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Still With You


The stereo started playing again the same song, the same notes, the same cassette, the same voice, the same honey-dripped luscious voice which makes him sleepless all overnight. The voice of his dead husband. Kim Taehyung walking into this mansion like a lone ranger walking behind those fainted curtains, still waiting for that one person to show up, although he knew he never gonna come, he still want him to come. What he didn't know that this night gonna change everything for him... Started:- 07/06/2020 Ended:- 07/06/2020 Don't plagiarise my book in any way

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Still with You

[5138 words]

Author Note:- This one-shot is completely the work of fiction and none of the characters have to do anything with the real person out there neither has anything to do with their personality. Before you read let me clear one thing this book is completely my idea. I wrote this whole in 5hours by listening to “Still with you” on SoundCloud for God knows how many times. Don’t fucking dare to use the plot in any way.

Remember Plagiarism is a crime.

This book contains slight angst and mature and some NSFW content. So kids please don’t read if you are underage or read at your own risk.

I love taekook with all my heart ❤ and this book is a small dedication towards that. I have no interest in ship-wars and all. Just love ot7 we all are ARMY and remember.

“We’re only seven with you♩✧♪●♩○♬☆”

Now let’s get the bread...

“That faint voice of yours that grazed me

Please call my name one more time”

The stereo started playing again the same song, the same notes, the same cassette, the same voice, the same honey-dripped luscious voice which makes him sleepless all overnight. The voice of his dead husband.

Kim Taehyung walking into this mansion like a lone ranger walking behind those fainted curtains, the darkroom, the closed-door which was still waiting for that one person to show up, although he knew he never gonna come he still want him to come.

Kim Taehyung POV

It’s been 6 years since he passed away leaving me all by myself and his mansion which he bought for us with oh-so love.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. I was walking on the mansion with barefoot as a ghost haunted me. I was waiting for him. A faint breath left from my lips. My eyes closed leaning in the couch in the comfort of his voice with my head supporting my head and legs all pressed with my chest.

“I’m standing still under the frozen light, but

I will walk towards you, step by step

Still with you”

I started to think about the night we used to spend on our anniversary. The night which belongs to us and only us. And with that, I slowly drifted back to that night 6 years back. When we were perfect. Yes, the only word ever described to me and Jeongguk is Perfect. We were like the snow which falls on Christmas night. Our cuddles are the warmest thing that could ever happen.

After dealing with all the stress and tiredness of the world when he comes in the house while loosening his tie. Walking to the couch, while removing his coat and opening two of his shirt buttons.

I walked towards him with the glass of water and the look on his doe-eyes gave me always made me flip my stomach. I wonder how he can still control the butterflies in my heart. How could he able to make my heartbeat go faster than its usual speed. Still,

“We laugh together, we cry together

These simple feelings were everything I had”

“How was your day, Ggukie?” I said while sitting on his lap while straddling him.

“You know, it never turns normal. How bad even I want it to be.” He said slowly moving his hands on my silk shirt. So slowly, so gently afraid if I could break. Like, I am some kind of fragile glass. His hand roaming on my waist firing the sparks in my heart or maybe I can say OUR heart.

“You look beautiful, Tae” The most known fact that he used to remember me each day.

“You are being charming again,” I said while giggling over his comments. He always says those words to me. I wonder how he can’t get tired of saying me the same things over and over again. Even if all the world started saying the same thing I think it’s still him who makes me feel all glittery over those words while glowing his doe-eyes and bunny smile. Yes, only he can make me feel like this.

“A pitch dark room

I shouldn’t get used to it

But I’m used to it again”

I looked at the couch again while refreshing all the sweet memories of that night. We engulfed each other like its the perfect heaven for us. Only us. I was laying on my couch looking at the happy giggles of Jeongguk and his Taehyung. Yes, his Taehyung.

“Tsk, You pathetic jerk. How could you leave me all with these memories? How could you just leave me with all these sufferings? How could you leave me with all these emotions? HOW COULD YOU JEONGGUK... HOW COULD YOU?”

