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A New World (TMNT meets Sonic crossover)


Months have passed since the Turtles have defeated their arch-nemesis Shredder and all is well in New York City. However, though, things are not as peaceful as the Turtles could hope for. One night, while out on patrol, a mysterious vortex portal is activated, sending the four brothers into another world full of Mobians who struggle to keep Dr. Eggman at bay, but luck is on their side once all of Team Sonic including Sonic himself discovers the Turtles. Join the Turtles, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo in their battles side by side with the Mobian heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Tails the Fox, Sticks the Badger, and Knuckles the Echidna as they face the evil Dr. Eggman in order to keep the world safe from harm while also even, in some cases, dealing with Metal Sonic the Badnik and Shadow the Ultimate Lifeform and prepare for awesome teamwork between the beloved heroes from two different worlds! Note: This takes place after the TMNT 2012 show and during Sonic Boom, I don't know much about TMNT honestly, so forgive me if I get the Turtles' personalities, and if you don't like Sonic Boom, you don't have to read it, this story is towards people who do like Sonic Boom, but I won't make it stupid like how a lot of people thinks it is in this story, so, please give it a chance. Enjoy! :)

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Chapter 1: Another Defeat

Sonic ran around inside of Eggman's lab fighting off every single robot that he sent after him within a few minutes the sight of how fast he damaged them badly sending rage inside of Eggman as he glared at the blue blur in frustration his mustache moving as the human bared his teeth before he glanced over at a button that glowed and the evil doctor pushed it right as Sonic was done defeating the robots while he looked up at Eggman his eyelids half-closed and his one brow raised as he gave his arch-nemesis a cocky confused look on his face curious at the smirk that Eggman was giving him.

"If you're just trying to intimidate me with that weird look on your face you can forget it, I ain't afraid of you since none of your robots can defeat me," Sonic said to Eggman.

"Oh-ho-ho, just you wait Sonic, this time you'll most definitely be defeated." Eggman chuckled. "Behold! My newly upgraded creation!" He shouted out doing a dramatic pose that most villains do.

The sound of a metallic door from behind Sonic could be heard as if on cue as the blue hedgehog turned his emerald green gaze to where there was a big dark and square gap at as metallic footsteps could be heard making Sonic's ear twitched a little at the sound trying to make out what size the robot could be before going into a battle stance with a smirk full confidence in him as he prepared for a fight expecting a tall robot to come out seeing as the doorway to wherever the room leads seemed big enough to hold something that was probably the size of a house. Whatever it was Sonic had enough confidence that he can handle it. Though to his surprise and disappointment, the robot Sonic was about to face turned out to be none other than Metal Sonic as the Badnik robot stood there his red robotic eyes locked on Sonic with his usual emotionless look on his face considering he has no mouth while Sonic frowned feeling disappointed but also a bit mad that his robot copy was repaired by Eggman. Again.

"Wow Eggmam, sending Metal Sonic to kill me again like that's going to work out very well for you," Sonic said as he turned around to Eggman full mockery on his face.

Though turning his back on Metal was a mistake, Metal Sonic immediately charged at the blue blur fire exploding from his back jet as he roughly punched Sonic on his right cheek sending the blue blur tumbling on the floor before he recovered fast and unfazed himself charging straight at Metal angry that his double dared to attack him from behind as the two were soon speeding around Eggman's lair running in and out of rooms at times sometimes together before things could be heard being knocked over and sometimes Sonic or Metal would go inside separate rooms by accident before they sped at each other both having the same determination to destroy each other and see who will win today's battle or who's better.

"Good he's distracted, now is to go for my original plan," Eggman said to himself before he turned around working as he had enough confidence that Metal will destroy Sonic this time.

Meanwhile behind him, it wasn't so peaceful, Metal Sonic and Sonic were still fighting each other as Sonic noticed what Eggman was doing and got ready to stop what he's doing until Metal's laser from his abdomen shot right past him almost hitting the blue hero as he had to throw himself to the floor to avoid getting disintegrated by the robot's deadly blast before Metal took that as his advantage and quickly pinned Sonic down on his back before the blue blur could stand up as Sonic was shocked from the impact at first before he began struggling glaring at his robotic double angrily longing badly to get Metal off himself and finish their battle once and for all and also to stop Eggman from what he was doing on the supercomputer.

