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Disenthrall | KNJ


"You don't remember that you ruined Bangtan, do you?" - He was an artist. And, now, he fills his present with the remnants of the past. She was a dreamer. And, now, she still fantasizes about the dreams that will never come true. Both of them longs to feel whole again. - co-author @Chlolo_Anne (on Wattpad) cover by @nyxiekitsune (on Wattpad) note: this book gets updated first on Wattpad and here later. if you want early updates check this book out on Wattpad under, @queenmintaesty

Romance / Thriller
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start date: 08/03/2020

end date: -


start date: 01/05/2020

end date: -

a Bangtan fanfiction

Disenthrall is my and chloe's as in queenmintaesty's (on Wattpad) and Chlolo_Anne 's (on Wattpad) work. though this book is inspired by wings by Bangtan, it is not based off true events. all the names, places and characters used in this book is fictional or my imagination. if something in this book offends you in anyway, you can dm me or Chloe (@Chlolo_Anne) if it could be changed, we will do it, willingly.

any similarities in this book are completely coincidical and, i will greatly appreciate it if this book is not plagiarized or copied in anyway.

this book contains:

- novel based chapters.

- references from Bangtan's songs and wings album.

- mature themes: depression, thoughts of giving up.

- themes of youth, innocence, longing sorrow, hopelessness and betrayal.


In where Namjoon finds a bound book much like his own. Instead of returning it to its rightful owner he grows infatuated with the content as he realises, the story is much like his own.


“We were not meant to be ..”


thanks for choosing to read this book.

i hope you like our work.


co-written by @Chlolo_Anne


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