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The King


Yeah a Reddie thing! I got this from Conan Grays song The King, it just reminded me of Reddie the first time I listened to it....so let’s see how this goes I guess!? AGES Richie- 19 Eddie- 18 Yeah! Bye enjoy. Maybe Smol amounts of smut.....NOT REALLY SMUT! But the other thing... idk

Romance / Action
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Chapter one

“I don’t know what I did wrong! She just....told me it was over!” Richie whined laying his head on Eddies lap “Didn’t this happen last time, and the time before that!?” Eddie rolled his eyes. “No! Well....kinda but Jason, he was a bitch! You know that!!” Richie growled. “I think everyone you’ve dated is a bitch Richie” Eddie chuckled and sighed. Richie sat up and looked at Eddie “Seriously not helping!”. “Mmmm well! I don’t know what to tell you!” Eddie sighed. Richie looked down “So...I’ve been talking to this boy, he’s really cute and he’s sweet!” Richie smiled softly.


Ugh here we go again! It’s the same every single fucking time! He meets someone, he “falls in love”, and then they dump him or he doesn’t have interest in them any more! Why can’t he just see that I’m th-


“Hello! Eddie are you listening!?” Richie snapped in Eddies face. “Huh, y-yeah sorry” Eddie looked at Richie and sighed. “Anyway, his name is Charlie, his eyes are really cute and he likes street fighter, and all the stuff I like.” Richie smiled. “He sounds nice” Eddie said blankly. “Eddieeeee! Can you be happy for me” Richie whined. Eddie sighed and smiled “Yay! My best friend is gonna get heart broken again!” Eddie said sarcastically. “jeez! Thanks Ed’s!” Richie rolled his eyes and layed his head back on Eddies lap. “Eddie....” Richie said quietly. “Yeah?” Eddie played with Richies hair. “Do you really think I’ll get my heart broken....again?” Richie asked softly. “I don’t know Richie....I just hope you find the right one soon” Eddie said softly.

Richie sighed and closed his eyes. “Nuh-Uh dipshit! Lay right!” Eddie got up from the bed and walked to get some clothes “Gonna take a quick shower” Eddie sighed and walked out of the room walking into the bathroom. He undressed and got in the shower, he sat down and let the water go down his back.


Why the fuck does this keep happening! I mean! I’m right fucking here!! Like what the fuck!! Obviously he likes me! He says he loves these other people and all they do is hurt him and it’s fucking annoying!!! I’m just....I’m just gonna let him learn! Because.....he just comes to me......he comes to me!.....ITS SO FUCKING OBVIOUS HE JUST NEEDS TO STOP FUCKING IGNORING IT!....when is he going to see! I’m the one! I just don’t understand!......


KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK’ “Ed’s? Are you okay?” Richie asked from outside the door. “I’m fine why?” Eddie stood up and put some shampoo on his hands massaging his scalp. “Because! You’ve been in here for almost nineteen minutes! When you say quick shower you are only about four or five minutes. “ Richie looked down at the floor and saw steam coming from underneath. “What!?” Eddie couldn’t really hear Richie anymore. “Why is the water so hot! And it’s been twenty minutes!” Richie said a bit louder. “Open the door! I can’t hear you!” Eddie said washing out the shampoo, putting a bit of conditioner rubbing it in and letting it sit.

Richie opend the door and his glasses fogged up immediately, he stayed outside the restroom door but it was cracked open “I said! You’ve been in here for twenty minutes! And you said quick shower! When you say quick shower you usually take four to five minutes!” Richie sighed. “So you time my showers!” Eddie chuckled softly. “I don’t time your fucking showers! I just so happen to know what time you get in the shower and what time you get out, and when you say a quick shower you usually only take four to five minutes! Now when you say you’re going to take a shower that’s a different story.” Richie rolled his eyes. “You’re an idiot Rich!” Eddie sighed “I’m fine, I just think you should take a break from dating....I know you’re trying to find the right girl or guy but....it’s just one after another you know.....and I hate seeing you sad or hurt!” Eddie said softly. “....goodnight Ed’s...” Richie said softly and walked out of the bathroom closing the door, he walked to Eddies room and layed down yawning falling asleep almost instantly.

Eddie got out of the shower and got dressed, he walked into the room and looked at Richie, he rolled his eyes and threw his clothes in the dirty basket. He walked to Richie’s side of the bed and took off his glasses gently putting them on the desk. He sat on the bed and looked at Richie “Goodnight, love you Rich...” Eddie said quiel Turing off the light laying down falling asleep after a while.


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