Third-person POV

He yelled at the couch where Jeongguk and his Taehyung were probably making out in his imagination. He started grabbing his hair and closed his eyes in frustration while stopping himself from remembering those faint but deep memories of the love of his life. Oh, how beautiful was all that until that night...

“The low-pitched sound of the air conditioner

If I don’t have this, I might just fall apart”

“Baby, Do you know what tomorrow is?” Tae asked while twinkling his eyes in front of his hubby and Jeongguk being the brat wants to tease his baby. So instead of showering his baby bear into kisses, he said.

“Tomorrow is there something really important there? Besides, its weekday. I might get a chance to wake up late.” He said while gripping his holds tight around his husband knowing completely that he either get off of him or maybe start throwing his hands in a cute kitten way. Thinking of that mere thought made him churn internally over the sight of the cute bear.

Tae looked at him while his lips forming a cute pout as he looked back at his husband oblivious of the fact that he is getting tricked.

“You meanie... How could you forget an important date like that?”

“Oh really, well let me think What could be tomorrow?”

“It’s still 2 hours left until the next day and I swear if you can’t able to remember anything you are going to sleep on the couch,” Tae said while crossing his hands over his chest. With that, he shrugged Guk’s hand off of his waist leaving the greed of those lustful butterflies that were still firing in his stomach. He moved his way to the dining table arranging the food for both of them while a pout still forming on his plump lips.

Jeongguk looked at Tae from behind and smiled while searching his bag in look for something rectangular box-shaped like until his eyes flashed an emotion of victory. He took out the box opening it and a smile automatically made his way through his lips while watching the shining piece of metal. He closed the box while securing it in his pocket.

“In a rapturous memory

The rain pours even when I dance alone”

Taehyung walked toward the dining table with his dry eyes. The stereo was still on. The voice of his lover was still playing in the air. He watched the silhouette of Jeongguk came and put the silver chain around Taehyung’s neck which made him turn in happiness and he engulfed his Ggukie in a tight hug.

Taehyung looked at his past self getting all happy over a single piece of metal that his diamond-like husband bought for their Golden day. Oh, how happy Taehyung was that his Ggukie remembered their 5th anniversary.

He touched his metal necklace while looking at the day when Jeongguk put that on him. Not cause he wants to show the world how possessive he was over his husband, but more because Taehyung is Jeongguk’s. He is... He was... and he always will be and that necklace will make sure to remember Taehyung that.

After which they ate their dinner while Jeongguk sharing how his day went at the hospital. Yes, he was a doctor. While Taehyung fanboying over his husband features and talks, It was the most beautiful moment for them cause it was their moment. Jeongguk’s voice was melody to Taehyung’s ears. After they get their dinner, Jeongguk went to his room upstairs to take a quick shower to remove all of his exhaustion which was already removed while talking to Taehyung but still he doesn’t want to stink while making out on their anniversary with his adorable boyfriend. It’s not like they care about the fact but still...





Taehyung followed Jeongguk’s silhouette and he walked past him, checking his smell while doing so his hands laid on Jeongguk’s wardrobe. He still kept all his shirts and blue jeans. He looked at Jeongguk’s silhouette taking his clothes making his way to shower. He again looked at the wardrobe taking out one of his shirts leaning into the smell.

“It still smells the same. The cologne... I must’ve put it somewhere here.” He fumbled the clothes and found the cologne opening the lid while smelling the coffee and aroma smell. The smell of his Jeongguk’s.

“By the time this mist clears

I’ll run with my feet wet

So hug me then”

He stripped himself from his clothes getting completely naked only wearing his white briefs. He wrapped himself with Guk’s silk shirt while putting some cologne of his husband. It was like he wants to engulf himself in Jeongguk.

“Please baby, come back...”

“I can’t...” Suddenly a familiar voice came out of nowhere and Taehyung turned his head toward the sound watching Jeongguk’s silhouette talking to someone on phone.

“For god sake, it’s 11:30 PM and its raining outside. How can you say me to come like this? Can’t any other doctor be available at this moment?”

