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The Phoenix Child

By Allie Bug

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 1

The Day Of The ONE Approaches. A Goddess Among All Others. Marked With The Phoenix. The Union Of One Known As Fleeing Death, The Other A Lost Princess Will Create The Bringer Of Change And The End Of The True Dark One. She Will Have The Love Of All But The Heart Of The Queen. She Will Grow With One Not Of Her Blood. She Will Not Be Seen Until It Is Too Late For The True Dark One. The Day Of The ONE Approaches.

"It's a girl" was yelled over the loud cries of their daughter entering their world. She was handed to her mother. "Oh she is beautiful" "Just like her mother" "I don't know her father is really handsome". Her parents talked over her while her mother held her close. The doctor walked over to them and whispered, "What is her name?" "Aurora Belle Gaunt" After her name was said a golden light surrounded the girl and pulled her from her mother. A voice called aloud "The Child Of The Phoenix! Destined To Grow Without Her Parents. She Is To Be Taken! You Will Not See Your Child Until Her Sixteenth Birthday! She Will Wake You From Your Great Slumber! She Will Have Grown Happy And Under The Aide Of Her Father, She Will Find Her Fated One! Say Goodbye To Aurora For You Will Be Separated For A While!" "Aurora! No! give me back my child" Screamed her mother. "AURORA!" Was the last thing heard before the child disappeared. The parents froze completely still as though dead and were transported to the Gaunt manor.

10 minutes later

Minerva was in the middle of a run when suddenly a child appeared ten feet away from her. She ran over to the child and checked her to make sure she was safe. She looked at the child and thought she couldn't have been more than a few minutes old. The belly button was still red and oozing blood. Her creatures all in her head decided Cub. She shifted back to human and picked the girl up. She noticed red markings on the child's hip. They were in the shape of a phoenix. She stared at the child's face and noticed she was sleeping. "Hmmm, Sleeping Beauty, Your name will be Aurora Natasha McGonagall." Minerva walked back to her house and had the house elves set-up a nursery for the child three rooms down from her own room. She brought Aurora to the sink and grabbed a wash cloth and started to wipe her down. She noticed the girl had jet-black hair and bright green eyes. She could pass for Minerva's own child. She walked to the nursery after the house elf informed her that it was finished. She noticed a soft purple for the paint, and butterflies as stickers on the wall. She looked around and noticed white wood furniture consisting of a bookcase, rocking chair, crib, changing station, armoire, toy chest, and desk with a chair. There was a couch in the corner with a blanket over the back. The fireplace was white marble with a cheery fire burning brightly in its depths. The crib had a unicorn, mermaid, and dragon mobile hanging above it twisting lazily. There was a plethora of children's toy both magical and not in the toy chest. She noticed a large stuffed unicorn sitting by the bed. She walked over to the changing station and wrapped Aurora in a diaper for the night. She noticed a small castle shaped clock on the mantle of the fireplace that read 2:00am. She decided it was bedtime and placed Aurora in the cradle and softly started singing an old welsh tune to her to help her sleep. As she saw her new daughter drift off to sleep, she saw a small gold light flash around her wrist. It was a baby phoenix being wrapped up in the wings of a siren. "That's odd." She walked to her room and fell asleep thinking about her new daughter and what she was going to do.

5 years later

"Mommy, Mommy, Look at what I found." Aurora came running up to Minerva with something clutched lightly in her hands. Minerva looked at what her Aurora had and jumped back in surprise. In her daughter's hands was a baby Emerald Phoenix Dragon the rarest of all Phoenix Dragons. There has only ever been two ever recorded and they both belonged to the greatest wizard and witch ever to walk this earth. Merlin Dracul and Morgana LeFey the fact that her, just turned five years old, daughter was holding one in her hands was utterly shocking. "She says her name is Selena. She said she was waiting for me. Can I keep her Mommy, Can I, Can I, Can I? It is my birthday." She pleaded. "Ok, You can keep her. Minerva acquiesced. "Yay!" Aurora cheered. "Come with me Aurora, you still haven't gotten your present yet." "Ok" They walked over to a new building. It was a stable. Inside was a set of pink and white saddles, brushes, picks, pitchforks, shovels, buckets, and anything you could need for a horse. There was a stall marked Aurora's. Minerva opened the stall door revealing a pure black Clydesdale with snow-white hooves. The horse stood tall and proud. Aurora squealed in happiness and ran up to the horse. She ran her hands along the horses back. She whispered "Starfire" and wings sprung from the horse back. "Oh aren't you a special girl?" Minerva looked on in shock. There had only ever been one person to own a black Pegasus, Morgana LeFey. Aurora ran to her mother hugging her in thanks and went back to petting Starfire. "Let’s teach you how to saddle her, ok?" "YAY!"

