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The King’s Selection


Welcome all citizens of the glorious Kingdom of Amaris! Today is a marvelous day in which the beginning of a long lasting love shall begin. Today our future King will meet his future Queen and they will forever be united as one as our leaders. Welcome to the Selection. All women between the ages 18 and 24 will have a chance to become a part of the Selection. Two women from each of the twelve main villages will be chosen to fight for the future King's heart. 24 women will fight but only one will stand and win the future King's heart. I welcome you all once again and good luck.

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Chapter 1

~Vanessa POV~

" It's Selection Day!! V wake up it's finally here! Can you believe it?!? It's so exciting aren't you excited?!??" Vicky screamed jumping up and down on my bed.

I jump up from bed still half asleep with a speeding heart thinking something is wrong from all the screaming. Once I process what my little sister Vicky had said I immediately feel calmer and lay back down to try and go back to sleep. Oh yes, The Selection what a waste of time and effort. It has been hammered into my brain, since I was born in the same time frame as the King, 2 women from each village from the ages 18 to 26 will be selected to try and win the King's heart. It's not only such an outdated concept that this kingdom worships it's also quite strange because no one has seen the future King since he was a boy. I'm not saying he is like missing or anything just that the royal family has kept him locked up in their castle since he was 15 and no one outside the castle has seen him since. King Desmond, Queen Anne, and Princess Gemma make many visits to all of the villages, yet the Prince is never there. I have never actually seen the royal family because when they visit the rich get top priority so they stay at the town center ( where the richest shops and citizens are). My family and I live on the outskirts of the village so we never really make it to big events like the royal family visits because of our status. If any of the wealthy village people saw us there we would be outcast within seconds so it's not worth the risk. I don't even know what the Prince's name is or what he looks like, the only ones who know live inside the castle. I guess that would be one pro to the Selection, getting to go and live in the castle for a while and being treated like a princess. But yet there is a never ending list of cons. At least I don't have to participate... well I might have to but there is like a 1/826 chance I would ever be chosen anyways, so I'm not holding my breath. I live in one of the biggest villages and they only take 2 girls so I should be fine. Another reason I will not be chosen is because I might be from one of the bigger villages but my family and I barely make ends meet and they would never want a poor girl as their Queen. My mother and I make jewelry for a living. Usually jewelry makers make a lot of money in our kingdom but sadly in our village there is only "one" jeweler and his name is Mr.Olsen so we must sell him our jewelry for a small amount while he makes all the money from our jewelry. I know it doesn't make sense but that is sadly how our village is run. The rich scam the poor while the rich gets richer. Ranting and getting sidetracked as per usual. Anyways I just turned 18 and the future King is 24, I believe, he probably would want someone closer to his age. All in all there is no way that I would become a part of the Selection. As much as I dislike the entire event my little sister Vicky is completely obsessed and swears I will be chosen and become the next Queen. Even though I know that will never happen I don't want her to know that because I know she still has a dream of being a princess and I don't wanna break her little heart.

" Yes it is today isn't it... great." I tell her getting up out of bed to get dressed for the day.

" You know you could sound a little more excited V! You are going to be part of the Selection! You are going to marry the King!!!" Vicky squeals and starts jumping around. I grab her shoulders and look her in the eyes.

" Vick sweetie we talked about this remember I haven't been chosen and I might not get to marry the King. And if not it's ok I will find another guy who will love me." I tell her smiling.

"Yeah but he won't be a King and you won't get to be a Queen soooo I say you should just marry the King!" She giggles. I chuckle deciding to just give up.

" I think you're right I'll try my best." I tell her knowing full well I will never meet the Prince or marry him. We laugh together.

" Oh Vanessa you will look so beautiful in the big dresses with crown on your head and the Prince by your side!" Vicky says daydream. Even-though I know it will not happen it does sound nice. But it is just a dream. A dream that will come true for some girl in the Selection but that girl won't be me.

" Girls time for breakfast!" My mom shouts from downstairs.

"Yay food!!" Vicky runs out of my room down to the kitchen to eat her breakfast.

