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Transformers: Dark Ages


((Based offers of Transformers Prime)) Megatron was dead; Cybertron remained uninhabitable, and Earth was enjoying its longest time of peace ever since the Decepticons first arrived. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to last. As a new enemy would soon emerge; stronger and deadlier and hiding in the shadows. Earth would once again be in grave danger.

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Chapter 1: Peace

It had been years since the Decepticons first arrived on Earth. The war between them and the Autobots continued even after Cybertron was rendered uninhabitable and practically destroyed by war. But the war followed the Autobots to a supposedly peaceful planet.
Megatron had planned to destroy Earth..Well, turn it into something like another Cyberteon. But it would kill all inhabitants on the planet.

But luckily, Megatron was destroyed. And without a leader, the Decepticons broke up and fled; knowing full well that they were outnumbered. And outmatched.

Now, it was calm. Earth was enjoying its first year of peace without the Decepticons. At least for a long time. And now, the Autobots didn’t have to worry constantly about the war. As it was over. For now.
But a new enemy hid in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to reawaken and begin his plan.

Raf sat outside the schoolhouse. He was looking through his notebook, closely studying the notes he took for the test he had the following day.

The familiar sound of Bumblebee’s engine caught his attention. He looked up to see the familiar black and yellow camaro pull up along the curb.

Raf grinned and quickly threw his notebook back into his backpack. He jumped up and ran over to the awaiting Autobots.

“Hey, Bee!” He hopped in, met with the bot’s whistles and beeps. He shut the door and they started off back toward the base.

It was a few minute drive. Apparently, Jack and Miko were already there.
He saw Bulkhead and Miko watching monster trucks, which wasn’t all too surprising. Ratchet was where he always was, which wasn’t a surprise. Optimus stood behind him.

He opened the door and hopped out as Bumblebee transformed.

“Hey, Raf!” Miko grinned, leaning over the rail to wave to him. “Want to come up and watch some monster trucks with us?”

He gave a shy smile. “Sure, why not?” He headed up and plopped down onto the couch next to her.

Miko grabbed the popcorn bag sitting next to her, tossing some into her mouth. Bulkhead was watching the TV intently.

“Come on...Come on..Yeah!” Him and Miko yelled at the same time, pumping their fists into the air.

Jack and Arcee were absent, as they had went out for a ride. They were gone for a few hours, pretty much until it got dark.

Jack ended up being the only one to leave and go home that night, even though Raf and Miko were supposed to go too. It was a school night after all, and there was a test tomorrow. Raf was a little embarrassed to admit he didn’t study as much as he should have.

Him and Miko stayed up until about midnight. Then, they fell asleep. It was the first peaceful sleep Raf’s had in a long time.

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