“We are sorry Dr. Jeon we know its a very important date for you. But please understand the patient is going through pain. We think its the time of her labor. Sir, you know her case. She was also a patient of Myocardial ischemia [It’s a kind of lung disease]. It’s gonna be dangerous for both mother and her child. Sir, Please we need you in this emergency. Others are not even picking the call.”

He sighed.

“Ok, Fine... I will come. But make sure to prepare her with normal anesthetics. Drug her with Nitroprusside and make all the necessary preparation. We are going to operate her.” Jeongguk started discussing everything on the phone until the door flung open and there comes Taehyung with his eyes full of tears.

“I...I call you later.” with this he cut-off the phone not giving a single care about the other line.

“Shhh... baby, what happened? Why are you crying? Did you hurt yourself somewhere?”

“You meanie... how could you think about leaving me on this day...on OUR DAY?”

Jeongguk got the point and without saying a single another word. He engulfs the latter in his arms.

“I am sorry, but trust me I will be back. Wait for me.” Jeongguk said and Taehyung tsked while looking at himself in Jeongguk’s hold.





“The day, that moment

If I knew this was gonna happen

I would have remembered more of them"

“I will come Tae, and we have the whole day tomorrow. I will be here with you. We’re going to cuddle the whole day. I will also take you to wherever you want. We will eat, sleep, and watch movies together and at night we make love like no tomorrow. I promise Tae, I will come.”

“Liar... Liar... Liar... LIAR” Taehyung screamed on top of his lungs. While approaching his silhouette like he wants to communicate his self like any deity on the other line will make his past-self listen to his screaming present self.

“No... Noo... Nooooooo... Don’t let him go. Don’t let him go...DON’T FUCKING LET HIM GO... HE IS LYING... CAN’T YOU LISTEN TO ME... HE IS LYING... HE IS NOT GOING TO COME BACK... FUCKING STOP HIM...” Taehyung screamed on top of his lungs and suddenly the light was gone. The thunder bolted outside and silence. All went silent. Like nothing ever happened. Like taehyung just didn’t repeat his dreadful night all over again in front of him. He turned around the house only to find the pitch-black darkness similar to his condition. He doesn’t even know why he was alive at this point. Why didn’t he went with Jeongguk on that rainy night?

Oh- how bad he wants to engulf Jeongguk again.

How bad he wants to kiss his lover once again like there is no tomorrow...

How bad he wants to say him I love you again and again like its the only sentence he ever knew.

How bad he wants to say his lover that... He misses him

“I miss you Ggukie...” with that Taehyung bent his legs and curled up in soft sobs.

“When will it be?

If I see you again

I will look into your eyes

And say, “I missed you”.”

It’s 12 AM and their anniversary. Taehyung reminded himself. He got the strength to gather himself and made his legs make their way to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and took out the cake he made yesterday pouring all the love he had left in his now empty soul. He was like a walking dead body but its true Kim Taehyung was still ethereal. The blinding beauty which can never fade. Cause it was not from his physique. It’s from inside, his innocent self, his gentleness, his warmth, his heart with love contained for each needy person out there.

After Jeongguk passed in the car accident that night while coming back delivering the baby making sure they both mother and child were safe.

Taehyung was devastated as soon as he got the news it was as if he got struck by an invisible wall. He got crazy all over when he saw their peers take him to Jeongguk’s dead body. How can he still look so beautiful? How can he look like he is smiling while seeing me getting all teary over his dead body?

The only thought that came across Taehyung’s mind was...

“Why did you leave me? YOU BASTARD!!! How did you forget your promise? How could you sleep while taking my heart with you? How could you lie to me? Huh...why?? TELL ME YOU BASTARD WHY....AAAAAHHHH!!!!” Taehyung screamed in Jeongguk’s ears praying each single God out there to make his Ggukie listen to him. Maybe he might return while listening to his baby’s crying and hug him like he always did.

“G..Ggukie... I am c..cry...hicc... crying. Aren’t you going to wipe these tears?”

He again stopped crying and looked at the lifeless body of his lover.

