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Book of Wonder

๐“๐๐–๐‚๐– | ๐‡๐ฒ๐ฎ๐ง๐ ๐ฐ๐จ๐ง๐ก๐จ | ๐ˆ

โ€” In which Hoseok finds out his mate is an Omega but can't help but admire the face that Hyungwon is the strongest one he's ever met

โ€” Fluff

๐“๐ก๐ž ๐๐จ๐ฒ ๐–๐ก๐จ ๐‚๐ซ๐ข๐ž๐ ๐–๐จ๐ฅ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ/๐Ÿ

Hyungwon was never really interested in which way his life would go. He was always stuck inside for almost as long as he could remember.

At the tender age of 5, he had shown the signs of being an omega, and by the time he was 7, it was confirmed that he was an omega. That was when he was pulled inside and locked in his room, never to see the outside world freely.

But he had only been a naรฏve little 7-year-old boy back then. He was now at the tender age of 21. An age when most omegas would be getting their heats and maturing nicely, but his was yet to come. All throughout his 14 years of confinement, he had been taught the ways of an omega by his father. His mother had passed away long ago. Hyungwon could barely remember her face.

His favourite and most trusted butler, Hyunwoo had snuck him a thick book labelled โ€˜All you need to know about wolves and their interactional behavioursโ€™. Hyungwonโ€™s father was extremely strict and he forbade Hyungwon from reading any books, in the fear that he would gain too much knowledge and go against him. Because of this, his father had not taught him how to read or write, so Hyunwoo had taken it upon himself to teach the small omega. It was one of the reasons why Hyungwon trusted Hyunwoo so much.

As summer drew closer, Hyungwon finally had enough knowledge to read and write properly, so he laid down on his mattress and began to read the book. It first began with the history of their positions.

โ€œLong ago, humans and werewolves co-existed in peace. They would both help and protect each other, but one day, a great fight began between a wolf and a human. Eventually, this led to a great war. Many people died in this war, which went on for 7 long years.

Soon, the Moon Goddess grew tired of all the fighting and deaths and decided to put everyone into their places, both humans and wolves.

The three ranks were Alpha, Beta and Omega; Alpha being the strongest.

For humans, the ranks worked differently than it did for the wolves.

For the wolves, Alphas were still the strongest. They were the leaders of the families or packs and are extremely known for being very dominant and possessive over their belongings. They are also known for being cold and brute but can be soft-hearted to those they love or value. Only 23% of the wolf population is composed of Alphas.

Betas are the second strongest. They are also the most commonly seen rank of wolves. They can be both dominant and submissive. Betas are fertile whether or not they are male or female, just like omegas. The beta population is 63% of all wolves.

Omegas are the lowest rank, often being taken advantage of for being so submissive. They are usually kept locked up by Alphas due to two reasons:

- One, they could be taken advantage of. They are very submissive and are at risk if they meet an Alpha or a Beta who they do not know.

- Two, they are very rare so some Alpha fathers usually take advantage of this, often keeping them locked in to keep them โ€˜pure and innocentโ€™ for a dominant whom they will be forced to marry later on.

Omegas are extremely fertile and produce pheromones to attract their mate, which isnโ€™t always a good thing, as it can lead to them being forcefully marked or mated.

There are currently only 9% of omegas in the entire wolf population.โ€

Hyungwon was surprised. This explained why his father was keeping him locked up. He frowns but curiously turns to the page that read โ€˜Omegasโ€™.

โ€œOmegas are the weakest out of all three ranks. They produce pheromones that attract both Alphas and Betas but are meant for their mate. During their heats, the number of pheromones produced skyrockets, so if they are not guarded when they get their heat, they can be taken advantage of and in worse cases, can be forcefully be marked or mated.

To mate with an omega, a dominant, usually an Alpha, must copulate with the omega, knotting them if they are an Alpha. Then, a bite must be made on the jugular to officially mark the omega as theirs.

An omega can be impregnated on the first try. Compared to Betas, Omegas can carry more pups than them, and usually, they will all be either Alphas or Omegas.

An omega will usually only let their mate mark them. A mate is a specific wolf that the moon goddess picks for each wolf. Alpha fathers and mothers will usually lock an omega up in the fear of the omega leaving them and finding their mate. This one of the reasons why Alphas and Omegas are so rare.