'Struggle all you want Sonic, there is no way for you to escape this time.' A voice said in Sonic's head.

"Okay then random robotic voice in my head, like that's going to stop me," Sonic said out loud.

'You really are a fool, the 'random voice' in your head is a mental link that Eggman installed inside me after the last time you defeated me during that time when he accused you of stealing his particle exaliator.' The robotic voice replied.

Sonic was at first still confused until memories flashed through his mind at remembering battling Metal Sonic for it and he had used a horseshoe to make it malfunction and cause Metal to get destroyed which was a few weeks ago as realization struck Sonic instantly.

'Don't tell me, the link between us allows you to speak to me in my head doesn't it Metal.' Sonic thought as he glanced at his copy.

'Correct.' Metal replied as there was a hint of emotion in his mental tone.

'Well, that won't matter, because if you ever plan on any attacks on me I'll be able to see them coming.' Sonic said to Metal confidently.

'That is false, my programming allows me to scan you while in battle whether you move around or not, why else do you think I am so difficult to defeat.' Metal replied mentally.

At that Sonic smirked with confidence managing to hide what he's thinking before Knuckles came and punched Metal Sonic as hard as he could the power in his punch sending Metal nearly flying across the room before crashing on some boxes that broke during the impact as Eggman looked at him in confusion before turning around to where Sonic is at the mad scientist immediately growling in anger once he saw that all of Sonic's friends Knuckles, Tails, Sticks, and Amy were in the maintenance room of Eggman's base as Knuckles helped Sonic up on his feet.

"Glad that you made it to the party," Sonic commented before doing a fistbump with Knuckles.

"Anytime, just remember to listen to the plan before taking off on us," Amy said to Sonic seriously.

"You know me, Ames, I gotta go fast," Sonic replied to her jokingly.

Amy rolled her eyes at Sonic playfully giggling afterward at her favorite hero's joke before all five of them turned to Eggman as Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic had their hands in fists while Amy held up her Piko Piko Hammer and Sticks had her handmade staff out all the five heroes ready for battle as Eggman glared at them in full anger.

"Destroy them all Metal! Leave no one alive!" Eggman ordered.

Metal Sonic stood up from the pile of broken boxes before activating the jet in his back speeding right towards them as Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy and Sticks all scattered in different directions avoiding the Badnik's fist that hit the wall causing a large dent on it before Metal looked around for them until Sonic suddenly spin dashed at him hitting Metal on his metallic face but the robotic hedgehog was unfazed by Sonic's attack before he charged at him knocking over Knuckles and Amy who both attempted to jump on him and Sticks threw her boomerang at Metal the weapon making a scratch on Metal's head and Tails charged at him as well only to first get punched on the stomach by Metal before he tumbled on the floor groaning in pain.

"Tails!" Sonic shouted before he dodged Metal who attempted to strike him with his sharp claws.

'You stupid robot!' Sonic yelled mentally at Metal not caring that he can hear his thoughts.

'Your friends cannot help you this time, I have been altered to become much stronger than before to rival you perfectly.' Metal said to him mentally while he continued to attack Sonic all his attempts to hit him failing as Sonic dodged every one of them before he got scratched on the left cheek by his double's claws the impact making him wince from the sudden pain before Metal kicked him straight at his chest knocking the blue hedgehog down as Sonic had trouble breathing for a second like the air in his body was suddenly sucked out of him.

'It's like I said before Metal, I don't get tired or give up! Never!' Sonic replied full courage taking over him as he forced himself on his feet.

Metal charged at Sonic and Sonic charged at him both of them poised to fight as Sonic spin dashed past Metal Sonic making the robot halt abruptly as his left arm fell to the floor the fingers twitching as sparks flew from the end of it where it's supposed to be attached to him as Metal turned to Sonic to attack him before Sonic spin dashed at him again this time hitting his abdomen nearly damaging it since it's where Metal's weakness is at while Sticks charged at Metal her staff in her hand the jungle badger yelling out like how a Native American does as she stabbed her staff inside Metal's back jet causing sparks to fly from every joint in the Badnik's body and the heroes all made a run for it knowing what happens when Metal Sonic is severely damaged.