“Who is going to make me smile now? Who is going to say me that You are mine? Who is going to kiss me as you do? Who is going to make my heart beat faster as you do? Who is going to hug me when I get sad or hopeless? You treat all the world but what about my heart who is going to treat me now?” Taehyung cried like there is no tomorrow. He even kissed his lips trying to make them respond but they were lifeless. His body was right there and it was like it was not there. It was not his Ggukie.

“The moon looks lonely

Like it’s crying in the bright night sky

Even though I always know the morning will come

I want to stay in your sky like a star”

A tear slipped from Taehyung’s face while recalling the old memories. To be honest he was tired... so tired. He himself didn’t know how he managed to live 6 years without Jeongguk’s warm smile, his hugs, his kisses, his tight hold... It’s a long list if he starts to count the reasons he loved Jeongguk. Cause at an instant there was many but at another instant there was nothing. He loved Jeongguk cause it was him. Taehyung’s Jeongguk. Both names fit completely for each other. Like they are made for each other.

He sighed walked towards the couch with the cake.

“Still with you”

The recorder was still playing and it wasn’t helping Taehyung anyway. He placed the cake on his side and walk towards the recorder and turned it off. He sighed again taking a deep breath while walking to his couch again.

He sat again and placed his cake on top of his lap looking at the adorable white letters full of love.


He put 2 large candles on top of it. He lit them. The light brightens the picture of Jeongguk that taehyung took on their first date.

“Happy wedding anniversary to us Jeongguk.” with that he blows the candles off and cut the cake in two small pieces while taking one in front of Jeongguk’s mouth and then eating it. He closed his eyes melting himself in the sweet taste of chocolate. Until...

The recorder starts,

Taehyung opened his eyes. He looked in the direction of the stereo. Suddenly the cloudburst making all the light of the mansion went out. The rain was started to went heavily. The curtain started flying by the strong wind. Taehyung was still wearing the white silk shirt with the white briefs and Jeongguk’s cologne. He smiled.

“He came, Finally.”






Taehyung turned his head towards the table and there he was... Yes, Jeongguk was there. Sitting on the couch just on the opposite side of him facing him. With the same dark orbs, doe-eyes, bunny smile, raven hair. He looked at Taehyung with the same love in his eyes with the same passion.

Jeon Jeongguk came back as he promised. He came back for his husband. He came back for his unfulfilled promises. The promises he made with Taehyung.

“You came back,” Taehyung said while standing up in front of his lover. You can say he may be seeing things and all but he didn’t drink anything. He was completely sane.

“I never left you,” Jeongguk said while glowing his doe eyes in front of Taehyung. He looked at Taehyung, making his eyes roaming all over his milky skin.

“You are smelling like me.” He said while looking at Taehyung more lustfully and darkly. Making his voice deep and dominant sending shivers down Tae’s spine.

Tae sat on Jeongguk’s lap again straddling him but this time he started to move his ass lightly on Jeongguk’s length creating small friction making both of them moan in pleasure.

“You know you are going to get punished for this, Tae”

“Do you think, I care?”

“Tsk... If you did this back then maybe I never picked that call.” Jeongguk said while smirking and Taehyung looked into his eyes, stopping his action.

Jeongguk eyed him. Taehyung sat up from his lap.

“I am not going to do the same mistake twice.” with this taehyung again sat on top of Jeongguk but now his back was facing Jeongguk’s front. His ass got more space to reach out to Jeongguk. But what Jeongguk took off guard when Taehyung put his hand holding Guk’s muscular arms and started buckling his ass on his already hard length earning a faint growl from him.

Jeongguk grabbed Tae’s hands in the back with one hand and by another hand, he held Tae’s neck and turned it towards the side creating space for him to kiss his neckline. He started leaving kisses and purple bruises and hickeys all over his neck and skin. Taehyung was biting his lip with all the force for not letting go of his self so easily. He wanted to make this longer... Longer...FOREVER.

“Behind the faint smile that looked at me
I will draw a beautiful purple shade”

“Let go of yourself Tae,”

“Don’t hold yourself back. Moan louder. Let me listen to you. It’s been 6 years since we listened to each other.”