An omega will immediately know who their mate is by their scent. A mate will smell like the most amazing scent in the world to the omega.โ€

Hyungwon gasps. There was a wolf out there that was supposed to be his one and only and yet here he was, laying helplessly inside his room, locked up and waiting for his father to marry him off to someone.

He suddenly felt restless. He hears someone walking up to his room and quickly, he slips the book under his mattress and faces the window beside his bed, pretending to be staring at something in the distance.

The door opens without a knock and Mr. Chae walks in. He looks around for any suspicious activity, but when he sees everything as it should be, he turns to his son.

โ€œGet dressed. You will meet your fiancรฉ today. Your wedding will be in 2 weeksโ€™ time, whether or not you like it. The Alpha is a nice young man, who comes from a wealthy family, so you will not have to worry about money. And also, you donโ€™t have to worry about bearing any pups. Heโ€™s got other wives to do that. All you have to do is sit there and be a porcelain doll as we take his money,โ€ Mr. Chae says and looks Hyungwon in the eye.

โ€œWear something nice, like that hanbok your uncle Jinhyun got you. Iโ€™ll send Hyunwoo to help you bathe and dress. Youโ€™ll be out in the front gardens in an hour,โ€ Mr. Chae orders and dismisses him by walking outside and slamming the door.

Hyungwon stares at the door in disbelief. How dare that man decide what Hyungwon was going to do with his life?! He grits his teeth and stands up, but before he could do anything, the door opens, this time revealing Hyunwoo, who was panting and carrying a small bundle. He was dressed in casual attire and looks at Hyungwon panting.

โ€œGet your things packed! Weโ€™re leaving this stupid household! Your father is going to marry you to the fucking leader of the god damn gang in town and he seemed pretty happy about it. Youโ€™re either going to get killed or be taken advantage of. I wonโ€™t let that happen. Besides, he forbade me to communicate with my mate back in my original pack. He threatened that he would ruin our bond!โ€ Hyunwoo hisses angrily as he grabs a bag from under Hyungwonโ€™s closet and begins stuffing all his clothes into it.

Hyungwon looks at Hyunwoo in awe. The older had never told him that he had a mate.

Once Hyunwoo is done, he looks at Hyungwon and gestures to the big window that outlooks a big forest. Hyungwon had never been gladder that his room overlooked a forest. Usually, he would be bored of staring at the trees, but this was the one time he wasnโ€™t.

โ€œAlright. Letโ€™s get going. You hold the two bags and get on my back when I shift. Iโ€™m big enough to carry you, and Iโ€™ll lead the way to the MX pack. Letโ€™s go,โ€ Hyunwoo walks to the window, takes out a key from his pocket and unlocks the lock the window, pushing it open. He throws the bags on the ground and steps outside onto the ground.

He holds out his hand for Hyungwon, who takes it, stepping outside. He looks around, shivering at the warm breeze he hadnโ€™t felt in years. He smiles happily, but his happiness was short lived when he hears his fatherโ€™s voice in the front garden of their house.

โ€œWhere is he?!โ€

โ€œHeโ€™s coming. Heโ€™s just bathing and looking presentable for his future husband,โ€ Mr. Chae sounded nervous but managed to keep his voice composed.

Hyunwoo scoffs and rolls his eyes as he drags Hyungwon to the forest with their bags.

โ€œLetโ€™s go Hyungwon. Grab the bags and get onto me. Itโ€™ll take some time to get there, but it should be fine.โ€ Hyunwoo says as he looks around. Hyungwon nods.

โ€œTurn around,โ€

Hyungwon does as he was told and soon hears a crackling sound and he turns around. He sees a huge and majestic brown wolf. Hyungwon looks at him, eyes sparkling as he grabs the bags and climbs onto Hyunwooโ€™s back.

Once Hyungwon was on, he grabs Hyunwooโ€™s fur with one hand, the other hand holding the bags as he signals Hyunwoo to go. The wolf grunts and stands up, taking off into the woods and leaving the stupid house and the terrible past behind.

