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The Reunion

By liveandbreathbooks9

Humor / Romance

Chapter 1

Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry was the center of attention. Wizards, witches and several other magical creatures from all over the world were anticipating tonight. It was the Ten Years after the infamous battle of Hogwarts, ten since the death of Lord Voldemort. There was a ball being held in the great hall to celebrate it and all the veterans, heroes and heroines that were attending.

Reporters flocked the entrance hall hoping to snag an interview or get a photo of the witches and wizards they owed their lives to, specifically, the Golden Trio. That was every reporter's dream. The Golden Trio had not been seen together since the nasty and publicized breakup of Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.

Ron and Hermione were to be married. The "wedding of the century" stated The Daily Prophet. A lavish ceremony being held at Hogwarts itself with hundreds of guests, it really was going to be a wedding to remember. Six weeks before the wedding, Hermione was set to call the whole thing off. Ron had let the fame and fortune go completely to his head. Everywhere he went he was ogled by women who threw themselves at him and he did nothing to stop them. Not only that but, he had become very very lazy.

"'Mione I'm hungry, 'Mione where are my good robes, 'Mione can you go to the charity event for me. Do you know my broom is 'Mione?" Thank Merlin Ron was the keeper for the Chudley Cannons or else he would be bigger than Hagrid himself!

After bringing it up with Ginny, the younger witch had completely chewed Hermione's head off stating that "If she could handle Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange, Ron was less of a hassle than a sleeping pygmy puff!" So Hermione dug down deep and prayed for all the patience the heavens could give her.

One night after a dress fitting, Hermione returned to the flat she shared with her oh-so-lovely fiancé, and found her husband-to-be in a compromising position with Miss Cho Chang. His excuses were that he need a shag and since she wasn't around he found someone else. Also, since they hadn't married yet it was not cheating and she should not care. Truthfully, she didn't give a rat's arse and happily threw the ring in his face, packed her belonging and left. Since that day, no one had seen or heard from her.

For years, many speculated that she had given up on magic and returned to the muggle world, while others said she had simply passed away.

All those rumors stopped when the month before the ball, Witch Weekly released the guest list of the reunion in their gossip column and Hermione's name was first on the list. The name Hermione Granger was the hot topic in every news article, tabloid and radio conversation for weeks!

The Golden Trio were to arrive in solo carriages save if they were bringing their children who were allowed to accompany them. The heroes were going arrive in a specific order from who contributed the least to the most in the war. The dress code was black tie, men wearing formal dress robes and women in evening gowns.

First of the heroes show up was the newly appointed Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasley and his wife Molly Weasley who was wearing a teal gown and sapphire earrings. Next to arrive were the redeemed and regal looking Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Mr. Malfoy sported robes that practically screamed wealth and Mrs. Malfoy's matched his appearance to a T. Dressed in a classy silver gown, despite her age she still made women envious and men swoon. Following them, a carriage of four arrived to reveal Ginny and her husband Seamus Finnigan and Neville and his new bride Luna. The men wore matching navy blue dress robes and Ginny wore an aqua blue dress similar to her mother's while Luna wore a golden yellow dress. The next carriage brought forth the pregnant Mrs. Potter previously known as Pansy Parkinson, stunning everyone in a one-sleeved red dress. To say that Harry Potter was marrying the woman who wanted to hand him over to the Dark Lord shocked people was an understatement.

Many questioned if she had put him under the Imperious up until their wedding day. But, when Harry spoke his vows to his the wife to be the happiness she brought him was obvious, and they could tell that the love that they shared was genuine.

The occupants of next carriage to arrive stunned the paparazzi. First appeared a little girl, in a mint green dress around the age of three, she had pale blue-grey eyes and lovely curly blonde locks of hair. She held the aristocracy only one from a pure blood family could hold. Then, after her, stepped out her father, the only person she could have possibly inherited her hair from; Draco Malfoy, who was holding a swaddled baby boy in his arms. If you think he looked good in his Hogwarts years, his looks held rivalry to a full blown Veela.

"Mr. Malfoy are these your children?" "Draco, what are their names?" "Who is there mother?" 'Are you married?" "When were you married?" "Where have you been the last 8 years?" Questions were shouted at him left and right which, he naturally replied with his signature smirk. Questions were still being thrown when the carriages pulling the Golden Trio arrived. Each carriage was pulled by two thestrals which now, were visible to a majority of the wizarding world.

The first one held Ron Weasley. He stepped out and was clearly enjoyed the attention. He even stopped to sign autographs. All this attention was just inflating his oversized ego. The man was just too pig-headed. After he finished giving the paparazzi enough photos to last a year he stood at the entrance to wait for the remaining two-thirds of the Golden Trio to take the anticipated reunion photo.

Next, the carriage pulling the Boy Who Lived arrived and out stepped Mr. Harry James Potter and his son Albus. Albus was the spitting image of his father. Harry was looking dapper in black robes that matched his son's. The two paused for a moment to speak to worthy reporters and then Albus went inside to meet his mother and Harry joined Ron at the mouth of the Entrance Hall.

" Good to see ya Harry," said Ron giving Harry a warm hug. " Little Albie has grown so much."

"Well obviously mate, last time you saw him was at his first birthday party three years ago," replied Harry returning the hug.

"Sorry, you know with Quidditch and all-" " It's okay just come and visit once in a while, once The new baby in born we'll need an extra player to play 2 on 2 Quidditch." Cut in Harry.

"So … Harry do you fancy making a bet?" asked Ron.

"Of course I do. What are we betting on?" he inquired even though he had a good idea of what Ron was betting on.

"Hermione," he said with a smirk "I bet you 20 galleons that Hermione won't show up. That article in Witch Weekly was nothing but rubbish. Hermione isn't going to show up because she can't handle seeing me after I broke off the engagement."

Harry just rolled his eyes. Ron was just a piece of work however he was willing to make the bet. "Alright, I'll bet you 30 galleons that she does show."

The paparazzi were getting excited; the last carriage had just arrived. The two men turn just as the door to the carriage was opened and out stepped… one! A hand full of gasps and collective whispers rang throughout the crowd. Harry was in shock, he was positive that she would show.

"I believe you owe me thirty galleons Mr. Potter," said a triumphant Ron.

Harry reached into his back pocket and pulled out a bag of coins and was about to pass it to Ron when a loud CRACK! resounded through the Hogwarts entrance. All head turned to see a beautiful woman walking up the red carpet. She wore an emerald green one shouldered dress that clung to her body in all the right places and the cinch at the waist gave her a to-die-for hourglass figure. She had shapely creamy legs that could be seen through the slit and her feet were adorned with silver shoes. Her hair fell past her shoulders in corkscrew ringlets, she wore no jewelry, she didn't need it; she was a goddess.

The reporters were awestruck, who was this woman and why hadn't they seen her before? The woman made her way to the two men standing at the mouth of the school. As she passed one of the photographers she gasped, that goddess-like woman was Hermione Granger.

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