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The Red String of Fate


This story happens in 2 era now and joseon. A tragedy makes the people who Hyoyeon's loved forced to executed by the Kingdom, even though those people are actually innocent. Hyoyeon promises that she will avenge her on those who have killed her family. Although her form of revenge is kill one of the members of the kingdom.  Hyoyeon  is not a stupid girl, she's even very smart. She plans to trick the Crown Prince, Jongin, by taking part in the royal wife's election for the Crown Prince. Until luck was in her hands because not long ago she can escape the election and become a future wife of the Crown Prince. The plan was almost successful, before suddenly she met directly with  the Crown Prince, a person who was able to turn her heart.However, Hyoyeon stills on her decision, she will still kill the Crown Prince. Until hundreds of years later, reincarnation happened and Hyoyeon and Jongin were born again. Hyoyeon was reborn to be poor girl who needed money so much that she must  work as a cleaning service at a large company headed by Jongin. And Jongin became the figure of a handsome CEO who is famous for his responsibilities and leadership so as to transform his small-scale company into an international scale. And again the fate made they met each other. When they are intentionally reunited by destiny, making them know each other again.

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

Part 1


Mudang: A person who can predict someone’s future.

Soo-Hyun (The King) ~ Ga-in (The Queen) are Kai’s parents in Joseon Era

Kim Hwon (Defense Minister & King Step Brother) ~ Eun-Gi are Hyoyeon’s parents in Joseon Era

Park Jungha (Advisor of Palace) is Yoona’s father in Joseon Era

“Jeoha, I’m sorry, but I have proof that Defense Minister Kim Hwon wants to seize Jeoha’s throne by killing Jeoha.” The jaws of Joseon King hardened on what one of the advisor of palace, Park Jungha, said.

“Give me that the proof now!” Jungha gave the king a letter and said, “Jeoha, please trust me, I just want Jeoha safe now.”

The king opened and read the letter. He knows who wrote it, even he knows the arches of every word that written by his stepbrother.

“Do you swear to your life that this is really a letter from Hwon?” ask the King.

Jungha bowed and said, “Nde, Jeoha, I really believe it’s a letter from Defense Minister Kim Hwon to kill you and your family.”

The king squeezed the letter. Although there was a small part in his heart that it was impossible for his stepbrother to do this, especially for his pregnant wife. But the letter in his hand proved everything. Kim Hwon has a cunning plan for her.

“Jungha, I want you to catch Hwon and bring him now!” Jungha smiled a little when the sentence came out of the King’s mouth. He was glad that it went according to his plan. Yes, plan to kill Kim Hwon.

Kim Hwon who was busy reading a book that the door was knocked loudly.The knock was getting louder, followed by the voice of a man, “Seonsaengnim, it’s me, Minho. Please open the door immediately!”

Hwon who heard his student’s voice finally opened the door. “What are you doing here?” asked Hwon.

Minho sighed. He must rushed now because it’s really an emergency and his teacher should know now. “Royal soldiers will come here soon to arrest you and your family, so while there is still time, you must leave now before they come.”

Hwon frowned. “Wait a minute, Royal soldiers? Actually what already happened?”

“Someone has accused you that you will kill the King. So please while there is still time to go, please leave now, Seonsangnim!” Hwon still thinking. How could it happen. Until they heard the sound of horse steps sounded from afar.

“Seonsangnim, please leave now or your life and the family will be threatened. Hurry up! There’s no time!”

Finally Hwon choose to obey what Minho said. Although he is still confused about what happened, but he believe what his student said. Hwon immediately woke up his wife, Eun-Gi, and said that the royal soldiers will come here to caught them. Eun-Gi understood because actually, she did not fall asleep when he heard Minho’s said from the outside.

Hwon help Eun-Gi packed up items and asked one of their servant to keep the wife as long as their circumstances are still threatened.

“Are not you going with us?” asked the wife.

Hwon shook his head and stroked Eun-Gi’s face. “I’ll come to you after I meet the King. I promise. ”

Suddenly the tears fall in Eun-Gi’s face. “Please don’t cry! I can’t come with you because I want to hear explanation from the King. So please, go now before they come!”

She wiped away her tears. “All right, but promise, you’ll meet us.”

Hwon nodded and gave the last embrace before finally Eun-Gi and their servant leave house with their horse.

The sound of horse’s soldiers was getting louder. Minho turned to his teacher, Hwon. “I always believed that the truth and honestly always win.”