I get changed into my simple black dress and head downstairs for breakfast. I walk into the kitchen and help prepare the table. I set the plate of eggs in front of Vicky with a glass of water.

"Aw eggs again." I hear Vicky whine.

" Vick I know honey I'm sorry that's just all we have right now ( that's also moms way of sugar coating the meaning of all we could afford to have for breakfast right now) but don't worry Vanessa and I have an appointment this morning in town with the jeweler so we will stop by the market on our way home for some fresh food okay?" My mom says sweetly to Vicky. I know Vicky didn't mean to be rude with her whining she is just too young to understand our issues with money.

"Yay thank you mommy!" Vicky had finished her eggs and ran out of the kitchen. I walked over to the table with my plate and sat across from mom.

" So we have to go see him again today? We just gave him an entire set three days ago? He can't possibly be asking for more can he? Those earring and necklace pairs took me weeks!" I asked my mom frustrated with the whole situation. She sighs.

" I know honey. I'm not sure what he wants today. He is very stubborn and cruel so we must be prepared for anything and just stay strong alright? Ok go get your bag and we will leave for the village." My mom says as she cleans the last dishes from breakfast. I go back up to my room and grab my bag with all of my jewelry supplies and a few unfinished pieces just incase Mr.Olsen decides to make us work. Mom and I make our way into town and it takes us about a 20 minute walk to get to Mr.Olsens jewelry shop. The closer we get to the center of the village the louder it gets. The center is packed with people running around everywhere trying to make the center of the village look better. All the shop owners are cleaning their windows and shining their signs. What the heck is happening?

" Hey mom why is everyone freaking out?" I ask.

" Oh honey it's the Selection Day remember?"

"Well yeah but why are all the store owners trying to make their shops look presentable? It's not like the Selection is happening here in the village center. I don't think I have ever seen the village look so nice and clean before."

" Because the royal family is visiting all 12 villages today and then tonight after they make it back to the palace the Selection shall take place." She explains. Oh ok I guess that makes sense. We walk up to Mr.Olsens jewelry shop and it looks beautiful. It shines and really stands out from all the other shops in town. Even though I hate Mr.Olsen it is my dream to have a shop like his to sell my own jewelry. I take a deep breath as mom and I walk into the shop. We walk in and see Mr.Olsen pacing.

" Finally! Took you long enough you are... 5 minutes late! 5 MINUTES! I don't have time for 5 minutes late!!" Mr.Olsen screams at my mother and I. In my head I scream back at him and tell him he is a jerk for stealing all of the money my mom and I deserve for our hard work and tell him he is mean and he should go rot but instead I just stay silent and keep my composure.

" My apologize Mr.Olsen the craze of the royal family's visit slowed us down." My mother says very politely to the jerk next to us.

" Yes well, whatever, I don't have time for talking and neither do you. I need more rings in the men's department so get on it." He snapped.

"Well Mr.Olsen you see we actually have to go to the market today and it will be closing early because did the Selection tonight so is it alright if we head to the market first and then come back to finish the rings after? Mom asks kindly.

Mr.Olsen glares at us. Then says, " No! One of you may go while the other stays here and starts my rings now! GET TO IT!" He screams and walks off. I sigh and turn to mom.

" I already have a few rings started mom you go on ahead to the market and I'll try to get these finished up." I tell her smiling.

"Are you sure it's alright honey? I know you didn't want to work today because of the intense schedule we have and I'm so sorry. And today of all days! You should be preparing for the Selection not working." She says getting upset.

" Mom it's ok! I love making jewelry! It's just not as fun when you are told to do it. And we both know I would rather be making jewelry than prepping for the Selection. Go on to the market and I'll meet you at home later tonight. I love you." I tell mom giving her a hug and kiss. She chuckles

" You honestly are amazing!Love you too sweetheart! And we will talk about the Selection comment later. If you need me just call alright and I'll speed over to help you ok?" She said walking out of the jewelry shop. "Ok mom bye!" I tell her as she leaves. I have a feeling this is going to be a long day.

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