The second they got out, smoke rose from Metal's body as he exploded right as Eggman ducked for cover and a part of him flew at Eggman's supercomputer stabbing into it like an arrow hitting a tree while Eggman panicked trying to take the part out right before the supercomputer exploded from the heat that Metal's body part sent inside it glass shards flying everywhere while Eggman had ducked for cover once again luckily able to avoid getting hurt as he glared almost having enough of getting defeated and ready to lose his sanity.

"I'm gonna kill that hedgehog for this," Eggman said to no one in particular.

Meanwhile Sonic, Tails, Amy, Sticks, and Knuckles all returned home as some of the heroes were a bit tired from their fight against Metal Sonic but they were relieved that the fight was over, though they knew that Eggman would stir up trouble again pretty soon, and they would be prepared for another battle to keep Eggman at bay and from taking over the world.

"Is it just me, or was Metal Sonic a lot harder to destroy than last time?" Knuckles asked once he caught his breath.

"Metal was pretty tough today, and that link with him able to speak to me through thoughts was weird but other than that he was barely a challenge to me," Sonic replied turning to where his friends stood.

"Great, so this means Metal Sonic will just get harder and harder to defeat, that's all we need is to be dealing with a robot," Amy commented sarcastically irritated at the thought of fighting Metal Sonic more often than she wanted to.

"Well we have one thing that Eggman doesn't, and that's teamwork guys, no evil in this world can knock us down," Sonic said to them.

"Sonic is right, as long as we work together Eggman can't defeat us so easily." Tails said.

Each one of the heroes nodded feeling encouragement build up inside them before Sonic and Tails headed back to their house while Knuckles, Sticks, and Amy headed back to their house's as well to relax for the rest of the day considering it was already sunset by the time they all returned as Sonic and Tails both headed inside their house that they share while the blue blur sat down on it stretching himself to loosen his tight muscles and Tails sat next to him rubbing his one eye in sleepiness.

"Well today was pretty crazy, we fought against Metal Sonic again and nearly got beaten up but on the bright side, we managed to stop Eggman." Tails said to Sonic before a thought accrued to him as he looked at his friend in curiosity. "But didn't you mention earlier that Metal could speak to you through your thoughts?" He asked.

"Yeah that's what happened, I'm guessing that since Eggman updated Metal he's kinda probably gonna be getting his own voice soon, but he'd need a voice chip for that, and who knows if Eggman even wants to make one," Sonic replied.

"Just out of curiosity, but, what did Metal sound like when he started speaking to you through thought contact?" Tails asked.

"A bit like me but more robotic," Sonic replied.

"It kinda doesn't make any sense that Metal could even talk to you at all, I always thought that he was just gonna be mute but I guess I was wrong about that." Tails inquired.

"Voice or no voice he still can't beat me no matter how much Eggman updates him, I'm assuming that pretty soon Metal will probably start to be more intelligent than ever before, but that won't be a problem because he'll just never win," Sonic said confidently.

"I sure hope you're right, it'd make him harder to defeat." Tails replied in worry almost shuddering at the thought of possibly being killed by Metal Sonic.

Sonic simply shrugged his shoulders unfazed from imagining how intelligent Tails thinks Metal will become before he stood up from the couch stretching himself again sleepiness suddenly getting to him.

"I'm gonna call it a day, see you tomorrow Tails," Sonic said before he headed upstairs to his bedroom.

"Sleep well Sonic." Tails said to his friend before standing up from the couch and walked to his lab to work on a few unfinished things.

Sonic headed inside his bedroom sighing as he took off the brown bandana he wears around his neck setting it on his desk that's near the head of the bed before the blue hero took his shoes off too as well as his wrappings he had on his arms and legs and Sonic lied down on his bed relieved to feel the comfort and warmness it brought as Sonic soon fell asleep smiling. 'I sure hope nothing crazy will happen tomorrow.' Sonic thought before falling into a deep slumber.

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