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Sakura Uzumaki


Hi I'm Sakura Uzumaki my mother and father is unknown to me and my little brother Naruto Uzumaki. We both have a prankster streak and skip classes. Me and naruto are dead last in the class! I mean we literally cheat off Sasuke Uchiha I don't know how we get zeros!!!!! Well join me and my brother in this wonderful life and you know people abusing us. See ya there!!! Saku Uzumaki Disclaimer I do not own Naruto that goes to all of its rightful owners.

Fantasy / Humor
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Pranks oh yeah

Sakura Uzumaki pov

Yo I’m Sakura Uzumaki believe it! I am six years old and my bother and I are going to target the anbu head quarters,with our latest prank.

Don’t ask us how we know where it is! We totally haven’t been sneaking in places we shouldn’t be!

Naruto and I have been mixing the mixture of slime and paint with the glitter mixture. You see we are more talented than we look, no one is even go to suspect that we did this. We have learned to make seals that six year olds defiantly shouldn’t know how to use.

They have tried and failed to put the blame on us, geez how do we not pass things in school? I finished mixing the clolorful mixture and turned to Naruto.

“Are you done yet Naruto-kun!” He nodded his head excitedly. “You bet I am, believe it!” “Heck to the yeah”, I yell back at my best brother, my only brother.

I seal my mixture into the scroll and we creeped into the building. Placing the seals everywhere in one room and Naruto setting up one Bomb seal to set it off.

“Let’s actually go to class for once Sakura, we can learn some cool ninja moves!” Naruto excitedly blurts out, dragging me out of the building. “Sure Naruto, lets get out of here before we get caught.”

We made it a few minutes away when I felt like someone was watching us, so I did what any crazy kid would do. “Why oh why, did the young man have to get pranked so hard he didn’t deserve it!” “I don’t know Saku-chan but I will make sure, the culprits are taken care of!” He proudly states.

Than we were interrupted when a man picked us up. “Did you know that if you kidnap me, you can’t get rid of me?” I state to the unknown man. “I don’t think you’ll remember me after this kid, so I think I’m safe.”I giggled. “You think you’re safe no one is safe, I always get what I want! Woah I sounded like a rich snob right there Naruto!”

Katnin pov

I listen to the children bicker at me. My response was immediate and closed off. But the girl had a reply I wasn’t expecting. Is she really going to care enough about the guy that’s bringing her to the hokage, probably not.

Hokage pov

Katnin had just appeared infront of me with the children that are under my care till further notice. “Sakura, Naruto, how are you two?” Sakura and Naruto smile at the same time. “I’m just fine and dandy jiji it’s not like I have been kidnapped or anything!”

Sakura dramatically rolls on the floor for emphasis. “Wow and they say in dramatic?” I spoke up. “No jiji they say your a pervert.” Naruto and Sakura say simultaneously at the same time. “I’m going to murder those people!” A tut sounded out in the room. “I don’t think you should do that, you’re supposed to be a good example after all!”

“How about I tell you why you guys are actually here!” Sakura blinked innocently. “Not like I have anything better to do.” I stare at them. “The Harunos want you two too sell these things in suna.” Naruto’s smile reflects onto Sakuras face. “Isn’t there supposed to be a guy there that is just like us!”

I nod my head. “Yes, Naruto and you tie are also going over there to help him!” I laugh at that! This is going to be so much easier with out them here.

Than a boom sounded through the room. I run out to see anbu covered in paint and other sticky objects. I turn towards the children. Sakura awkwardly smiles at me. “When do we leave?” I growl. “Today I can’t handle you lot till you get back from suna!” Naruto and I giggle at our jijis expression.

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