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The Mean Teacher


It was Lucy frist year of year 9 and the most trouble thing is that some how they got D for math class.

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Chapter 1

I was woken by the light that shinning though the window. I look at brown clock on my nightstand it was seven’o clock. OMG I haven’t call Violet or Katie yet. So I quickly grab my Pink with purple flower dress that I wear to school. Beside that our school let us wear anything we wanted. Except Swimming suits and pajamas. I grabbed my pink phone and call Katie but she didn’t pick up my phone call. So I call Violet and she picked up.

”Hi Violet,” I said on the phone as walking downstairs.

”Hi Lucy! Katie didn’t pick my phone call up,” Violet said worrying on the phone. That let me think if she got sick or trip during the summer break. I heard my phone rang is Katie’s mom Lori.

I pick up my phone and answer, Hi Lori.

Lori said, “Hi Lucy.”

“How is Katie?” I asked worrying.

“Her sister Trina push her from the stairs,” Lori answered.

”Hope is she is fine ,” I said but I didn’t think that today I have to start the school year without her. Luckily I have Violet to start with me. As I was walking to school I spot Violet. So I walk to her and we walk to school together.

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