Among the Lost

Chapter 3

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The once strong structure of Helms Deep had become a messy heap of destruction, despite the fact that the men that resided there had been the victors. Bodies lay everywhere, and the speed at which they were being cleared was not nearly fast enough to hide the sight of all the gore. The remaining, and exhausted, men were slowly pushing the orcs and other foul beasts into piles to be burned later, and the men were being carried through the damaged walls to be brought to families and cremated properly.

Then there were the elves. Only seven of the original two hundred had survived. The elves that were still standing had delicately prepared the bodies so their armor was straightened, their bows were lying across their chests, and their capes had been wrapped around their bodies. Every one of the elves had been accounted for and stacked into elaborate piles. Only one was missing, the crowned prince of Mirkwood.

Aragorn had been searching for an hour and a half and he still hadn't found his friend. He pushed through the straggling men as he searched through the remaining bodies. He kicked over orcs and pushed aside men and elves as he searched for that golden headed elf with the bow.

He had already received several shouts of sympathy from the king and his nephew Eomer. He hadn't been engaged by the dwarf yet, and he was truly dreading it. Even though their hatred had been strong, the elf and the dwarf had slowly grown to be great friends and the possible death of the elf would no doubt kill the dwarf.

Even though the probability that elf was dead was overwhelming, the ranger refused to believe it until he found proof.

Aragorn had become so lost in thought, that he didn't even realize that he had reached the section of wall that had been damaged. He stopped abruptly and gazed at the crumbled stone. The horrifying sight before him made his stomach churn.

The blood of fallen men, elves, and orcs, stained the stone. Several of the men who had fallen during the explosion lay impaled by the jagged fallen rocks. The ranger turned away ever so slightly and grimaced. Unfortunately he knew what he had to do. Aragorn turned back to the gore and walked along the rubble. Every once and a while he turned over stones and peered underneath. Sometimes he truly wished he hadn't, the crushed bodies of men chilled him to the bone.

And then he found it. Lying among the blood and gore was a single white bow...Legolas' bow. Aragorn sucked in a heavy breath and knelt down to the ground. He hesitantly reached down to place a hand on the carved wood. It was cold, and the delicate carvings had been masked with dark red blood. The ranger picked it up and turned it over in his hand. He rubbed at his eyes with his other hand and pulled at his jacket sleeve. He gently wiped at the blood until the white wood was showing through once again. The man pulled the weapon closer and held it to his chest and let several silent tears fall.

"Hey Aragorn, have you seen that blasted elf?"

The ranger stiffened and set down the bow. Aragorn turned to find the stout creature of the dwarf standing behind him. Gimli was leaning casually against his axe as he shifted his armor. After he was satisfied with himself, the dwarf looked at the ranger on the ground. He frowned when he realized that the ranger was thoroughly distraught and clutching something behind his back. The dwarf approached him and knelt down in front of him.

"Aragorn…are you alright? Is Legolas alright?"

The ranger chewed at his lip and squeezed his eyes shut. He turned his head away and released a strangled whimper like noise. This was when the dwarf became seriously concerned. He grabbed the ranger's shoulders and shook him softly. Aragorn looked up to him with teary eyes. He slowly brought his hand forward and showed the dwarf the beautiful and well worn elven bow.

Gimli looked down at the weapon with shocked eyes. He reached a shaky hand forward and grasped the object lightly. He looked at the ranger with a questioning and worried gaze. Aragorn barely choked out his response.

"H-He…fell. He s-s-saved me a-and h-he fell…"

The dwarf looked to the bow and slowly stood.


"O-Off the wall w-when it blew up..."

The dwarf watched the ground and the bow as processed the information he had just been given. He remained quiet for another second before swearing loudly under his breath and turning his head to the sky.

"Damn it elf! Why do you always have to save the day? Why couldn't you just be selfish for one time in your pompous life?"

Aragorn suddenly leapt from his spot and walked to the dwarf. He placed a hand on the dwarf's shoulder and sniffed away some of his tears. Gimli turned to him and tried to hide his tears.

"Have you found him yet?"

Aragorn shook his head and staggered forward.

"No…and we may not have to."

The dwarf watched the man turn back to the rubble and begin searching through the rocks again, albeit a bit more erratically. The dwarf gripped the bow tightly and followed after the man. He joined in the search on the other side of the wall.

He moved rubble aside and grimaced when he only found the smashed remains of men and orcs. After several desperate minutes had passed, a shout of concern, amazement, and surprise filled the air.


The dwarf dropped the piece of stone he had been holding and ran to the ranger's location. He was confused when he saw the ranger holding up the side of a slab of stone. He scanned the object and almost dropped the elven bow when he saw the strands of golden hair lying across the material.

Gimli raced over and gasped when he saw the body of the elf wedged underneath the stone Aragorn was holding. He set down his axe and the elven bow, and grasped the elf underneath his arms before pulling forcefully. He managed to drag the being out and he laid him down upon a dryer section of ground. Gimli nearly threw up when he took in the overall state of the unmoving elf.

His hair's original color could hardly be seen anymore through the layers of grime, gore, blood, and dirt. His once flawless skin was now marred with cuts bruises and serious gashes. His pale skin was now mostly red and black with blood and dirt; in short his face was hardly recognizable.

Then there was the rest of his body.

His torso was a mess of blood and cuts. His tunic and jerkin were almost completely shredded. His left arm was turned at a completely wrong angle. His right arm wasn't in much of a better state. His hand looked completely crushed and his arm was marred with rather large gashes.

His lower body was in a similar state. His legs were messes of blood and his leggings were almost no longer existent due to the fact they were rubbed against the broken stone when he fell and when he was pinned underneath the decent size slab of stone.

Gimli cautiously brushed the few strands of hair from the elf's face and then sat back on his calves. He was in no hurry to find out what he knew he would have to test eventually. Then, as if perfectly timed, the ranger dropped the slab and stumbled over to the dwarf and bloody elf. He dropped to his knees next Gimli and shifted his hands in his lap.

"Have you checked?"

The dwarf shook his head and looked to the ranger.

"I-I can't Aragorn. I just can't…"

The ranger nodded and slowly reached a hand out to the elf's now mangled neck. He placed two fingers at the top of the elf's neck and he waited for several seconds. Then he pulled back slowly. Fearing the worst, Gimli closed his eyes and waited to hear the words he had been dreading. However, much to his surprise, those words never came. Instead he heard Aragorn's breathing rapidly increase.

He opened his eyes to find Aragorn pressing his fingers to Legolas' neck once again. Then the ranger pulled back and stared at the dwarf with wide eyes.

"Gimli…he's alive…"

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