The trip was long, that was to be expected, but Hyungwon had been asleep for more than half of the trip. When he woke up, he was laying on something soft that was not moving. He sits up and looks around, finding the setting dark. He began to panic when he didnโ€™t see Hyunwoo.

Before he could call out for his only friend, he hears a familiar voice outside the room he was in.

โ€œHeโ€™s ok, right? Heโ€™s been asleep for so long and I really want to talk to him,โ€ a voice whines. He hears someone sigh before he hears Hyunwooโ€™s voice.

โ€œHe should be awake soon. Heโ€™s usually a really light sleeper.โ€ Hyunwoo says before the door to the room is open and light floods through the door. Hyungwon flinches at the light and blinks a few times, trying to adjust his eyes to it.

โ€œOh. Hyungwonnie! Youโ€™re awake!โ€ a male with light blonde hair says, rushing over to him and engulfing him in a bone-crushing hug.

โ€œU-uh I donโ€™t know you, Iโ€™m sorry,โ€ Hyungwon manages to wheeze out as the male crushes him.

โ€œOh, no worries! Iโ€™m Minhyuk. Lee, soon-to-be Son Minhyuk,โ€ the male introduces himself and it takes Hyungwon a few seconds to figure out what that meant.

โ€œOh. My. God! Youโ€™re Hyunwoo hyungโ€™s mate!โ€ Hyungwon screeches as he finally realizes it. Minhyuk chuckles at him and squishes his cheeks.

โ€œYes, I am. And youโ€™re the adorable Hyungwon Hyunwoo kept mentioning. He kept on saying how adorable you were when you were first learning to read. He also mentioned how much of a jerk your father was, no offence to you,โ€

Hyungwon rolls his eyes and scoffs, shaking his head. He decided to say what was on his mind for the first time in all his entire life.

โ€œI donโ€™t give a fuck about that son of a bitch. He kept me locked up for 14 years and then decided that it was time for me to marry some Alpha I donโ€™t even know for the sake of money. I donโ€™t think anyone would look back at such a person with love. Heโ€™s dead to me,โ€ Hyungwon says, chuckling humorlessly.

Minhyuk and Hyunwoo look at the boy with shocked expressions.

โ€˜You never told me this! This poor boy seems to have suffered so much. Son Hyunwoo, why didnโ€™t you tell me?!โ€™

Hyunwoo gulps at his mateโ€™s mind link and shakes his head. Minhyuk rolls his eyes before turning back to Hyungwon who was now looking around the room with interest.

โ€œWell, Hyungwonnie, why donโ€™t you tell me about yourself and Iโ€™ll tell you about myself. That way, weโ€™ll get to know each other!โ€ Minhyuk suggests and Hyungwon looks at the blonde-haired male, nodding happily.

Minhyuk looks at Hyunwoo and motions him to go outside, so he does, leaving the two omegas in the room, alone. Minhyuk then turns around and looks at Hyungwon.

โ€œOk. You go first,โ€

โ€œUmm...my name is Chae Hyungwon. I was born on January 15 in the year 642, and I just turned 21 a few months ago. I donโ€™t remember anything about my Eomma, and I found out that I was an omega when I was 7. After that, nothing big happened in my life because I was locked up. That man didnโ€™t teach me how to read or write, so Hyunwoo hyung taught me. I read about mates in a book Hyunwoo hyung snuck into my room and now Iโ€™m going to look for mine,โ€ Hyungwon says proudly and Minhyuk smiles lovingly at the boy. He was so strong to have gone through all that without being broken or depressed.

โ€œYour turn,โ€ Hyungwon says cheerfully and Minhyuk nods.

โ€œIโ€™m Lee Minhyuk, soon to be Son Minhyuk. I was born on November 3 in the year 639 and Iโ€™m currently 24. My family is from another pack called the Silver Tail group. Umm...I have a brother. My life was also pretty dull, but I wasnโ€™t locked up. My pack was free going when it came to omegas, but I was often bullied by the other ranks. I met Hyunwoo by accident at a lake nearby when I was 12. Hyunwoo is 3 years older than me, so thatโ€™s like 6 years for you. He started working for you when you were 8. You probably donโ€™t remember much, and yeah, thatโ€™s all I can think of,โ€ Minhyuk says.

