Lord of the rings: Return of the dark lord


In an alternate universe where Frodo doesn’t leave: Frodo is now 50 and the evil in middle earth has been defeated, or so we thought. (Work in progress)

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: an end, and a beginning

Frodo walked over to his armchair and sat down, he looked out the window into the beautiful hills of the shire. Children frolicking around and the markets as busy as ever. Frodo sighed and couldn’t help but smile he grabbed his cup taking a sip of tea and gripping a feather in his hand. The feather had ink on the pointy end. Carrying on his uncles legacy he began to write in a large book. He wrote: “one wonderful day, on my uncles birthday...”

Meanwhile in Mordor...

“What are we looking for anyways?” Asked a orc digging through stones of the old tower that the eye sat atop.

“Some kind of gem or something.” Replied another orc also searching in the stones for something. He pulled away a rock revealing an orange gem. He reached down and grabbed it, holding it up to his face. He then saw his hands start to burn. Smoke curling off of his hands and his hands starting to burn. The orc screamed and dropped the gem.

“I-I think I found it!” Yelled the orc to the hundreds of other orcs.

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