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You're Safe


Carol Danvers never told anyone she was pregnant, She liked to keep it a secret, her being as powerful as any deity. When she's bitten by a spider during her pregnancy she shrugs it off, whats a spider bite compared to warfare?

Action / Romance
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NOTE: (Tony and Natasha ain’t dead, cause I don’t think I can handle it, and Steve ain’t a wrinkly boi)

Also Note (Peter Parker died during Endgame... I KNOW I KNOW please just keep reading)

She was in front of the facility, sleek metal sparkled in the sun, freshly cut grass filled her nostrils as she inhaled steadily. It’s been months after Endgame, the war that had taken so many, everyone had moved in to be closer to one another, to bond after that bond was severed during the civil war, She moved in so she could be closer to these people that changed her for the better, she had finally settled down and made sure to do patrols every night around the galaxy.

She knew they were wary of her, what she could do, they had seen the real Carol Danvers in action when she lost control and brought down the enemy ship, how many she killed when she did so, it haunted her, were there children on that boat? Carol shuddered, she knew she was dangerous, The Kree had known this when they put that device in her head, The Avengers knew this when they met her. She was a force that could not be handled, and if so she was to be handled with caution.

“Hey Space-Lady” Carol sighed, turning to face Tony, he was looking better seeing that his arm had almost been amputated, it pained her to see him in pain, it was odd to see him in pain, when most of the time Tony Stark was just ego, but the blisters on his neck were receding which was good.

“What do you want, Stark” He was walking over to her, something in his hand, and the other in a sling, Carol used to be serious Space-Lady, but know she felt more comfortable with the team, eventually joining them in Clint’s prank war, They were all broken beyond repair, though they had each other. Tony was the worst out of all of them, his surrogate son Peter was dead, killed by Thanos for being a bug, quite literally Thanos squished him like one, they still haven’t found the body, and looking into Tony’s eyes she could clearly see the pain he was feeling and though it had been a few months he still felt it.

“HEY, watch your tone little miss, I have these for you” He held out a nice looking pair of golden gauntlets, complex engraving swirled around them, coming together to spell her name and the Avengers, she looked up from them to see how baggy the dark lines were under his eyes, and found them swollen.

“You should rest, we have that press conference soon.” She quipped dryly, it was true, the press conference announcing her joining the team would be in four hours, she would be introduced as Captain Marvel, as that was her name to everyone but her and Fury, she still hadn’t told them she was Carol Danvers, they had no idea, and she planned to keep it like that.

“Meh, I’ll be fine, nothing a cold shower can’t fix,” He waved it off, rubbing his sore eyes and letting out a sigh, “I.. I just miss him, so much..” Tony stopped as his voice wavered, taking a moment to gather himself, “Every time I close my eyes... I see him dying, and I can’t reach him” Tony stopped and let out a shaky breath.

Carol reached out a hesitant hand, gently grazing his back in a comforting way, trying to stop him from reliving the horror, she knew that everyone was incredibly sad, of his death, she knew how special Peter Parker was, she only knew him for a second and he seemed like a great kid, Tony shrugged off her hand and walked over to the door. She watched him go, her own heart aching at the state they were all in.

“Get ready for the press conference!” She called after him, to which he gave a wave of recognition, disappearing into the compound, the door slamming behind him. Carol sighed, the nerves beginning to quell in her stomach, as she focused her thoughts on the press conference, this was going to be interesting.

(Time Skippppp)

Carol Danvers was off to the side, out of sight from the clambering reporters that shouted questions as to why they were there, it was cold in the room, made her shiver. The reporters had pooled in and she had retreated to the back to change into her suit, the colors glinting brightly, Tony walked onto the stage, his arm still in a sling, the reporters began to belt over each other, trying to ask questions.

“Mr. Stark, how has the aftermath of Thanos affected you”

“Mr. Stark-”

“Mr. Stark-”

“Mr. Stark, the Intern Peter Parker hasn’t been seen for months, do you know where he is now?”

This question stopped Tony short and he cleared his throat, ignoring the reporters snapping millions of pictures of his face, he straightened his tie and began.

“So the reason why I’ve called for this press conference is quite exciting, and I know you all will want to ask questions, but for the sake of time, we will only answer five, got it? good, come out Captain.”

The reporters turned to the door, expecting to see Steve walk through the doors, though she lifted into the air and drifted from the side, surprising the whole group, as she stopped and landed next to Tony, cameras instantly began clicking as they all recovered from the shock.

“Mr. Stark, who is this?”

“Miss, what is your name”

“What is your relation to the Avengers”

“How old are you”

Tony put up his hand, effectively stopping the talking, though not stopping the photos from the press, they continued to snap photos, Carol smirked, Tony just glared at her, stopping to point randomly at a person.


“Ella Benoist, FortCo news, who are you?” The room quieted at the question, Carol allowed the silence to extend before she smiled and levitated into the air, and allowed her aura to blow to its full size (Like in Captain Marvel with Ronan) the swirling colors flooded around her, her eyes glowed with power, the room glowed and the cameras began flashing.

“I am Captain Marvel, Guardian of Earth,” She said simply returning to the ground to land besides Tony who rolled his eyes.

“Okay, yeah everyone loves a showoff” He gave her a little shove before pointing at another reporter.

“Aspen Fale, Daily Bugle, Do we get a real name?” The man gave her a slight smile, and she returned it. He seemed nice enough, but no, no one got to know her name, her real name.

“Just call me Captain”


“Wren Lei, Paper Studios. What are your powers, how did you get them” Carol stopped, what were her powers, how would she have described them, she knew the story on how she got them but..

“It’s classified,” She said cooly, Tony burst out laughing confusing both her and the rest of them, he doubled over, he slapped his knee and continued, only stopping with tears in his eyes gasping for breath.

“That was two questions” He pointed out, sobering almost instantly “We’re done here”.

She grinned calling for her aura to surround her once more before walking away, leaving the press to themselves.

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