โ€œOh! And Iโ€™m also an omega. I donโ€™t think I mentioned that,โ€

โ€œNo, but you hinted at it. Anyways, this is the MX pack right?โ€ Hyungwon asks and Minhyuk nods.

โ€œThis is the MX pack and the Head Alpha is Wonho. His real nameโ€™s Shin Hoseok though, but only close ones get to call him that. This is a pack where everyone is treated equally no matter the rank, and if someone is caught giving another wolf of a lower rank a hard time, they will be punished. I work at the nursery with Kihyun, who youโ€™ll probably meet later. Iโ€™m the head at the nursery and Hyunwoo is Hoseokโ€™s right hand,โ€ Minhyuk explains and Hyungwon nods, but then he frowns.

โ€œWait...then why did he come work for my father?โ€ Hyungwon asks, confused. Minhyuk chuckles and shakes his head.

โ€œWell back then Hoseok wasnโ€™t the head Alpha yet, so Hyunwoo wasnโ€™t the right-hand man. He was still looking for experience in the outside life so he worked for your father. I think you remember how he wasnโ€™t there for a few weeks when you were like 13, right?โ€ Minhyuk asks and Hyungwon nods.

โ€œWell, that was when he was called back to the pack to be dubbed as Hoseokโ€™s right hand. After that, he really didnโ€™t have to go back to your father, but he decided to go to help you, and now, here you are. To be honest, Hyunwoo sounded more like a father figure than your father,โ€ Minhyuk says and Hyungwon nods.

He was right. He had to find Hyunwoo and thank him. For everything, he had done for him.

Hyungwon looks at Minhyuk.

โ€œHey, Minhyuk hyung?โ€


โ€œWhat would happen if my father decided to take me back?โ€

Minhyuk looks at Hyungwon surprised and shakes his head. โ€œOnce you become a member of the pack and your father tries to take you back, it could lead to a fight as you are a part of the pack. If you werenโ€™t, then we couldnโ€™t do anything,โ€ Minhyuk explains and Hyungwon nods, absorbing the information.

โ€œYou donโ€™t even have to be a part of the pack. If your mate is in this pack, then that could cause a fight as well, because preventing someone from being with their mate is the cruellest thing someone can do. Itโ€™s like preventing a starving animal from eating.โ€ Minhyuk explains.

Before Minhyuk could say anything else, the door opens and in walks a pink-haired male. The male looks around and when he sees Minhyuk, he grins, waving at him as he walks towards them.

โ€œKihyunnie! This is Hyungwon. Hyungwon, this is Kihyun.โ€ Minhyuk explains and Kihyun nods. Hyungwon smiles a little and Kihyun grins at him.

โ€œYouโ€™re the adorable pup that Hyunwoo canโ€™t stop talking about!โ€ Kihyun exclaims and Hyungwon nods. Minhyuk chuckles before standing up and dusting his pants off. He holds out a hand to Hyungwon, who takes it and stands up.

โ€œLetโ€™s go around the pack. Weโ€™ll give you a tour,โ€ Kihyun suggests and Hyungwon nods excitedly.

This was his new home, after all.

โ€œAnd yeah, thatโ€™s all,โ€ Kihyun says, once they finally finished the tour. It had taken almost 3 hours since the pack was very big. Hyungwon sighs as he plops down onto the soft cushion. His feet were tired and aching since he wasnโ€™t used to walking so much.

Minhyuk smiles at the boy who looked like he was ready to pass out.

โ€œOh! One more thing before you fall asleep,โ€ Minhyuk says and Hyungwon groans, groggily forcing his eyes open and looking at the older male.


โ€œYouโ€™ll be introduced to the Head Alpha tomorrow, so be prepared. Hoseokโ€™s really a sweetheart once you get to know him, so donโ€™t worry about him not liking you. If he didnโ€™t, he wouldnโ€™t have allowed Hyunwoo to bring you in,โ€ Minhyuk says, reassuring the boy whose face shows panic.

Hyungwon gulps and nods.

That was what they had always said, but in reality, they were cruel.


It was just before dawn when Hyungwon awoke. His eyes opened to the stripes of early sunlight peeking in through the window. He yawns and closes his eyes, trying to go back to sleep, but it was no use.

