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REINCARNATION: The story of us


*******Love can be a blessing or a curse******* During their first lives the high priestess Chay-ara and the Prince Khufu were cursed to fall in love and die by the hands of the High priest hath-Seth every lifetime. After 206 reincarnations and deaths can they survive another, or will they make the same mistakes? Is 207 their lucky number? ~~~~~ I stared at Carters face from the side with a smile on my face, I do not know what it was that attracted me to him, but I was very happy about it. I stared at his high cheek bones and his chiselled jaw in awe as I thought about how it was possible for someone to be so perfect. I do not know how long I was staring at him for but then he suddenly turned around and looked me straight in the eyes, it was like he was staring at my soul and I was staring at his. He felt so familiar and comfortable to me, he felt like someone I could give it all up for and that is what scared me. “See something you like” he said with a smirk as he stared at me. I quickly looked down as I blushed realising what I was doing. Looking at my reaction he gave a hearty laugh and then wrapped his arms around my shoulder. ~~~~ WARNING!!!! This is not your typical cliché love story, it is the story of the life and death of two star crossed lovers as they meet in different points of time, with one fault. Nothing ever changes.

Romance / Fantasy
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The sun was just about to set when the high priestess got up from bed and the princes arms wrapped around her waist in an effort to coo her back to bed.

"wait a little more chay-ara" said Prince Khufu as high priestess Chay-ara stood up and walked around to put on her robe.

"you know I cant. I have to leave, Hath-set and I have to give an offering to Horus to plead with him to stop the falling rocks" said the high priestess.

The prince worried about the time she spent with Hath-set and spoke a bit of his concerns stealthily, "you've been spending a lot of time with the high priest, I hear he covets you"

"how fortunate am I to know how to handle him" she says with a smile as she turns around to the door, gasping in shock as she sees Hath-set standing by the doors of her chambers.

"Prince Khufu Maat Kha-tar, what a surprise to find you here, in the high priestesses chambers" Hath-set said with an evil smile on his face trying hard to hide his rage and jealousy. "Surely you know my prince that it is forbidden for the clergies to lie with royalty" he said with a mocking brow.

"Get out" Prince Khufu said silently, fists clenched as he caught a glimpse of chay-ara and could see the crease of worry on her face and the beads of sweat starting to form on her forehead.

"The penalty for such acts is death" said the high priest as he slowly walked up to the princes' face.

"I said get out" the prince yelled in rage as Hath-set gave him a little smirk as he used his staff mad of nth metal stones to hit the prince across the head, causing the prince to fall.

"I have no fear of your father, the rocks from the sky shall soon fall and wipe out this kingdom, ending his rule but first I shall touch the high priestess as you have" Hath-set said menacingly as he grabbed Chay-ara by the face.

In a fit of rage Prince Khufu reacted without thinking and attacked Hath-set knocking out the staff from his hand and setting Chay-ara free, Prince Khufu and Hath-set exchanged a few blows but Hath-set was stronger, he kept hitting the prince blow after blow on the ground, a scared Chay-ara watched from the side unsure of what to do and that was when she saw it, a dagger made from Nth metal by her bedside. Without thinking twice, she picked it up and ran to the princes' aid stabbing Hath-set in the shoulder. With the piece of knife embedded into his shoulder Hath-set yelled in pain and backed off the prince and turned to Chay-ara who had just stabbed him.

He pulled out the dagger from his shoulder and walked slowly and angrily towards her as she took large steps backwards. Seeing this prince Khufu got up and ran towards Hath-set punching him from the side, in one swift move Hath-set embedded the knife deep into the princes stomach and pulled it out in a painful swipe. The prince gasped for air and clung onto his wound, holding it tightly as he fell to the ground.

The high priestess screamed in terror as she watched Prince Khufu fall to the ground, she ran to his side with only one thing on her mind, he must survive. She ran into the arms of the prince and cried as she watched him bleed. Taking in her distracted state Hath-set came up behind her as prince Khufu whispered to Chay-ara

"behind you" but it was all in vain as Hath-set plunged the knife into Chay-ara.

She took a huge breath as he pulled the knife out of her, moaning in pain as she fell to the ground beside her lover.

"I have no fear, the pharaoh and everyone here shall die today, but I shall become eternal." Hath-set said in a crazed state.

"the rocks from the sky shall fall to the ground and wipe you all out and no one will ever know of what became of you two, you will both perish here today but I shall grow stronger, I will be eternal, my hate shall never die, it will be everlasting and I will hunt you down, in every life, from this life unto the next again and again and again. Your death shall bring me strength and eternity" Hath-set said smiling as the grounds started shaking up as the rocks from the sky rained down on the kingdom.

"Khufu, we need your protection, youre children need you, how will I find you, try to send your wings, try to send a way" chay-ara said sadly as she knew this was their time.

"I will wait for you for an eternity Chay-ara, come back to me" Prince Khufu said slowly as he took his last breath.

Chay-ara looked at him in pain as she noticed the staff of Hath-set and the dagger made from Nth metal glowing. Chay-ara took her last breath as a lone tear fell from her eyes and the walls collapsed in on them.

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