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Meeting Again


"Well, we should get going. I hope you all come to the show!"

We step into the hallway and are greeted by our bodyguards. "Do you guys mind showing us to our room?" Uriah asks. They shake their heads no, so we get going. We are almost there, when I feel a rough hand grab my arm. "Tris?" I stare into the deep blue eyes, that are now starting to water, of my ex-fiancée.

Tris POV

I squint my eyes and look at him some more. He's changed. Looks a little more depressed, and...lonely? Anyway, this happens in a split second, because the guard has seen him and commands, "Sir, I suggest that you take your hand off of Miss Prior before your life starts to flash before your eyes."

I smother a laugh, and Four loosens his grip and pleads, "Please, Tris. I just want to talk. Please. I'm just asking for five minutes of your time."

I see the look on his face. He's desperate, but if he thinks that a simple explanation will make me run back to him, he's wrong. I don't care how good the explanation is. By now, the guards are looking at me. This decision is up to me, but they'll be close by. I don't know what could possibly go wrong, so I say, "Fine."

I tell the guards to stay close by, and go off to the side to, 'talk'. "Tris, what you saw that night...," He gulps, and starts wringing his hands, "I don't-I don't even-I'm ashamed. That wasn't what you thought it was, though."

At this point, I'd had enough. "I don't need your explanation, Four." I see him flinch, and in my head, I was thinking, 'you deserved it!'. I continue, "I've gotten far in life, I'd like to think that I'm a good mother, and I provide everything that my family needs. I don't need YOU trying to weasel your way back into my life and ruin that."

I make my point very clear, but he's persistent. "Look. Marlene was never pregnant. She forced me to say that, so that she could get it on tape and broadcast it to the entire of Dauntless. If I didn't," He swallows, and a tear falls, "She said that she would k-kill y-you." He starts to sob, and I don't know where I stand in this situation, so I back up, slowly. "I thought that I was saving you, but I just ended up losing you." He keeps on crying and I just start to leave, but he stops me.

"Wait. Before you leave...again, can you please answer one question for me, honestly?"

I know what he's going to ask, but I know that I have to tell him sooner or later, so I say in a bored voice, "Shoot."

"Are they-Are those kids...mine?"

I suck in a deep breath and breathe out, "Yes."

"I'm a dad?"

I don't know how to answer this. Well, he is technically, he is. But, he's never actually filled that father role. I don't think I'd ever want him to. "Umm...Kind of?"

One of the guards comes back in to announce, "It's been five minutes, Miss Prior."

"Perfect, let's go. Genevieve's getting tired."

"Tris, do you believe me?"

"I don't know if I believe you. Maybe I'd believe you more if you had more evidence." I blankly respond and look away. I see him getting some light in his eyes, some hope. Well, that's going to be crushed.

"Meet at the control room tomorrow?"

"Four, I have a show tomorrow." I say in an obvious tone stare at my watch.

"Well, if you meet me tomorrow, you can't accuse me of tampering with the tape. It takes two days to mix up a tape."

Ok, this I really want to see. What if he didn't really cheat on me? "Fine, ok. I'll agree if you meet me at 8:30." I say in a cold voice.

"Thank you, Tris. Really."

I just back up and leave. I bump straight into Uriah. I turn around and he asks, "What did the bastard want?"

"Apparently, to redeem himself. He wants to 'prove' that he didn't do what he did." I use air quotes while speaking.

Uriah scoffs, and I say, "I'm supposed to meet him in the control room at 8:30 tomorrow"

"You-You're m-meeting him?" Uriah blubbers.

"Not like I have that much of a choice. I won't let myself not go. I'm curious. I want to see this so-called 'evidence'. Maybe you should come along. It'll get one weight off our chests."

"What about the kids?"

"The gang can get to know them. We'll leave Christina in charge."

"Ok. I'm on boar-" A small voice interrupts Uriah.

"Mommy, I'm tired."

Genevieve. "Yeah, baby, we're here. I'll tuck you in."

"What about me?" That was TJ.

"I'll tuck you in too, bud." I say, satisfying him.


"Yeah, you too, Lore."

"Ok." She chirps.

"And me, Trissy-Poo?"

"Not a chance, Uri."

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