6 years later

“Mom, is my Hogwarts letter here yet?” “No, it will be here soon” Hermione was buzzing in anticipation for her letter to get to her. Today was her 11th birthday and she was supposed to be getting her letter soon. “Mom, I am going to walk the grounds for a little while. I’ll be back in about an hour or so.” “Ok” Hermione left the house then started walking towards the woods. She had been feeling like something was calling out to her. She wondered for a moment before coming across a nest. In the nest were three different animals. The first was a Jeweled Ruby snake. It was red like the stone and its scales were hard as diamonds. The snake was a girl and she was barely a week old. She was around six inches long and had bright blue eyes. “Hello Sssspeaker” The snake hissed at her. “Hi, I’m Aurora” “I am Vedette” The snake slithered over to her. After a second the snake curled around her wrist before sinking into her skin as a tattoo. She just shrugged before looking at the other two animals. One was a winged tiger cub. She was pure white with the tip of her wings and paws being blood red. She had emerald green eyes. “Hello Child” “Hi I am Aurora” “I am called Talianna” The cub walked to her before jumping and landing on her shoulder. She curled around her neck before melting into her skin also. The last animal was an onyx dragon. Her eyes were grey and she had bat wings with the edges dipped in blue. “Hello Young One” “Hello. I am Aurora” “I am Night” The dragon curled around her leg before melting in to the skin there. /Well how am I going to explain this to mom?/ She continued walking in the woods before stumbling across a young girl covered in thorns and cuts. She had passed out from exhaustion. Her feet were cut and she was no more than 5 or 6. Everything in Aurora’s mind was screaming “Sister, Hurt, Must Help” Aurora quickly slashed at the branches using her magic which she controlled using her mind. The thorns and branches quickly fell away. Aurora encased the girl in magic, then, before she could react her magic started changing the girl. The matted blonde hair turned to jet black then the girls eyes flashed open and the grey eyes turned to crystal blue. Her body filled out to its proper size then her clothes changed from tattered rags to a rich violet silk dress and her feet became encased in leather boots. The magic quickly stopped but still surrounded her in a bubble. Aurora stared in awe of what she had just done. Her mind was calm. She quickly caused her own wings to spring forth from her back. Her wings were jet black with the ends being emerald green. She made sure the girl was safely encased in her magic before she flew while the bubble trailed after her in the sky. She made her way to where her mother was before dropping down. Her mother jumped in surprise at the tattoos littering her daughter’s skin before noticing the girl encased in magic behind her daughter. “Aurora. Who is that?” “She is my sister all though I don’t know her name and she looked different about ten minutes ago. She was hurt and my magic reacted. It healed her then it changed her.” “Sister. I am so confused. Your magic claimed and changed the girl. Oh, Merlin. What am I going to do with you?” “Love me.” “Of course. What is her name?” “Angel Lux" “Ok. Poppy!” “Yes Madam?” “Can you set up a room next to Aurora’s for Angel. She is a new McGonagall.” “Ok” “Thank you Poppy” Poppy just nodded her head before disappearing. Just then a great horned owl came from the sky bearing a letter. The owl flew to Aurora before lightly landing on her shoulder before sticking its leg out. Aurora pulled the letter off and pet the owl. She directed her to the water and owl treats were before opening the letter. It read; Congratulations Aurora McGonagall! You have been chosen to study at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You will need: 1 wand, 1 quill set, 100 sheets of Parchment, 1 transfigurations level 1 book, 1 cauldron, 1 defense against the dark arts level 1 book, 1 history of magic book, 2 sets of plain black robes, 1charms level 1 book, and 1 herbalism level 1 book. Optional: A broom (The child will not be allowed to play in Quidditch until 3rd year) A familiar, Other robes, extra supplies such as Potions ingredients, extra quills, extra parchment, They may have an owl, They are also allowed personal items such as books, candy, extra clothes, toys, and other Knick Knacks. Sincerely Assistant Headmaster, Serverus Snape. “Mom I got my letter. YAY! That means I have to go shopping and I have to read up on my classes” Aurora started speaking quickly. “Kid slow down. You still have time before you have to worry.”  She nodded before sitting down. After 10 minutes Poppy popped back in to the room. “The bedroom for Miss Angel is set up” Poppy informed them. “Thank you, Poppy” Poppy smiled before disappearing. Aurora immediately teleported to Angel’s room before laying her softly on the bed. Aurora quickly used a switching spell to change Angel before quickly covering her in a blanket. She softly kissed Angel’s head before leaving the room.

The next morning

Aurora woke up extra early to go check on Angel. She walked quietly into the room before sitting down next to the bed. The room was a pale blue. Angel was lying in an ornate metal bed covered in a blue down comforter; the room was decorated nearly identical to hers except it was in blue. The couch instead of being black like it was in her room though was white. The color scheme was blue and white while hers was black and purple. She walked over to Angel then lay down next to her. Angel snuggled into Aurora then fell asleep again. Aurora cuddled Angel before soon falling asleep herself. Aurora stirred before Angel the fully woke up. She gently shook Angel awake. Angel woke up slightly before jumping up and out of the bed. “Where am I?” Angel’s voice shook. Aurora looked at her while speaking softly. “You are at McGonagall Manor. I found you in the woods. What was the name you were called?” “Luna Lovegood” Angel spoke timidly. “Well your new name is Angel Lux McGonagall! We are sisters. Look in the mirror!” Angel crept to the mirror before looking at herself for a good 20 minutes. “I look like you” She spoke softly. “My magic changed you so yea you are going to look like me. Is that not okay with you?” Aurora said with a frown.
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