opened his and began reading.

"Dear Mr. Spyro Sparks, I am pleased to inform you that your application for admission to Equestria's Specialized Highschools has been favorably reviewed by the Equestrian Council."

"We have informed the Board of Education that you are to be admitted with full Specialized Highschool Student status to the council's personal education system." Rarity read her letter in her room.

"If you have any questions concerning the admission or any aspect of the Specialized Highschool System, please do not hesitate to write back." Apphia read hers with her family surrounding her as she did.

"On behalf of the council, I congratulate you on your promising academic record, and I can't wait see you this fall." Florice said with Angel on her shoulder.

"The Specialized Highschool you'll be attending is-" Raine read with her face close to the paper.

"The Equestrian Academy for the Gifted & Talented?!" they all exclaimed with very different reactions.

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