Thoughts about what Minhyuk had told him yesterday played in his mind.

The head Alpha...I wonder if heโ€™ll like me...

Hyungwon shakes the thoughts away as he sits up, letting the blanket fall off his body. He had only slept in his sokgot, the undergarments of his hanbok since he had no other clothes, so when the blankets slide off, the cool morning breeze hits his skin, making the young wolf boy shiver.

He quickly pulls the blankets around his shoulders and gets out of bed, trying to find his bag of clothes. He spots the faded red bag in the corner of his room and he walks to it, pulling the blanket tighter around himself as he gets closer.

He pulls the bag open and looks through it, trying to find something proper to wear. He pulls out a pair of black pants and a white and baby blue jeogori with white sleeves and quickly changes into it. He sighs at the warmth the clothes provide.

Hyungwon yawns and looks out the window. It was about time for sunrise, so Hyungwon decided to go to the higher ground to see the sunrise.

It had always been his dream to see a real-life sunrise as it was happening, and it would be an even bigger dream to see it, with his mate, but that could wait until after seeing it himself.

He quietly opens the door and slides it closed behind himself as he walks out into the wilderness. He sees all the huts with their doors closed and everything was quiet.

Afraid to wake anyone up, Hyungwon walks quietly, making sure to look at the ground, at all the twigs so he wouldnโ€™t step on anything that could potentially disturb others. As he walks, he begins to think about what Minhyuk had told him.

Meeting the Head Alpha.

He knew this was a big deal. Everyone knew, even newborn pups knew. Back in his fatherโ€™s household, his father was the Head Alpha of the house, so he only ever knew how to deal with someone related to him, someone he was familiar with.

But this was new.

This was a complete stranger. Someone Hyungwon had never met.

He wasnโ€™t gonna deny it though. He was excited as hell. He had always been a curious child, but this was something else. Something inside Hyungwon told him that the meeting with the Head Alpha would do just fine.

Maybe even better than fine.

He shrugged off those thoughts as he finally looked up from the ground. He was surprised he hadnโ€™t walked into any trees or huts on the way to the high clearing he was now standing at.

The trees had cleared near the edges of the cliff, and the grass was a lush green. Hyungwon looked around in awe as he spots the glowing orange ball slowly peeking out of the horizon. His breath hitches as he feels another presence and his body freezes.

He quickly snaps his neck back to look at whoever it was behind him. He spun so quick that if he had long hair, he wouldโ€™ve gotten a whiplash.

Behind him stands a wolf with clothes hanging from its jaws. Its fur was a stunning silver and its eyes were an icy blue, making Hyungwon freeze. He stared at the wolf, unable to move or do anything.

Why was the wolf having such as a big effect on him? Itโ€™s not like he hasnโ€™t seen a wolf. In fact, itโ€™s the other way around. Heโ€™s seen one too many wolves, but there was something special about this blue-eyed wolf that made every cell in Hyungwonโ€™s body scream with want.

He unconsciously lets out a whimper as his knees start to shake.

The wolf drops the clothes and looks at Hyungwon, and the boy could swear he just saw concern flash in those captivating blue eyes. He licks his lips as his body starts to burn up. It suddenly felt like the sunrise had turned into the boiling mid-day sun in the desert and he didnโ€™t like it.

It was uncomfortable.

Before he could do anything, he heard the unmistakable snaps of bones, signalling that the wolf was shifting. Hyungwon closes his eyes shut and soon hears rustling. When he opens his eyes, there, in front of him, was a male with platinum blond hair and the same eyes as the wolf from earlier.

To say that the boy in front of him was hot, was a huge understatement. He was an epitome of beauty, with the eyes and the nice face shape and the eyes and theโ€”

Hyungwonโ€™s thoughts were cut off by the male stepping closer to him. The thin male felt his body temperature skyrocket and he suddenly started feeling light-headed.

Before he could do or say anything, he was in the arms of the male, who had his arms securely around his waist. The blonde buries his face in the crook of Hyungwonโ€™s neck, taking in the scent.

โ€œMate,โ€ was the last thing Hyungwon heard before his world turned dark.

So much for that sunrise.

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