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Harry Potter and the Dragon Heart: Book 1

By Zachary Tavis Jameson

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 1: The Birth of the Prophecy

Cries of agony and pain rose through the valley.  A man held his wife’s hand as she screamed once again. She breathed heavily, pushed, and breathed once more. The wife screamed but a new sound was added to that. The cry of a little child.

“My little heart of fire… Lillian Aiden.” The man smiled at his wife and his newborn child, rocking her in his arms. However, this was short-lived.

An explosion burst through the cold stone village walls to show enemies. A cry of attack rose from the north as several men in black robes marched into the city of Dragon Vale. Their faces were covered with silver masks, representing the shape of silver skulls. Swords danced in their hands, showing just how dangerous they were. The husband gave his child back to the mother and grabbed his weapon to protect them from harm.

He attacked, slashing and stabbing the new founded enemies. He ducked as a powerful green light flashed above him. In the circle of about seven of the Dark Knights, one man covered in onyx colored armor with spikes leaking out like oil from a can appeared with a bang and a cloud of black smoke. Slits for eyes were in his crowned helmet showing yellow sinister eyes. His pupils were jet black, almost like a demon, while fire crackled dangerously around them.

They got closer, chanting strange mystic words that seemed to cover the air with poisonous gas. The leader drew a great big mace. Everyone stopped to watch it slowly walk towards the father, eyeing him with disgust as if the poor father figure was nothing but a slug stuck on its boot. It stopped in front of the father as the man walked slowly backwards in fear. The leader took a big swing and smashed in onto the ground as the father rolled away.

“Agh!” The father exclaimed with a sharp pain.

Suddenly, the child opened her eyes and a bright flash of light surrounds the village. The attackers suddenly caught fire and turned to ash as the dome of light spread further and further. Then, it stopped, and the village vanished into a deep mist… 


Albus Dumbledore, headmaster at Hogwarts, sat down at a table in Hogs Head Inn. He was there to find a teacher for Divination. He sighed in frustration as another hopeful stepped up to his table. 

“I am Sibyl Trelawney.  I came here to apply for the job.” Albus sat up and nodded as he got out a pen. “Alright then, go ahead.”

“I predict right after my interview you will suck on a lemon drop.” Sibyl smirked with arrogance and crossed her arms.

“I don’t believe that to be actually a prediction, but more of a fact.” She sighed, and gave a couple of predictions.

“I will let you know… but I am not promising anything.” Suddenly, Sibyl grabbed Albus and spoke in a mystical voice. 

“The one who shall defeat the Dark Lord approaches. Born as the seventh month dies to those who thrice defy him. Then She shall come, born as the seventh month dawns to those who are hunted. Together, she will teach him the lost ways and He will teach her our ways. He shall have power that He shall not know. For neither can live, while the other survives. Yet, with Her, they will bring back what has been lost. And will end the suffering of both worlds. For true love conquers all.”

Severus Snape smirked with evil glee and apparated away once hearing the second verse of the prophecy. He appeared in his master’s graveyard, kissing the tip of his master’s boots, and told him what he had heard. Voldemort screamed in frustration after.

“Bellatrix! Rodolphus! You will go and hunt down the Longbottoms. Torture them and kill them if necessary. Get rid of their boy, just do it!” He barked his command and Bellatrix left. “I will take care of the Potters myself... but I need to get where they are located.” Voldemort turned as he heard a soft noise form the corner. 

“M-m-aster… I c-ca-an tell you wh-her-re they ar-re.” Peter Pettigrew stepped out and kneeled before the Dark Lord. 

“Yes, tell me my friend…Where are the Potters?” 

Peter shuddered and spoke, “They are in Godric’s Hollow my lord. At 1307 Godric Lane.” Lord Voldemort smiled evilly and left quickly to Godric’s Hollow.

James was keeping Harry busy with using his wand to make multicolor bubbles float at him. Harry giggled as they popped on his nose.  Lily walked into the living room with a smile on her face, watching her husband and baby boy with happiness. Suddenly, the wards around the house collapsed. James looked up with panic in his eyes. 

“Take Harry and run Lily. It’s him!” Lilly grabbed Harry and ran to the nursery when the front door was blasted down by force. James attacked Lord Voldemort with his fists but he just laughed. 

“You are a fool James Potter… Goodbye.” He lifted up his wand and said the dreaded words, “Avada Kedavra”. A green light erupted from his wand and James Potter fell like a marionette that had its strings cut, dead.

The Dark Lord smirked as he walked up the stairs to the nursery. Lily was sobbing as she placed as many things in front of the door. The Dark Lord gave a harsh laugh before blasting the door open. Lilly stood over Harry, sobbing. “No! Take me instead! Don’t hurt my Harry!” The Dark Lord laughed and spoke, “Step aside little girl.” Lilly screamed and threw herself in the way. “Very well. Avada Kedavra.” Another green light erupts from his wand and she falls dead to the floor.  He turns to Harry who is standing up in his crib, crying. “Mama…. Dada...” The Dark Lord lifts his wand at the crying child and speaks the curse once more. However, the curse hits Harry on the head but it bounces back at him. The Dark Lord looked as the curse came at him, wide eyes. “NO!” The curse hits his body, shredding it to pieces and burning his robes. With that curse, part of his soul splits off and goes to the only living person, Harry. Harry falls asleep as a deep rumbling noise breaks the silence. 

--End of Chapter 1--

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