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Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin have been best friends since pre-school. What will happen when Namjoon will realise his feelings for Seokjin? A Namjin Short story. Inspire from a video of Filtercopy.

Romance / Drama
Shreya saha
5.0 1 review
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"Then date me." Namjoon said with a serious face, devoid of any emotion.

"Are you serious?" Seokjin said, looking at Namjoon like he had grown horns on his head.

"You know me very well. You know when I'm serious and when not." Namjoon said with a stern voice, not liking the fact that Jin is thinking he is not serious.






"And what make you think we will work out?" Seokjin asked with a sad tone.

" Because....................."


My new Namjin short story.

Coming soon💜💜

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