“G..Ggukie... Ah.. mhmm...” It’s like Jeongguk made Taehyung lose his sanity while saying those sinful words from his lips. It was like all the fantasies and imagination that Taehyung drew about Jeongguk over the past 6 years were now finally happening.

Taehyung arched his back when Jeongguk sucked on his weak spot. He knew Tae’s body more than Taehyung himself. Moans and heavy breathing starting leaving Taehyung’s mouth.

“Gguk...Ggukie... Please, I... I can’t take it anymore.”

“Needy baby...” Jeongguk teased him.


“Words Tae...”

“Please Ggukie... I can’t... Please I want it.”

“What do you want Tae? Say it... How can I know if you can’t say what you want from me?”

And Taehyung lost it.

“Fuck me... Please Jeongguk Fuck me... Fuck me my brains out. Fuck me till I can’t able to breathe. Fuck me as you want me. Fuck me as you own me. Fuck me as I belong to you. Fuck me like you desired this every single night. Fuck me remembering every single time you looked me getting naked. Fuck me like there is no tomorrow. Just Fuck me Jeongguk... Just Fuck me. Please I beg you. Please Fuck me.”

Jeongguk’s eye widened listening to Tae’s confession. He knew tae was holding it for so long but he never knew he was that desperate.

He held Tae by his waist while turning him towards his side and then lifted him up bridal style without uttering a single sentence. Taehyung looked at his husband with his dear eyes. Taking all of his features. They went to their room. Jeongguk didn’t care to close the door cause he wanted all the Gods and Demons out there to listen to how vocal taehyung can get only for him and only for him. He make sure to let them know How they made Taehyung suffered all 6 years without a single touch on his body.

He removed the shirt from Taehyung’s lustful milky skin leaving him like a canvas on the bed just to be painted by his Jeongguk. Yes, his Jeongguk.

He then undresses from the suit he wore the night 6 years ago. Leaving him also in his black boxers.

He hovered on top of his body making him leave a moan. He started planting kisses all over Taehyung’s neck, hands, and then his belly, his feminine curves. He went down towards his thighs earning pretty whimpers from his baby. He removed Tae from his boxers and lifted his legs on top of his shoulders while crouching down towards his face to kiss his plump lips leaving his bare ass all in air. When the cold wind hit their heated skin the smell of both them turned each of them more intoxicating. After a good amount of devouring Taehyung’s lips while leaving them swollen, he put his fingers in his mouth and indicate Tae to suck them.

After making sure his fingers are well lubricated. He pushed one of his fingers in Tae’s ass. Tae moaned in pleasure like he was waiting for this moment. He held his hands toward Jeongguk showing him the urge that he wants to hold him close. Guk leaned down for tae to hold his neck while he started kissing him and fingering him at the same pace making him moan between the kiss.

He slowly inserted his second finger and start scissoring his now wet hole. Tae was in bliss. He was feeling all the butterflies in his stomach. He was getting loved by his lover, his husband, the love of his life, his lifeline, his Jeongguk. He was the happiest person on earth right now.



“I love you,” they said in unison and a smile made its way to their faces.

“I am going in, Tae... okay? Tell me if it hurt”

“Okay...” Taehyung was feeling again like a princess whom Jeongguk want to protect from all the pain, the fragile glass who Jeongguk want to be secured, He was feeling like a feather and yet he was feeling safe, he was feeling delicate, he was feeling complete. Finally...

Jeongguk went inside of Tae and stopped giving tae time to adjust to his size. It’s adorable how even after Taehyung said Jeongguk to get all rough on him and not hold back in any way. He still going softer on Tae. You know why?

Because this is the power of love. It makes us one soul. Neither we hurt the person nor we leave the person.

After a few seconds, Tae nodded to Jeongguk indicating him to start moving. Jeongguk starts with slow thrusts at first. But then slowly he started thrusting faster leaving Taehyung in pure ecstasy. He was loving all the lustful faces the beauty was making under him. He wanted more. The moans were melody to his ears. Soon Tae reached his high.

“Jeo..Jeongguk... aaahh.... Huhh.... I am close....”

