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Hearts of Magic: The Awakening

By Zachary Tavis Jameson

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 1: A Wish Come True

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were just about as normal as you can get, thank you. They lived in a house on Privet Drive in Surrey with their son, Dudley. However, they have a very dark secret. Hidden beneath the staircase is the small figure of Harry James Potter. Harry was left on the doorstep of Mr. and Mrs. Dursley on the night of Halloween when his parents were murdered. The Dursleys treated Harry poorly, giving him little food and clothes that did not fit. Harry did not know much about his parents except they were ‘killed in a car crash’ as he was told by Vernon and Petunia several times. He did not know his name until he went to school, always going by ‘Boy’ or ‘Freak’ at home. The Dursleys would give him several chores to do, make him do the cooking, and then send him to bed with very little food. Harry could not make any friends at school because his cousin would chase them away. Everyone was scared of Big D and his gang, whose favorite sport was ‘Harry Hunting’. His uncle and aunt would remind him that ‘freaks’ like him do not deserve friends or anything in life that is good. Therefore, Harry lay on his bed under the stairs wearing larger than normal clothing and glasses held together by a thin strip of tape. Harry sighed and opened the door quietly. He walked out into the garden and looked up to the sky.  There were several shooting stars zooming throughout the night sky. Harry smiled and closed his eyes to make a wish. ‘I wish I had a friend… Someone who would like me, care for me, treat me right. Please let me have a friend’ Unknown to Harry, his wish was about to come true thanks to a kid from Destiny Islands.

  On Destiny Islands, Sora laid down on the beach. The sky was clear and the ocean calm tonight. Sora Hikari lived on the big island of the chain of islands known as Destiny Islands with his friends, Riku and Kairi. Together, all three would row across the bay to the smallest island of the chain to what they called their ‘play island’. The weatherman had forecast a clear view for the upcoming meteor shower and the friends had rowed over to sleep on the beach to watch the show. Riku was busy making a fire while Kairi watched him, wanting to help. Sora watched the stars blink and twinkle like diamonds as he waited.

Kairi walked over and dropped some sticks near Sora’s head. “Sora, you lazy bum. Help me gather some wood for the fire.” Kairi giggled at Sora as he sat up, rubbing his back. He gathered the wood she had dropped and walked over to the fire. Kairi followed closely behind with some more wood she had gathered earlier. Riku poked the fire, making sure it would stay lit for the night, before he added another log. “Place those over there and then catch some fish. I will cook dinner,” Riku commanded. Sora and Kairi placed their piles by Riku and left to catch some fish in the ocean.

As Riku stroked the fire again, Sora sent his reel into the water and waited for a nibble. Kairi had left to go gather some berries. They both returned with a bag full of fish and another bag full of berries after about 10 minutes and gave them both to Riku. Riku had just started to cook when Kairi gasped and pointed to the sky. “The meteor shower is starting,” she said as she watched with awe. Sora glanced up to the sky, watching the shooting stars fly through the night. He suddenly felt someone calling to him so he glanced around, looking for the voice. He glanced back up to the night sky where one of the stars was shining brighter than the others did, calling him. He closed his eyes to hear what the voice was saying. ‘Please let me have a friend’ said a small voice. Sora snapped his eyes open and wondered whom the voice belonged to. He glanced at his friends, who were watching the meteor shower as the fish cooked. Sora turned back to the stars and closed his eyes, “I wish I could help whoever needs it…” Unknown to him, his wish would be granted that night.

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