Hwon smiled. “You are right. Now, are you ready to face the royal soldiers and the King?”

Minho nodded to his beloved teacher. “Certainly, I’ll always be ready and always be your side, teacher”

Eun-Gi, Hwon’s wife, stopped when she feel the pain in her womb. Eun-Gi and her servant, Nam-Hye, decided to get off from the horse and find a resting place after she went away from their house.

Until they found a small house in the middle of the forest. Nam-Hye immediately helped Eun-Gi to guide her master to that house.

“I think this baby will be born soon,” said Eun-Gi who had been constantly holding the pain in her womb. “I really hope that my husband is by my side when the baby is born.”

“Please, please hold it, Madam, no longer we will get to the house,” Nam-Hye said.

Until they reached the front of the house. Nam-Hye saw the statue and some offerings around the house who are convinced that this is not an ordinary woman’s house, this house may belong to a mudang.

Nam-Hye knocked on the door of the house until a woman opened it.“Can you help us? My Master is in pain and we desperately need a resting place.”

The woman nodded and invited them into the house and gave the room to the two women. And suddenly Eun-Gi is unable to hold back the pain in her womb. “I think she’s really going to born now,“And then, Nam-Hye and the woman immediately prepare everything.


“Why did you stop telling stories? Is the baby finally born safe, Unnie? Then what about her Mom and Dad? Are they safe anyway? “asked her little sister who now looked at her questioningly.

The girl closed the book in her hand and smiled at her little sister. “So-Hyun, did you know that I tell you this story to get you asleep as soon as possible? But why are you not sleepy until now?”

So-Hyun shooked her head. “I’m very curious about it and I really will not sleep if you don’t continue the story.”

The girl sighed. She really did not know how to make her sister fall asleep.

“Come on ... Please just once! Then I’m really going to fall asleep.”

“Sohyun-ah, do you remember that tomorrow you’re going to go to the school and I have to work on my first day. If I continue this story, it will be need a long time to finish it and it will be hard for me to wake up you tomorrow. ”

So-Hyun shooked her head. “Eonnie, I promise it will be easy to wake up me tomorrow.” Then So-Hyun gave winks to her sister.

“All right, but only a few pages, after that you should really sleep.”

So-Hyun nodded enthusiastically. “I promise.”

The girl reopened the last page that she read and started to continue her story.

Eun-Gi breathes a sigh of relief when she can hear the sound of her crying baby. Although with all the struggle especially when her husband wasn’t at her side, all that paid with the figure of a baby girl who has been born in the world.

“She is very beautiful,” Eun-Gi said while playing the baby’s little fingers.

“Yes, Madam. She really has beauty like madam. Did Madam already set up a name for her?”

Eun-Gi nodded. This baby name is actually already she prepared before her baby has not been born in the world. Her name made by her husband. “Kim Hyoyeon, Her name is Kim Hyoyeon.”

Her tears fell in her beautiful face when she remembering that her husband can’t see their daughter’s face for the first time.

“Nam-Hye, are you sure my husband will come here to see the baby?” Nam-Hye couldn’t answer it. She herself doubted about it. But somehow, she did not want to upset Eun-Gi.

“I’m sure Master will come, Madam,” said Nam-Hye

Eun-Gi nodded though her tears had not stopped, but she tried to convince her heart that her husband will come to them.

Eun-Gi unceasingly thanks to the woman who has given her a resting place and helped her to give birth.

The woman named Taeyeon nodded and smiled, and then she turned toward the baby in Eun-Gi’s arms.

“Actually I am a mudang and let me hold your baby for a while, I’ll read her fate to you.”

Eun-Gi nodded and handed over the baby to Taeyeon. Taeyeon smiled at the funny of her baby’s face, but her smile disappeared as she read the baby’s hand. The line that illustrates the future of the baby, what she will be in the future.

‘Impossible, a murderer?!’ asked Taeyeon to herself.

Taeyeon hide all her fears with a smile and handed the baby to her mother.

“How? Will she grow into a beautiful woman? ”

Taeyeon nodded. “Yes, she will be very beautiful later and she will become an artist who loved by the people,” she lied.

Eun-Gi smiles with relief before finally saying good-bye to Taeyeon and leaving the house with Nam-Hye.

Taeyeon who saw them can only smile after a lie that she said because truthfully the girl will not grow into an artist, but a murderer. Yes, the baby’s hand line is a murderer’s hand line.

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