“Yes, baby... Me too...”

“Ahh... Ggukie... Please can I come.”

“Yes, cum baby, Cum for me baby...” and That was all that took Tae to leave a loud moan of the name of Jeongguk covering his and Jeongguk’s stomach with white cum. Soon after Jeongguk fastened his pace. Skin clapping is the only thing one can hear. Taehyung already came and Jeongguk not stopping even after he came inside tae was not helping tae at all. He squealed with the overstimulation his eyes went upside and his back arched above the bed. He was holding Jeongguk all this time while Jeongguk kept thrusting on him at an animal pace.

They both were like making out even after cumming thrice as the hungry wolves in the moonlight. Jeongguk picked Taehyung and made him straddle on top of him while thumping his apple ass on top of his length. Taehyung was screaming with all the simulation and this sudden change in position and the dripping sweat from Jeongguk’s masculine body was making his hole clench on his length.

Jeongguk felt the clench on his dick he growled in frustration and turned tae down facing the bed, ass up in the air and started thrusting again. Taehyung was a moaning mess. His eyes were filled with tears and saliva dripping his mouth making his lips gloss. He was looking so ethereal and sinful both at the same time. It’s true Tae really never felt this good in the past 6 years. It was magic. Their magic only happens when they make love with each other like no tomorrow. And like this Jeongguk and Taehyung kept fucking each other god knows how many times.

“We may not be on the same page
But I want to walk this path with you”

Its 6 AM and Taehyung and Jeongguk were lying on the bed while hands tangled and staring at each other’s eyes, never leaving each other like if they saw anywhere else the other might’ve left him. But there is something different. Taehyung was feeling it. He was feeling something is missing. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He looked at Jeongguk.

“Ggukie, Why can’t I feel tired? I can’t feel my breath. It’s like somebody took my lungs. I can’t feel them. Why Ggukie?” Taehyung asked while fear imprinting on his face.

“I think you know this better Tae, right?”

“Me... How? What did I do? I don’t remember anything. I did what...Oh my, don’t say that..”

“Why did you poison the cake Taehyung?” Jeongguk asked while hugging Taehyung’s petite figure.

“I...I didn’t Ggukie, I didn’t...Did I?” Taehyung said more like the answer came out as a question.

“Don’t lie Tae, I saw myself that you were adding that rat killing powder in your cake batter. I tried to remove your hands... But you didn’t hear me.”

Taehyung jolted by what Jeongguk said and he ran towards the basement and the sight made his mouth all drop to the ground.

There was lying Taehyung’s dead body in a sleeping position. His lips, nails all turned blue. All he was left with the silk shirt and the cologne and his body was right there, peaceful, cold, and lifeless.

“How did this? Does that mean Jeongguk? Jeongguk... Oh no... Jeongguk He left me... No No...” He turned with teary eyes only to found Jeongguk standing on the stairs looking at Taehyung’s beautiful features taking it all inside him.

Taehyung sighed in relief. He went towards him.

“That means... I... You, we are a ghost.”

Jeongguk smiled at his husband’s cute words. He was still so pure. Their love was pure, honest, gentle and moreover it was true. The only reason which made even God surrender to his prayer and rather than making Jeongguk come back they made Taehyung united with Jeongguk.

Jeongguk and Taehyung both died on the same day. They became one on the same day. They kept their promise.

“I, Jeon Jeongguk take Kim Taehyung, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish,till death do us part."

“I, Kim Taehyung, take Jeon Jeongguk, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish,till death do us part"

They kept their promises.

True love holds power, the amount of strength which can make the impossible...possible. Now some of you might be thinking why it took 6 years for Taehyung to meet Jeongguk. So, the answer is his patience. His endurance and his will power, his love it took all of him to live for the next 6 years without his love, and within all these years there is not a single time when Taehyung didn’t miss Jeongguk. And when the pain finally becomes unbearable. He took the daring step.



“Your voice is my melody,
Your lips are the way of my breath,

Your love is my cure,

Even if we have to die,

It will...Still with you”

The End

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